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2 Roosevelt American Foreign Policy Activist “Speak softly, but carry big Stick” Civilized vs. Uncivilized Navy

3 Protecting the “open door” in Asia 1904: Japanese attack Manchuria  Roosevelt put end to conflict in peace conference 1905  Ensured U.S. trade in that region  “Great White Fleet”- 16 battleships to remind Japan of power Won Nobel Peace Prize

4 Roosevelt Corollary Corollary to Monroe Doctrine U.S. intervene in domestic affairs in Latin America if they weren’t stable 1902 Brought about by Venezuela 1903: first use in Dominican Republic Cuba “Platt Amendment”

5 The Panama Canal Most celebrated accomplishment of Roosevelt Started by French John Hay went to Columbia  Columbia wouldn’t agree with terms  Organized revolt in Panama  New gov. agreed to terms

6 William Howard Taft “Dollar Diplomacy”-Lent countries money to have financial control over them Mostly in less-developed areas

7 Woodrow Wilson Not interested in international affairs but ended up getting pretty involved

8 Diplomacy and Morality Dominican Republic-basically owned it, occupied militarily, wouldn’t accept treaty  Military occupation lasted 8 years Bought colonies in Denmark from fear of Germans  Renamed Virgin Islands Mexico-corrupt dictator  new leader came to power-wouldn’t accept U.S. treaty  overthrown and new gov. would have but didn’t get recognized

9 Overall Foreign Policy Wanted to help countries Mostly focus on Central/ South America Keeping Europe away American Power Military

10 Obama and Foreign Policy Syria-Remove Weapons  Peace Israel-Peace Treaty  Not Major part  passive role Stop War in Iraq Osama Bin Laden

11 Iraq War August 31, 2010-end on combat mission Started with the U.S. searching for Weapons off Mass Destruction Troops support new Government and fight insurgents

12 Foreign Policy Overall Peace/no new wars Get rid on nuclear weapons (major focus) Freedom Pulling out of Afghanistan Terrorism Ending wars

13 Compare/Contrast Differences:  Obama major focus was on terrorism and nuclear weapons  Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson major focus was on American Power Similarities:  Both involved in third world countries  Establishing peace and U.S. power  Military important

14 Sources ohanlon/scoring-obamas-foreign-policy ohanlon/scoring-obamas-foreign-policy dyn/content/article/2009/12/10/AR2009121001139_5.html?sid=ST2009121000940 dyn/content/article/2009/12/10/AR2009121001139_5.html?sid=ST2009121000940 in-the-state-of-the-union/ in-the-state-of-the-union/ QNPGA QNPGA Timeline.html?_r=0#/#time111_3296 Timeline.html?_r=0#/#time111_3296 21_Ax_Editorial_cartoon_Obama_foreign_policy.jpg 21_Ax_Editorial_cartoon_Obama_foreign_policy.jpg

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