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Los Días de los Muertos Honoring the Ancestors: An Hispanic Tradition.

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2 Los Días de los Muertos Honoring the Ancestors: An Hispanic Tradition

3 Los Días de los Muertos Celebration honoring deceased ancestors Celebrated from October 31 st to November 2 nd Mixture of Hispanic Christian and ancient Native American traditions Similar to, yet very different from, Halloween

4 History of Día de los Muertos European Catholic traditions honored All Saints Day – November 1 st and All Souls Day - November 2 nd In Ancient native American traditions the end of harvest & autumn signaled a time for reflection & winter dormancy

5 Halloween vs Día de los Muertos Spooky & Scary Ghosts & Goblins Costumes & Masks Trick or Treat Candy Reverent & Respectful Altars & Flowers Photographs Favorite Foods / Drinks

6 The Latins honor the ancestors…. …… by celebrating their lives Who were they in their life? What did they like to do, to eat, to drink? Sing? Dance? What did they love? What made them laugh? How would they like to be remembered?

7 How is it celebrated? Home is cleaned & prepared for these very special guests Ofrenda is constructed Cemetery tombstone is cleaned & decorated Food, flowers and drink are purchased and displayed along with photos and favorite items

8 COMIDA FAVORITA (favorite food) VELAS (candles) COPAL (Incense) BEBIDAS (drinks) CALACAS (skeletons) OFRENDAS (offerings) FOTOS (photographs) PAPEL PICADO (tissue paper) FLORES (flowers) PAN de los MUERTOS (bread of the dead) El CEMENTARIO (the cemetery) DULCES (sweets) CALAVERAS (whimsical skeletons) MOLE (chocolaty sauce) MÁSCARAS (masks) AGUA (water) MUÑECAS (dolls) COSAS FAVORITAS (favorite things) ADORNOS (decorations) MUSICA (music) Vocabulario

9 La Ofrenda Fresh fruit Favorite foods Incense Flowers Illumination Familiar tokens Photographs... all add to the sensation

10 La Ofrenda Las velas Los dulces Las bebidas La comida Las frutas El agua Las flores El sal El pan de los muertos La calavera El altar

11 Las Calaveras de Azucar

12 El Panteon

13 En el Mercado Las calaveras El pan de muertos La flores Las frutas Las velas El copal

14 En el Cementario La familia y Los parientes Las velas Las flores La música Toda la noche

15 En el Cementario All the family members join in preparing for the vigil in the cemetery

16 La Calavera

17 Las Calacas Whimsical figurines Depicting people as they once were in life Joking, laughing, being human Happy, everyday scenes

18 Una Ofrenda

19 What have you learned? How is Day of the Dead different from Halloween? How do you honor your ancestors? How would you remember a family member or friend who has died?

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