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Expressions of Thanks from Discovery to the Noorda family.

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1 Expressions of Thanks from Discovery to the Noorda family

2 Expressions of Thanks Discovery would not be Discovery without the Suburban. We would not have gone to any of the many places without it. To the glistening rivers and the furious snow of the sky scraping against my cheeks. To gliding across the glassy waters of the lake and even hiking up the muddy mountain side of Logan canyon.

3 Expressions of Thanks Thank you for the Suburban. It is the key to Discovery. It keeps us going. We’ve been to sparkling streams and lakes. The forests and blue sky is what keeps us together. We will go through winter cold and the desert sun. We are Discovery! We are tough! We are from bald eagles gliding over our heads. We are from chipmunks crawling under our feet.

4 Expressions of Thanks As I look at the yellow and white Suburban I think of what a gift you have given us. With the Suburban we get to look at flowing rivers and get to go to places we would have never seen. You are as wonderful as all the field trips we have gone on. You have provided the key to our adventures and our learning.

5 Expressions of Thanks The shining Suburban, our ultimate transport. It’s gone past flowing rivers and glistening lakes. It’s filled with Discovery. It has memories of snow and sun, the bellowing storms and silent moments. Thank you.

6 Expressions of Thanks Wheels, freedom, excitement and fun. The suburban has let us glide to the outside walls of Discovery. The mountains and the wetlands are calling out our completed name, Discovery. It has taken us so many beautiful places. The blustering wind is blowing in our faces, the cold on our feet. The Suburban is a wonderful gift from you to us.

7 Expressions of Thanks The Suburban is what finished Discovery. It has taken us to the green, glossy waters of Cutler Marsh. It took us to Benson Marina where the water was covered in an inch of ice. When you threw a rock on it, it made a sound like a ping – pong ball on a ping- pong ball table. We went up to Green Canyon to live the book “Brian’s Winter.” We read around a crackling fire while surrounded by snow.

8 Expressions of Thanks Thank you for donating the Suburban to Discovery. We’ve been able to go to gleaming mountains and glowing lakes. We’ve seen sparkling cliffs and shivering rivers It has been able to keep us warm in freezing winds. All because of the Suburban. We’ve read “Hatchet,” “Obsidian,” Wolf Stalker,” and have almost finished “Brian’s Winter.”

9 Expressions of Thanks The Suburban has allowed us to enter a different world. We travel freely to the green giants of the forest and to the icy streams in the mountains.

10 Expressions of Thanks The snowcapped Wellsville Mountains rumble past as the magnificent Benson Marina shines into view. None of this beautiful scenery could be possible for us to see without our trusty, tough Discovery Suburban. Thank you. You are very good people.

11 Expressions of Thanks I sit on the rocky side of the mountain and see a bald eagle glide over the glittering river. What would it be like without the Suburban in Discovery? We would not be able to go to the greens of Green Canyon and feel the coldness of the winter wind on my face. So today we thank the Noorda`s.

12 Expressions of Thanks Thank you for giving Discovery life. From the crystal clear lake in Tony Grove, to the moss of Cutler Marsh you’re gracious gift has taken us. To the far reaches of these places we’ve been able to explore. When it is cold in the mountains we have the warm suburban to comfort our souls. On the road it rides as smoothly as the wind. Thank you.

13 Expressions of Thanks A truck. A shiny truck. A glowing stripe shining in the fall sun. The Suburban lets us go out easier. Easier because the Noordas, a very special family, who believes in Discovery. We thank you for all our fun in Discovery. Wheels, freedom, mountains and wetlands call us. We drive by sparkling mountain streams. We love to go on the trips but without the Suburban more trips could have been canceled. The snowy days make us feel pride.

14 Expressions of Thanks As we drive by beautiful gleaming streams and rivers, we think what would Discovery be without our Suburban? We wouldn’t be able to see snow capped mountains, or hear birds sing morning songs and rivers rumbling by us. We wouldn’t be able to feel the cold breezes smack into our faces. We wouldn’t be Discovery without the Suburban. Thank you!

15 Expressions of Thanks Thank you Noorda’s for the Suburban truck. You can’t imagine where we have been with the truck. Like going to Dry Canyon where I saw a beautiful bald eagle soaring on top of a glittery river. Or going to Benson Marine and seeing the reflections of the mountains on the lake. Or walking on the slushy snow. And soon well be going to Hardware Ranch to feed the hungry elk. So thank you

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