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My Future Framework Paul Gratrick & Elizabeth Wilkinson Careers Service.

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1 My Future Framework Paul Gratrick & Elizabeth Wilkinson Careers Service

2 What I want after university… Student Barometer, 2011/12 (UGs) I want to make a difference to the world I want to be recognised for my achievements I study so I can get a good job High Fliers, UoM Finalists, 2014 Be challenged and stretched on a day-to- day basis Have genuine responsibility from day one Be part of a structured graduate training and development programme

3 How do we do? DLHE (2012/13, UK, UG) - Less than 8% unemployed but … Around a quarter are in “negative” destinations Unemployed or doing work which is not classed as suitable for a graduate Eg. Over 200 serving in shops, bars or cafes (full-time) Over 1000 didn’t – or wouldn’t - tell us what they were doing … +

4 The University of Manchester Students Graduates Worthwhile Their choice Challenging Making a difference Recognition Responsibility

5 The University of Manchester Worked with Prof Ivan Robertson and Robertson Cooper to deliver three products: 1.Competency Framework 2.Student self-assessment questionnaire and report 3.Management information system The tools

6 Find out what works - critical action areas

7 The University of Manchester 20-40 questions, 6 areas – takes ~10 minutes Your experience so far Eg. How much voluntary/work experience; started searching for a job yet; any careers in mind Communicating & influencing Eg. Practice presentations; use examples from work/voluntary experience in interviews Exploration & stretch Eg. take part in extra-curricular activities; clear focus on employers/careers which interest me Broadening & building your connections Eg. use my contacts to help my friends connect; draw on family & friends to help my career Enthusiasm, drive & resilience Eg. set personal goals for graduate employment; not put off trying again if unsuccessful in job applications Recognising and reflecting on your skills Eg. have identified my strengths; aware of skills required for careers which interest me Questionnaire The University of Manchester

8 My Future – Next Steps Generated online - immediately available Downloadable as pdf or available to view online in future Feedback on each action area: Priority actions – what to do next Urgency with which you need to take action (red/amber/green scale) Further support – including link to “Improve your employability” website Focus groups Students reported taking immediate action – acted as a trigger Report

9 Enter your normal university login to get to... Register with your own confidential password. NB: Staff must use surname “Careerstest”... this external site Careers Service website Want to try it?

10 The University of Manchester Available to Schools, Faculties, Careers Service Management Information Tool


12 Eg. SALC students only

13 Comparisons Not completed work placement or internship Have completed work placement or internship

14 The University of Manchester How do we get students to do the questionnaire – and do it again, throughout their degree? How do we encourage and support them to take action? How do we make these “critical actions” (ie behaviours) part of normal life for a UoM student?

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