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The Peace Treaties Aim: to revise the Paris Pace Conference.

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1 The Peace Treaties Aim: to revise the Paris Pace Conference

2 The Big Three LeaderCountryAttitude towards GermanyMain aim Clemenceau Lloyd George Wilson

3 THE FOURTEEN POINTS 1No secret treaties. 2Free access to the seas in peacetime or wartime. 3Free trade between countries. 4All countries to work towards disarmament. 5Colonies to have a say in their own future. 6German troops to leave Russia. 7Independence for Belgium. 8France to regain Alsace–Lorraine. 9Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted. 10Self-determination for the peoples of eastern Europe (they should rule themselves). 11Serbia to have access to the sea. 12Self-determination for the people in the Turkish Empire. 13Poland to become an independent state with access to the sea. 14League of Nations to be set up. Wilson wanted a “fair” treaty that wouldn’t encourage Germany to seek revenge in the future

4 SIX TERMS OF THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES [memory word: GARGLE] G uilt – clause 231: Germany accepted blame ‘for causing all the loss and damage’ of the war. A rmy – army: 100,000/ no submarines/ no aeroplanes/ 6 battleships/ Rhineland de-militarised R eparations – £6,600 million – in instalments, until 1984). G ermany lost land – Alsace-Lorraine to France/ Saar to France (15 years)/ West Prussia and Upper Silesia to Poland/ Danzig a ‘free city’/ German colonies became ‘mandates’ of the League of Nations. L eague of Nations set up. E xtra points – forbade Anschluss/ Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania independent states.

5 Germany’s Reaction to Versailles Germany opposed the Treaty of Versailles because LossesWar guiltTerritories Fourteen Points and League of Nations Disarmament

6 Was the Treaty ‘fair’? FairHarsh The war had caused so much death and damage Germany had to be stopped from doing it again People in France and Britain wanted revenge The punishment was too severe towards Germany Germany was left weak and resentful – this could lead to anger and a revenge war The Treaty wouldn’t help rebuild European trade and wealth The peacemakers had made the Treaty under pressure from home

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