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Applying Inclusive practice design to Physiotherapy Paddy Turner (QESS). Dave Lomas (HWB)

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1 Applying Inclusive practice design to Physiotherapy Paddy Turner (QESS). Dave Lomas (HWB)

2 Context Many drivers to develop inclusive teaching practice: QAA Quality Codes HEA projects UK Professional Standards Framework Equality Act (2010) anticipatory duty University Strategy Inclusive Practice Framework

3 Making change happen workshops subject group meetings LTA committees curriculum design processes PG Cert L&T in HE (New Staff course) on-line resources projects

4 Project in HWB Faculty Disability Support Group Module redesign to be inclusive Voluntary - not a failing module

5 Module redesign Aims To redesign the module as closely as possible to Inclusive practice principles to improve the student experience of learning, teaching and assessment for all students not just those at a disadvantage to evaluate the student experience to evaluate the staff experience

6 Changes to assessment practice An element of choice introduced. Students indicated a preferred time for the practical exam across the total numbers of days allocated More formative work to familiarise the process Extra time built in for all students (15 mins per 1 hour) Notes allowed in any format but no w.w.w access. Asked to bring headphones if using audio or video.

7 Changes to assessment practice However specific Learning contract requirements were still adhered to.(e.g. separate room required) Required to complete all tasks but in no specific order could move back and forth as required Allowed to leave a task but return to it before the end of the exam period

8 Changes to assessment practice No fixed number of tasks but enough to allow the students the opportunity to meeting the learning outcomes Assessment criteria re-written in plain English - the best bit!!

9 Example learning outcome Identify the main effects of pathophysiological and biopsychosocial factors Demonstrate your ability to identify a relevant physiotherapy diagnosis with justification.

10 Evaluation Student and Staff interviews (6 each) Students - 3 LC students, 3 non-LC When asked about initial impressions of the project: "reassuring"; "interesting" (LC students) "didn't notice it"; "didn't really affect me" (non- LC)

11 Student Quotes "I have to eat every half hour or so and there was no problem asking them if I could do that in the exam, whereas for the other module, they weren’t very happy about that, because they thought it wouldn’t be fair that I’d had a few minutes break to have a bit of food." "..even though I don’t have a learning contract, it helped sort of just give me that settle down,..." "I think just having people who haven’t been diagnosed but still need that extra bit of time and support, I think that’s really good. Then if they finish early it’s no problem is it?" "...I felt, go, go, go, pressure in that situation. Whereas in the MSK module it was a bit more relaxed..." "That was lovely yeah.... some people are morning people, some people are afternoon people, some want them all done at the beginning of the week, some want them spread out,..."

12 Staff Anxious in anticipation (ab)use of technology choice making students lazy/unprofessional extra work Anxieties not realised Exams particularly liked Changes taken up in other modules Willingness to continue and diversify

13 Staff quotes "I think it takes the pressure off all the students knowing that there is a little bit of run- over time" "..we've certainly implemented this same thing with a vengeance in the....practice-based learning course." " gives them an equal opportunity to shine and to show us their best and manage their nerves and anxieties. So, yes, lots of advantages I think." "A student that doesn't know something generally won't know it fifteen minutes later, so I don't think that it gave anybody any advantage at all." " made the process for us less stressful" "Yes, excellent, I thought this was a really good move."

14 Course revalidation Inclusive practices introduced in revalidated course Some not attempted due to fear of rejection Revalidation commended for its use of inclusive practice

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