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Information Interview

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1 Information Interview
Submitted to Christina Decarie Submitted by Tara McCance

2 Cat Monster Cat Monster Starlet Boutique Dundas Street East, Napanee ON K7R 1H6

3 Why Cat Monster? Cat Monster, along with her Husband Jefta own the Starlet boutique located in downtown Napanee. For the reason that Napanee is my hometown, I have shopped at their store since it opened in I have seen the store’s success and value the experience I get when visiting the store. Cat Monster’s love for old classic movies has sparked the store with a common vintage theme throughout. The store offers a variety of unique accessories, clothes and other goods.

4 How did she get to where she is today?
Cat Monster like most students was unsure about what to do with her future so she took an ECE program for a year while working at a jewelry store in Peterborough. She learned the operations in the jewelry store and from her hard work was promoted to manager at the age of 20. This gave her the opportunity to learn more about how a jewelry store operated.

5 Continued When she met Jefta, who was running a restaurant at the time, she was still managing the jewelry store. They then got married and decided to look for locations to place their own jewelry store when Cat didn’t see further opportunity in her current employment. They saw the potential in Napanee and found a perfect location in downtown Napanee. With a tight budget, they spent the majority of their time working long hours preparing the store.

6 What attracted her to this industry, her company and her job?
The idea of working with others has always been something Cat Monster enjoys. She loves helping people and that is why she was attracted to this industry.

7 What Values does her company stand for and live by?
“The inspiration for Starlet Boutique came from the idea that all women should be made to feel like a starlet and receive that special celebrity treatment.” Cat Monster wants all of her customers, no matter what they have going on in their life, to feel special when they shop at Starlet. She wants Starlet to be a place where people can come and have the complete experience.

8 What is most and least rewarding in her career?
Cat Monster finds that helping brighten people’s days is the most rewarding aspect in her career. Cat Monster loves the hard work and dedication. She likes being busy and working long days so she does not find anything about her career that is unrewarding. This career is a fitting match for someone

9 What are the most valuable skills in her job?
People skills Merchandising Leadership skills and being able to be direct Openness Being able to think quickly Marketing skills Being malleable Having an eye for buying Knowing your marketing Being unique (niche)

10 What are some major contributions to her company’s success?
Cat Monster strongly believes in hard work and dedication. If it weren’t for her ability to work hard and for long hours, the store wouldn’t have opened and wouldn’t be so successful. She stressed that you must love people above and beyond to work for a company such as this. Customers can see her passion and enthusiasm in her work.

11 What is her opinion on Networking
What is her opinion on Networking? What are ways for a student to build his or her network? Cat Monster is a firm believer in hard work. She advises you to seize opportunities and prove your dedication and people will see that. She believes in the word of mouth and that networking should come naturally. It shouldn’t be forced.

12 Lastly, what advice would she give to any students going into this work environment?
“Be prepared to work hard but make sure that you love it so that it doesn’t make you feel like work.”

13 What I learned from this interview:
In order to achieve your goal you have to be dedicated and passionate about it. You must be prepared to work hard for a goal like this. It does not just happen, it takes time and you need to be patient. In a career like this, you must really love people and have good communication skills. You should be creative and unique to stand out from competitors. Most importantly, you must love your job so that it does not feel like a job.

14 I thanked Cat Monster for her time by giving her a thank you card.

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