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A New Generation of Leaders Creating Youth Leadership Institutes in Your Community.

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1 A New Generation of Leaders Creating Youth Leadership Institutes in Your Community

2 Jim Casey Youth Leadership Institute Rationale Core Competencies Timeline Results

3 Customizing the National Model Planning and Development Training Components Outcomes

4 ASPIRING Young Leaders Program

5 Origins of the ASPIRING Young Leaders Program Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) at Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative One young leader from each site annually Training helped participants blossom Wouldn’t it be great to send more than one Finally started with a talk on the beach Hired an expert – YLI graduate

6 ASPIRING Young Leaders Program Goal & Results To build upon the strengths of youth who have experienced foster care & empower young leaders across the state to succeed. Increase understanding about issues in foster care Develop leadership & advocacy skills Create & have a network of relationships with peers and supportive adults

7 National vs. State Training National vs. State Training

8 Pre-Work Develop training components - Create agenda - Facilitation - Decide on venue - Identify & Recruit young people Applications & Interviews Welcome packets (three weeks prior) Transportation to training

9 Training Overview: Day 1 Theme: Personality and Relational Development MBTI Leadership Development (Trained Facilitator) Objective: Young People have an understanding of their personality style and learn to work and balance with others

10 Training Overview: Day 2 Theme: Advocacy Scavenger Hunt: Overview of Programs (Young people introduce themselves to staff around the office, learning more about the program) Terms and Language (Young people understand basic terms and language used in child welfare) Effective Leadership (Young people understand different leadership styles and learn how to work with each other) Strategic Sharing (Young people learn to share their story in a safe and meaningful way. Case Planning Engagement (Young people acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their own case/life planning)

11 Training Overview: Day 3 Theme: Practice Skills Practice Panels (Young People put skills into practice & receive feedback) Creating Bios (Young People have bios for professional engagements)

12 Post Training -Follow up Alumni Network Quarterly engagement events (social & educational) Youth Board Engagement Advanced Training

13 Lessons Learned Challenges Transportation Commitment – from youth & staff/guardian Size of group & No. of groups matters Training POD leaders well –identifying weaknesses & strategies to overcome Learning disabilities/difficulty reading can be challenging Younger age = challenge for representation at conferences out of state Dealing with history

14 Lessons Learned Solutions List of participants given to POD leaders ahead of time to strategize – Tell participants to “check” history at door (part of being a professional & a leader) Add a learning disability/reading level question to application Find meaningful ways to keep younger youth engaged locally Discuss transportation issues during interview

15 Lessons Learned Solutions Staff/guardians & youth need to specifically be told that this is a serious commitment Allow enough time for recruitment Be very thorough with POD leaders around expectations & allow for time to train them Talk candidly about POD leader strengths & weaknesses

16 Lessons Learned Funding Considerations Staff & consultant time – outreach, program & material development, implementation Material - binders, applications, “fun buckets”, certificates, pens, etc. Communications – brochures, website Incentives – prizes, stipends Transportation – bus passes Food – home-cooked, delivered, snacks

17 Results Youth Board & other leadership experiences… Works Wonders

18 Q & A Jim Casey Mike Peno Tiffany Barbosa Liz Squibb

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