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Subjunctive Mood 虚拟语气 虚拟语气是一种特殊的动词形式,一是用 来表示说话人所说的话不是一个事实,而 是一种假设、猜测、怀疑等 ( 在条件从句中 ) ;二是表示说话人的愿望、要求、命令、 建议等 ( 宾语从句 ) 虚拟语气.

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Presentation on theme: "Subjunctive Mood 虚拟语气 虚拟语气是一种特殊的动词形式,一是用 来表示说话人所说的话不是一个事实,而 是一种假设、猜测、怀疑等 ( 在条件从句中 ) ;二是表示说话人的愿望、要求、命令、 建议等 ( 宾语从句 ) 虚拟语气."— Presentation transcript:


2 Subjunctive Mood 虚拟语气

3 虚拟语气是一种特殊的动词形式,一是用 来表示说话人所说的话不是一个事实,而 是一种假设、猜测、怀疑等 ( 在条件从句中 ) ;二是表示说话人的愿望、要求、命令、 建议等 ( 宾语从句 ) 虚拟语气

4 1.If I had HIV, I would know because I would feel sick. 2.If I were you, I would give AIDS patient a hug. 3. If I had taken your advice, I wouldn’t have made a mistake. 4. If he had been there, it wouldn’t have happened. 与现在事实相反 与过去事实相反

5 5.If it should rain tomorrow, they wouldn’t go for an outing. 6. If we were to have three days off, we would enjoy a very happy life. 7.If it were sunny tomorrow, I would come to see you. 与将来事实相反

6 一:虚拟语气条件状语 条件从句 If 从句的谓语形式主句的谓语形式 现在 过去 未来 过去时( were ) 过去完成时 would/could/should /might +V. (原) would/could/should/ might+have+p.p. 1. 过去时 2.should+V. 3. were to do would/could/should/ might +V. (原) 情态动词?

7 高考题点击 You didn’t let me drive. If we ____ in turn, you ____ so tired. ( 96 N ) A. drove…didn’t get B. had driven…wouldn’t have got C. drove…wouldn’t get D. were driving…wouldn’t get B

8 二:虚拟语气特殊句型: 1.Wish 的宾语 从句 现在: 过去: 未来: 过去时( were ) 过去完成时 would/could/might+V. should 1.I wish I were a bird. 2.I wish I hadn’t made such a mistake. 3.We wish our parents wouldn’t punish us. ( 现在) (过去) (将来)

9 3. as if /though + Clause 现在: 过去: 过去时 过去完成时 He looks as if he were drunk. They talked as if they had been friends for years. She loves the baby as if he were her own son. I remember the whole thing as if it had happened yesterday.

10 4.It’s (about/high) time +that --- should +V. 过去时 你该走了。 我们该去睡觉了。 It’s high time that you went. It’s high time that you should go. It’s time that we went to bed. It’s time that we should go to bed.

11 5. Would rather 现在: 过去: 未来: I would rather you paid me now. I would rather you had gone, too. Don’t come. I would rather you came tomorrow. 过去时 过去完成时

12 1.--- Do you mind if I leave the window open? --- Well, I’d rather you _____. A. don’t B. didn’t C. won’t D. mustn’t 2. It’s half past eleven. It’s high time _____ home. A. we’ll B. we’d C. we’re going D. we went B D

13 6. If only … 要是就好了 If only I knew his name! If only we had followed your advice! If only I could see him again! 要是我们的父母能和我们住在一起就好了。 要是我没错过火车就好了! If only our parents could live with us! If only I hadn’t missed the train!

14 三: 虚拟语气假设条件句型注意点: 1. 假设条件从句谓语动词发生的时间与主句 所假设的谓语动词不一致,叫做错综条件 虚拟语气。主句和从句的谓语动词要依照 假设的时间而顶。 If the weather had been finer, the crops would be growing still better. If you had followed the teacher’s advice, you wouldn’t be in the hospital.

15 2. 假设条件虚拟倒装。 条件从句中有 should , were , had 三个助动词可以把 if 省略,并将 这三个词提至句首。 If I were you, I would give it up. If it were not for your advice, we couldn’t have got over the difficulties. If I had had time, I would have run round that lake again. If there should be a flood, what should we do?

16 1) 虚拟倒装句 What would have happened, _____ as far as the river bank? (01 上海 ) A.Bob had walked fartherB. if Bob should walk farther C. had Bob walked fartherD. if Bob walked farther 2) 错综条件句 If you _____ him yesterday, you _____ what to do now. A.asked … would knowB. had asked … would have known C. asked him … knowD. had asked … would know C D

17 7.without 和 but for 构成虚拟。 but for 要不是 Without sunlight, people’s life would be different from today. But for your help, I wouldn’t have finished the work. Without your help, I would have failed. But for water, it would be impossible to live in the desert.

18 11. But for your help, I ____ the place. A. can’t find B. can’t have found C. couldn’t have found D. haven’t found C

19 8. 表示要求,命令,建议的虚拟语气。 1. 宾语从句。常见动词: 一个坚持,两个命 令,三个建议,四个要求。即 1.insist 2. order, command 3. advise, suggest, propose 4. demand, require, request, desire 这些动词后面的宾语从句要使用虚拟语气用 法。即从句中的动词 使用 should + 动词原 形,或者将 should 省略。

20 It’s suggested that the plan be carried out. My demand is that she should come to see me once a week. All of us are for the advice that the chemical factory should be closed down.

21 考题点击: 1.The teacher demanded that the work _____ before 4 o’clock. A. finished B. be finished C. should finish D. finish 2. --- What did the doctor say about your mother’s illness? --- He suggested that she _____ an operation at once. A. must haveB. hadC. haveD. had had B C

22 9. It’s necessary /strange/ natural/ important + that---Clause 从句中的动词要用虚拟,即 ( should ) + 动词原形 It is important that we ( should ) master a foreign language. It is strange that she refuse to come to the party. It’s necessary that we should study hard.

23 1.--- Shall I buy the house? --- if I ______ you, I _____ buy it. A were; wouldn’t B were; won’t C am; wouldn’t D was; mustn’t A

24 2. If she had worked harder, she ____. A. would succeed B. had succeeded C. should succeed D. would have succeeded D

25 3.If I had been in better health, I ____ with you. A would go B should go C could go D would have gone 4. I wish I _____ as young as you. A be B were C was D had been D B

26 5. Nothing could have saved him even if he _____. A. would be operated B. was operated C. has been operated D. had been operated 6. He is talking about America as if he ____ there. A had been B has been C was D had gone D A

27 7. “Have you ever been to Beijing?” “No, but I wish I _____.” A have B will C do D had D

28 8. How I wish I ____ to repair the recorder! I made it worse. A had tried B have tried C hadn’t tried D didn’t try C

29 9. It is time that we _____ this practice. A. stop B. stopped C. will stop D. have stopped B

30 10. _______ for the free tickets, I would not have gone to the films so often. A. If it is not B. Were it not C. Had it not been D. If they not C

31 11. ________________ the doctor’s advice, you _________all right now. A. Had you followed; would be B. Had you followed; would have been C. If you followed; would be D. If you had followed; would have been A

32 The CEO of the company insisted in the five-star hotel. A. that we not stay B. that we don`t stay C. we wouldn`t stay D. not to stay It`s high time we students even harder at our lessons as the national entrance examination is coming nearer. A. work B. will work C. worked D. have to work

33 Fill in the blanks using the right form of the verb in each bracket. 1. I didn’t see your sister at the meeting. If she _________(come), she would have met my brother. 2. If I _____(know) German, I would read the book. had come knew

34 4. I wish I _____ (be) as strong as you. 5. I wish you _______ (tell) me earlier. 6. I wish you _____________(succeed) this time. 7. I ’ ve loved you as if you ____ (be) my son. were had told would succeed were

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