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My research By Ella-Rose Smith.

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1 My research By Ella-Rose Smith

2 Introduction The topic that we had to choose a question about was literature and libraries. So I thought of a few different question ideas such as: Does Shakespearian language affect our English today?, Are libraries closing down too quickly?, The affect of library closures on pre- school children? And Does acting help your English? But I finally decided on: What's peoples attitude towards library closures? My question!

3 Methodology For my research I only used questionnaires to find out my information. I had 22 people participate in my research (12 were female and 10 were male), among the 22 people 59% were older than 40 and 41%were under 4o, the age range was from years of age.

4 Question Examples: How many times a week do you go to the library?
How old are you? Would you have access to another library if needs be? Do you have a library card? How badly would it impact your life if the library was to close down? How would you feel if your local library closed?

5 Research Ethics For my research ethics I got everyone who participated in my research to fill in one of my consent forms. This way it keeps everyone's information/data anonymous. I did not tell any lies or deceive people. I also respect people and their choices while taking part in this.

6 Thematic Analysis codes in red I would be very sad
disappointed awful Would be very disappointed Wouldn’t like it I wouldn’t like it at all It would be awful upset Not good As you can see I have coded a few of the open ended questions. Quiet sad devastating sad devastating Great shame shame

7 Tally charts These are some tables to show the answers to closed ended and Likert-scale questions.

8 Results How badly would it impact you if the library closed? For my results I put every piece of information into a table and then transferred it onto a graph to look like the one displayed above. Number of people answered

9 Results 10% Codes 90% In this graph it shows that the most common answer would be sad. This pie chart shows that more than 90% of people who visit the library have a library card.

10 Results Number of people Lots of people would have access to another library but there are some elderly citizens that wouldn’t have access to another one at all. Number of people This chart shows that most people think that the village library is good and would dislike it to close down.

11 The answer So I have found out that the answer to my question here it is: What's peoples attitude towards library closures? People would feel sad, upset and annoyed!

12 Different? What would I do different next time? Well next time I would try and do a few more different methods rather than just questionnaires. The next thing I would want to find out would be, Why are libraries closing so quickly?

13 Thank you for watching!

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