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Australian Synchrotron Richard Farnsworth With Steven Banks and Mark Clift.

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1 Australian Synchrotron Richard Farnsworth With Steven Banks and Mark Clift

2 Controls The Australian Synchrotron Project Naming: ASP for the project. Boomerang for the ring, or worse – Boomering AusSy favoured by the IMAC The only official name is “The Australian Synchrotron.” Politics: Not part of a lab. No operating authority yet. Funding to build is established First beam mid 2007 Funding for initial suite of 12 Beamlines Australian Synchrotron

3 Controls Artists Impression

4 Controls Australian Synchrotron being built

5 Controls Just before we started building

6 Controls Drive in - Circa 1970’s

7 Controls Plans

8 Controls Choosing EPICS Selected EPICS last year. Unknown to us - third Australian user – previously used on a 10 MeV tandem accelerator and on a telescope (Part of Gemini - destroyed by bushfire Jan 2003 – being rebuilt) The most comparable Australian Facility is the Neutron source in Sydney, which uses SICS from PSI

9 Controls

10 Controls Controls Group Richard Farnsworth, Steven Banks, Mark Clift All are Melbourne locals, Engineers and Physicists with an IT background, combined engineering experience with large control systems including Water, Sewerage, railways, Electrical Power systems, Large scale radar, Computer Hardware, Radiation dose accelerators, Computer Maintenance engineering, Animatronics, Cyclotron, Hydrographics surveys. No prior EPICS or Synchrotron experience

11 Controls The weak anthropomorphic principle argues that the universe appears to be well designed for the existence of life forms such as ourselves because, if it was not then we wouldn’t be here to observe how poorly it was designed for our existence. As applied to EPICS: If it is very difficult to do in EPICS, it probably isn’t needed to operate a synchrotron ! This is a great comfort at times ! WAP and EPICS

12 Controls EPICS Toolbox Too much to choose from – spanning a huge variety of times, technologies and choices. So, we decided to: Using EDM and Matlab (MCA) for complex GUIs Using Linux where possible IOC choice not settled – Like the idea of RT linux a lot (More later), not keen on VxWorks. Not put much in the IOC Possibly will put in a middle layer

13 Controls Epics and the development system Choice of operating systems We chose Linux for Servers : compatible, common, cheap, reliable, open. EPICS seems well supported. And Windows (XP for the moment). Common, “comfortable”, can run other standard office type things. Cheap and cheerful. Can use X terminal packages for Unix displays. All hardware uses standard PC commodity

14 Controls Issues with EPICS Build system was bit painful More and better “how-to’s” would be nice Full examples would be good Sample IOCs with real functionality i.e. A real database, or design patterns Will try to avoid VME hardware and VxWorks (and wind river) There is lots of stuff out there – but it’s not all on a single website (e.g the EPICS home page).

15 Controls Good things about EPICS The price (but free free Beer) The wide support for Operating systems (let us choose what suits us at the time) The community (VERY important). Huge support Getting things working Designed for our type of facility Observatory Sciences gave us a course Gateways can give a bit of security Channel access solid

16 Controls MCA - Matlab Channel access Work on MCA Removed 1000 Channel Limit Matlab “Monitor Callbacks” now fully supported Is Favoured by our Accelerator Physicists Will use for complex displays and some processing Slots into Accelerator Toolbox - Important for us to simulate as we have no machine. See Steven Banks offline for more detail

17 Controls Development and Support SystemDevelopment and Support System Simulate everything at the start and then replace. Separate development and production Systems engineering, Config management

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