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Hello! I really hope you liked my story! Ok, I didn’t write it myself (it was actually written by Jessica’s dad…) but it IS all about.

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12 Hello! I really hope you liked my story! Ok, I didn’t write it myself (it was actually written by Jessica’s dad…) but it IS all about me - I’m the star… MY name is in the title.

13 If I hadn’t jumped out of Jessica’s coat pocket at home time, then her dad would never have had the idea in the first place! So you see, it IS my story!

14 Jessica’s dad thinks that she just left me at school because she was tired. Silly man! I know Jessica much better than he does, and she would never, EVER forget me. Even if she was fast asleep and on the cloakroom floor, she would still be holding tight to my paw.

15 I’ll tell you a little secret. You see, I WANTED to stay behind in the school – and I’ll tell you why...

16 The truth is, ever since I was just a teddy-in-a-toyshop, I have always wanted to see the world. Apart from a few trips to the park, most of my life is spent in Jessica’s room being told what not to do!

17 Sometimes I climb up onto Jessica’s bedside table and stare out of the window. I love watching the wonderful, busy, noisy world outside. I wish I was out there.

18 Stop your daydreaming and come down at once, Baby Bear. Your place is right here in Jessica’s room! BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR!

19 So, when Jessica decided to take me with her on her first day at school, I think I was more excited than she was …

20 I had such a great day, that when home time came around, I didn’t want to leave THAT’S WHY I JUMPED OUT OF JESSICA’S POCKET !

21 I knew Mummy and Daddy would come and find me. They wouldn’t let me stay out all night. And as long as they believed that Jessica left me at school by accident, then they wouldn’t tell me off.

22 Well, that’s my little secret! Do you think I should tell Mummy and Daddy the truth, or not?

23 But I haven’t told you everything that happened to me. You don’t know where I hid, after I jumped out of Jessica’s pocket, so that she didn’t see me. You don’t know what games Dino, Ellie, Hippo, Lion and I played when all the teachers had gone home. And you don’t know what fun we all had with the class pet hamster.

24 And do you know what? I am not going to tell you. I am going to let you make up your own stories. If Jessica’s dad can write down what HE thinks happened on that night (even though he wasn’t there) then YOU can do that as well! Actually, I bet you could use your imagination to be a better author than him!

25 You might even want to make up stories about what YOUR favourite toy gets up to when you’re not about… …or what you think they do!

26 Well, it was fun talking to you – I’ve got to go now. I have to plan tomorrow’s great adventure. Bye!


28 Owl was fast asleep. He was worn out after last night’s encounter with Basher the cat. He could still feel Basher’s claws on the tips of his tail feathers.

29 But just as he was getting really comfortable…

30 He looked up in amazement. There, just as they had said, was a strange bird with huge wings. Owl finally woke up and followed the owlets to the top of the tree.

31 “ Excuse me,” said Owl. “Can I be of assistance?” But the bird didn’t reply.

32 Suddenly the owls were startled by frantic barking from the foot of the tree. Two dogs were being teased by that cheeky cat Basher.

33 Owl decided to ask Squirrel, his neighbour, if he could help with the strange bird. But Squirrel had other things on his mind – he wanted to stop those dogs barking…

34 Squirrel hurled a nut that bashed Basher on the back of his head. Owl was terrified. After last night’s close shave, he didn’t want to annoy that angry cat again.

35 But it was too late. Basher quickly forgot the dogs and started to climb up the tree towards Owl.

36 Basher climbed as fast as he could. But when he reached the top he started to panic. He had never been so high before.

37 Owl and Squirrel looked on in amazement as a man popped up through the branches, grabbed Basher and the strange bird, and disappeared.

38 Owl and Squirrel were puzzled, they had never seen anything like this before. After all the excitement, Owl couldn’t wait to get back to sleep…

39 …but those mischievous little owlets had one last surprise waiting for him – the mysterious visit from that strange monster bird had given them an idea!


41 The Queen of Croak Pond sat on her throne and inspected each shiny new addition to the royal treasure chest.

42 But the fun was cut short when two frantic frog-messengers barged in with terrible news.

43 Panic rippled through the pond as the frogs tried desperately to hide the treasure chest. But it was far too big to bury.

44 “If we can’t hide it, we must disguise it!” ordered the Queen. So they quickly set about disguising the chest as a television… …a plan that was doomed to fail!

45 …they put their considerably big froggy brains together and hatched an ingenious plan… Meanwhile the two cleverest frogs were on the surface of the pond…

46 Quickly they explained it to the King – there wasn’t a moment to lose!

47 The croaks of the approaching toads rumbled across the surface of the pond as the frogs put their plan into action.

48 Soon, the King and Queen were standing by the water’s edge, waiting to greet their unwanted guests. The Toad Leader roared with delight at the sight of the treasure chest.

49 The frogs hiding in the tree shook like leaves… …and the toad’s rotten breath made the King and Queen tremble.

50 The Toad Leader opened the treasure chest and got the surprise of his life. Under attack from frogs in all directions, the toads fled from Croak Pond in panic. It was an ambush!

51 The plan had worked! The park echoed to the sound of cheering frogs as the treasure was returned to the underwater palace.

52 The two heroes were crowned kings for the day and the party in Croak Pond went on until dawn!



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