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Radiology, More Than A Image Patrick Murphy R. T. B. S

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1 Radiology, More Than A Image Patrick Murphy R. T. B. S
Radiology, More Than A Image Patrick Murphy R.T. B.S. (R) (CT) Assistant Director of Radiology

2 OUR MISSION “Providing exceptional healthcare and compassionate service.” .

3 Memorial uses RELATIONSHIP-BASED CARE as the model for all practice
Mimi… Speak to the schematic and note the service standards around the edge and three relationships with the patient being in the center

We believe caring inspires and reconnects us with our purpose for being in healthcare RBC provides a patient-centered model of care All employees are seen as caregivers Fits with our history of “neighbors caring for neighbors”

5 Relationship Based Care is comprised of Three Relationships
The relationship with self The relationship with each other (co-workers) The relationship with patients and families RBC is built upon 3 relationships… the relationship I have with self, The relationship with my co-workers and The my relationship with the patient and family. I need to begin with care of myself so that I can be a healing presence to others’ Healthcare is exhausting. We spend all day caring for others, we sometimes forget to refill our own cup. Kind of like placing your oxygen mask on yourself first in a plane crash so that you can help those with you. What are some ways that you guys “refill your cup?”

6 Teamwork is the number one predictor of a good patient outcome
Our shared purpose is to provide exceptional healthcare and compassionate service. Is anyone familiar with the redwood trees in California. Their root system is shallow however very entwined with each other. Their tight woven bond is what keeps them upright when strong winds come along. We need each other. What would care be like without water, electricity or clean surfaces? Infection rate would soar. The greatest predictor of positive patient outcome, is teamwork!

7 “Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And, never forget that one person can make a difference in the world. So be that one person.” Buckminster Fuller

8 Commitment to Patients and Their Families
I will give you my undivided attention during those moments that I am with you. I hold your trust in me as sacred and am ever mindful to fulfill it. I will touch you gently and with great care to comfort and protect you. I safeguard your dignity in all of my communications with you and about you.

9 Marcus Engel I am here……

10  Providing Exceptional Healthcare and Compassionate Service is Memorial’s mission.
By living the principles of Relationship Based Care, we can better fulfill this mission ~ together.


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