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Sexual health, bio-media and ‘strategic visibility’ Mark Davis London disclosure workshop 9 and 10 July 2012.

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1 Sexual health, bio-media and ‘strategic visibility’ Mark Davis London disclosure workshop 9 and 10 July 2012

2 Overview Biomedicine – new media connections Disclosure’s biomediated forms -> negotiations of biomediated visibility

3 Experimental man


5 Examples of the new media and disclosure Email contact-tracing Codes of conduct for e-dating sites: e-clinics and dating sites for people with HIV Home testing for HIV

6 Campaign materials from Assume Nothing, produced by Terrence Higgins Trust, 2000.

7 Becoming HIV I don’t know or whether he sort of believes enough in his mind that we will always be together so it wouldn't really matter if he becomes HIV anyway ‘coz he wants to share that with me. I don’t know. I don’t know whether he thinks in his heart that he loves me so much that if he became HIV, it wouldn't really matter to him you know [and later] Edgar: Him becoming HIV through me

8 Shagged by another virus Edgar: Yeah coz we discussed this the first time I saw you that whole bareback riding thing MD: Yeah Edgar: You know it’s such a big chance to take that you could be well like I've been and then get, you know, shagged by another virus and then become really quite ill you know coz that virus could be completely different to the one you’ve got which you probably would be coz they all are anyway more or less aren’t they …

9 Disclosing HIV serostatus online... you get people that come into a room and harass people ‘cos they’ve got HIV. You get a lot of that. Even the ordinary chatrooms like in the London chatroom you’ll get, you know, there’s a couple of people who are obviously disturbed...... you get messages come up in the main chatroom, not personal to you, but they’ll say ‘‘fuck off you AIDS b***’’ and all this sort of thing or ‘‘this person’s got AIDS’’ or ‘‘keep away from him’’ and things like this, you get all of that sort of thing there so you put yourself up for that when you go in there...... some people just look at the pictures and say ‘‘oh you look a bit thin in the face’’ then as far as they’re concerned you know you’ve got AIDS and that’s it. But you know, yeah I was really harassed a lot last year by this particular guy and every time I went into a chat room he would start on me...

10 Strategic visibility...I set up a new profile that said ‘‘Never’’ to safe sex and I was completely blatant about my HIV status—it was only alluded to in the former profile... I had changed my old profile to use some of the euphemisms to allude to POZ status so I presume he did... what are some of the euphemisms... ‘‘Positive outlook on life’’... My uncompromising stance is less than 12 months old. Yes. What uncompromising stance is that? That I only have unprotected sex. What made u change? Realizing that I much preferred it. What made u adjust yr profile For the majority of the period since I was diagnosed I had had only protected sex. Can u expand? Realizing that every man was out for the most pleasure HE could get—why should I not have the same rule? So is this a way for you to get pleasure while reducing HIV risk? It is also only in the last 15–18 months that I had realized there was such a large subculture of POZ men having unprotected sex. What made u realize that? I think that the number of profiles on gaydar explicit about that has risen markedly in that period. How do you feel about being open about yr status on the net? I think it is important


12 A message from [Name of recipient] u may be at risk of Chlamydia. Pls have a sexual health check. See website or phone [Telephone number supplied] PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.

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