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Got Pinch?. Are you a Personal Trainer? Wish body composition testing was easier?

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1 Got Pinch?

2 Are you a Personal Trainer?

3 Wish body composition testing was easier?

4 Data Collection Made Simple

5 Measure accurately every time!

6 Wouldn’t it be cool to track your clients progress and show them their results?


8 If you are looking for a trainer, would you want one who uses a system with proven results?

9 Track progress Online With our easy to use Client Control Panel

10 You Can’t Track What You Don’t Measure

11 Here’s what Fitness Professionals are saying…

12 "BodyEvolver software is a great interactive program that has helped me in multiple ways. By using this unique system I have taken my personal training business to the next level.” Jennifer Barry - CPT - NASM, AFAA, Mad-Dogg BA - Marketing (Northeastern University) BS - Exercise & Health Science (University of Massachusetts)

13 “BodyEvolver has been a pivotal tool in showing clients the clear path to fitness and achieving their potential. Since subscribing to the program, I've seen a greater increase in client retention. When clients see real numbers that directly correlate to them, it makes more sense to them rather than fitness being just theoretical." Chi Bang – Boston, MA

14 "I’ve been using the BodyEvolver software for 6 months now and it’s dramatically increased my personal training business. Taking body composition measurements used to be somewhat of an annoyance: I had to create a form for tracking, record measurements on paper, then run them through formulas and check them with charts. Now everything is streamlined and there are no mistakes and no guesswork. Everything you need is right there in the software in a logical and professional system that’s simple to follow. I’ve recently been using other aspects of the system to get back in touch with lost clients and increase retention of current clients. It’s a must-have for any trainer serious about being competitive in the rapidly growing industry." Greg Corso, NSCA CSCS Miami, Florida Sports Club LA/Miami

15 "BodyEvolver as a fat loss measurement tool and as a client database has been essential in developing and operating my training business. By using BodyEvolver as a way to show clients where they are and where they want to go, you help create tangible goals that are easy to follow and hold clients accountable. From tracking expenditure relative to intake and fat loss relative to muscle gained, it has everything you need to attract and retain a loyal clientele. BodyEvolver is a system based on numbers and numbers never lie!" Brendan L. McKee, CPT Boston, MA

16 We Make it Easy!

17 Manage the training process like never before!

18 Here’s what clients are saying…

19 "In other programs, I’ve struggled because I was never able to see the whole picture, but with BodyEvolver I can! Determining my body composition and tracking it over time helped me understand how to reach my goals, and how to make smarter life decisions outside the gym -- which brought about rapid results." Alex Hall – Client - Boston, MA

20 "With less than six months to get in shape for my wedding, I needed a solid, foolproof plan of attack. Because of BodyEvolver, I knew exactly how many calories I could take in per day and how many calories I had to burn through cardio and strength training. There was no big mystery, no drama, no questions. It just made sense. I lost 35 pounds and went from 38% body fat to 22% body fat. At the age of 40, I was in better shape than I was in my 20’s!!!" Elaine Harrington – Boston, MA

21 "It is hard to believe I was ever that large... but great to have accomplished the change. I could have never made such strides in that length of time without BodyEvolver. " Liz Anderson - Boston, MA - Mother of 4

22 Give us your e-mail address & find out how to power your business with BodyEvolver!


24 Personal Trainers: Here’s an example of a Request we get everyday! “I would like to find a trainer or gym where they use BodyEvolver in the Las Vegas, NV area”

25 Be the first to own the market in your part of the country!

26 The true magic of BodyEvolver, our Goals Wizard!

27 Are you a Client looking for a Personal Trainer who uses BodyEvolver? Contact Us and we will put you in touch with a Top BodyEvolver Trainer!

28 Do you like what you’ve seen? Are you intrigued?

29 Would you like to see more?

30 Plug in your e-mail address and we’ll Send you a cool video called the “Art of Body Composition” we think you’ll dig it!

31 Contact us if your looking for a Personal Trainer that uses BodyEvolver. We’ll let you know if we have one in your area!

32 Join the BodyEvolver Nation Today!

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