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Oral Health and The Lemony Lion

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1 Oral Health and The Lemony Lion
Kindergarten Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Oral Health Program

2 Why do we need our teeth? Eating:
To chew our food. That’s an easy one! Can you imagine trying to eat an apple, carrot or a hamburger without teeth? It would be pretty hard, wouldn’t it?

3 Why do we need our teeth? Talking
If we didn’t have teeth, we wouldn’t have any place to put our lips and tongue when we try to make words. Some of you may be missing your two front teeth now and you know how hard it is to make an “s” or “th” sound!

4 Why do we need our teeth? Smiling
Smiling makes us look good and feel good!

5 Why are your baby teeth important?
They are SPACE SAVERS; like saving your friend a seat at the movies! In the picture, the gray teeth are baby teeth, and the white teeth are permanent teeth. Moss, Growing Up Cavity Free: A Parent's Guide To Prevention, Quintessence Publishing Co., 1993

6 Now let’s read a story about Lemony Lion…

7 Lemony Lion King of the Jungle

8 Away in the jungle, far off in the East, lives the Lemony Lion, the king of the beasts.
Why that’s really not true. He’s just a sad, old lion, and a grumpy one too!

9 Once long, long ago, many years or more, this lord of the jungle would growl and he’d roar.
He’d frighten the beasts, and the birds on the trees, but really he did it, only to tease.

10 A happier lion you could never find, with a smile on his face and fun on his mind.
He was big, he was rough, and his laugh was a roar that could be heard through the jungle, for ten miles or more. He was king of the jungle and a happy, proud fellow.

11 Then why is it now that the king is so sad?
Why doesn’t he smile? Why is his temper so bad? Why is it that he isn’t king any more? Why is it that he doesn’t laugh with a roar?

12 I’ll tell you the reason, now please don’t forget, the Lemony Lion could still be king yet.
He could rollick and frolic, he could tease, he could smile. He could laugh with a roar that could be heard for a mile. He could frighten the birds in the trees and the beasts down beneath…

13 But the Lemony Lion has lost all his teeth!!!
What a sad fate for a king. Not to be able to smile or to sing. Not to be able to laugh or to roar, and not to be king or to rule anymore.

14 For who’d be afraid of a toothless old beast, who’d have to eat oatmeal when he wanted a feast?
And who would bow down if a king couldn’t bite, and only dared roar in the dark of the night? Why, no one you see. So the Lemony Lion lives unhappily. The loss of his teeth, though it seems not quite fair, if he’d been a wise lion, they would still be there.

15 The Lemony Lion simply loved to eat candy.
He didn’t like his carrots but thought pie was just dandy. He’d fill up on cake and drink lots of pop too! And when it came to mealtime, he’d be too full to chew. He’d play with his plate, just pretending to eat, and leave all of his salad and spinach and meat.

16 Now to make matters worse, he was in such a rush to get into his bed, that he just didn’t brush!

17 So day after day, and night after night, his teeth just got yellowier instead of snow white.
Then into his mouth sneaked Mr. Decay, who’d softened his teeth, until they just melted away. Now the pain of a hole in your tooth can be sad. And the loss of their teeth would make anyone crabby and mad.

18 So to save all this pain, and to keep your smile bright, remember the Lemony Lion… and brush every night!

19 Don’t drink lots of pop, or eat candy and cake
Don’t drink lots of pop, or eat candy and cake. Visit your dentist before you get an ache. Brush after each meal and before sleeping at night. If a tooth is to stay healthy, it must be kept white. Don’t lose your bright smile and be sorry and sad. Just brush and eat healthy to keep your teeth and be glad!

20 What happened to the lion’s teeth?
Why did his teeth fall out?

21 What could he have done to keep his teeth from falling out?
Brush his teeth to remove plaque. What is plaque? It is a sticky film of bacteria that is always growing on your teeth. It is filled with millions and millions of decay bugs. Decay bugs cause cavities in your teeth.

22 When should you brush your teeth?
After eating At bedtime Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Oral Health Program

23 What else could Lion have done to keep his teeth?
Eat better foods. Plaque + Sugary Foods = Decay + = Mestman, Herman, What To Do For Healthy Teeth

24 Healthy Snacks

25 Unhealthy Snacks

26 Can you remember why we need our teeth?
Talking Chewing Smiling Space Savers

27 What can we do to have healthy teeth?
Brush Eat good foods

28 Thank you for listening and keep brushing!
Photos: Microsoft product box shots reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation. All photos obtained from unless otherwise noted. This presentation has been adapted and used with permission from the Dental Health Program developed by the Clay County Public Health Center.

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