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Career Event Management & Reporting

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1 Career Event Management & Reporting
Presented by: Keenan & Raul

2 Session starters Please silence all cell phones Please hold questions for question breaks Please state your name and organization when asking a question PowerPoints and handouts are available at Sit back, relax and let’s have some fun!

3 Overview Event Setup Event Timeline Event Email Templates
CSO Credit Card Processing Campaigns Event Reporting Check-in

4 Event Setup

5 Event Timeline

6 Event Templates There are 4 s that help manage career event registrations. These s are found in Tools – Setup – Templates. Student s Student – Student Event Registration Approved Student – Event Approaching (nightly) Employer s Employer – Employer Event Registration Approved Employer – Event Approaching (nightly)

7 CSO Credit Card Processing
Allows your employers & students to pay their event registration fees by Credit Card through your site when they register. Not included by default – talk to your CRM for info on how to set it up!

8 Managing Credit Card Payments
There are 2 methods to refund a credit card transaction. Full Refund – Removing the fee method Partial Refund – Adjustment amount method Reasons a Refund wouldn’t process: If the original transaction was processed more than 120 days ago If the credit card has expired since the original transaction was processed

9 Credit Cards How Do Get Paid?
Request Check: ALL outstanding balances must be resolved All Amount Due fields on registrations paying by credit card MUST be set to $0.00

10 Communication Mass via registration list using the Send Mass button

11 Student Documents To gather Resume Packets, students will have to submit them with their registration. Select: Yes

12 Targeted Marketing: Campaigns
Campaigns Tool Schedule Campaigns to target communication as your Event date is near

13 Event Reporting Export Attendee list to Excel

14 Event Reporting: Databases
List of contacts who created the registration: List of the attending recruiters per registration:

15 Check-In Most popular Add-on
Allows students to check in for events, and have nametags printed all at once! Check-ins will be recorded on the student’s profile and activity We provide full implementation – Contact your CRM!

16 Recap Event Setup Event Timeline Event Email Templates
CSO Credit Card Processing Campaigns Event Reporting Check-in

17 Questions

18 Thank you for attending!
If you have any additional questions, please contact the Support Team or your CRM. What’s next? Join us for the Wednesday Welcome Reception! 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Join us for complimentary appetizers and drinks on the Sheraton patio. And don’t forget to wear your school gear! Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm

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