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But he would say that, wouldn't he?

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1 But he would say that, wouldn't he?
Australian Government ICT procurement 7 September 2011 Procurement on the Blog

2 Scope Questions welcome at any time
Coordinated Procurement Microsoft, Desktops, Invoice Reconciliation, Mobiles, Telecommunications Management, Internet Based Network Connections Data Centre Strategy Migration Services, Facilities, DCaaS, Cloud Policies OSS, Gateways, COE, Benchmarking, Opt-Out New Stuff Multi-Use Lists, Social Media

3 Coordinated procurement

4 Microsoft VSA/LAR LAR Agreement expires 15 October 2012
VSA expires 30 June 2013

5 Desktop Hardware

6 Invoice Reconciliation
Fastlane Software Pty Ltd KNet Technology Pty Ltd PriceWaterhouseCoopers Vizibill

7 Mobile Phones TransACT Communications Pty Ltd
Teledesign Australia Pty Ltd (hardware only) Telstra Corporation Limited (carriage only) Optus Networks Pty Limited

8 Telecommunications Management Services
Requirements analysis, design and specification of telecommunications services Consolidated telecommunications help desk support services Consolidated service level management Consolidated telecommunications billing and inventory management. Contract management activities Enhanced operations management  Specialist advisory Support activities Alcatel-Lucent Australia Limited Boeing Defence Australia Ltd Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd Broadreach Services Pty Ltd Business Strategy Review Pty Limited Cisco System Australia Pty Limited Consultel IT & T Pty Ltd Cordelta Pty Ltd Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd Envista Pty Limited Fujitsu Australia Pty Ltd Gibson Quai – AAS Pty Limited Housley Consulting Pty Limited NEC Australia Pty Ltd Optus Networks Pty Limited Rob Dobson & Associates Pty Limited Soul Pattinson Telecommunications Pty Ltd Stratatel Limited Telsoft Pty Ltd Telstra Corporation Limited The Strategic Directions Group Transpire Pty Ltd UXC Limited Veridian Solutions Pty Ltd Verizon Australia Pty Ltd

9 Internet Based Network Connections
* Internet Based Network Connections Scope: packetized data travelling public infrastructure Services: Network Carriage Services (NCS); Virtual Connection Management Services (VCMS); IP Carriage Services (including both NCS and VCMS); and Major Internet Connection Services. * Disclaimer: Icons in alphabetical order, aligned left, width constant, height in proportion to avoid IP infringement

10 Data Centre strategy

11 Facilities Canberra AusAid ACC AEC ARC ComCar DAFF DEEWR FAHCSIA
Finance DoHA Family Law Courts IP Australia Perth Fujitsu (Malaga) Canberra ADC (Mitchell) CDC (Hume) TransACT (Dickson) Brisbane iseek (Airport) NEC (Springfield) Sydney Datacom (North Ryde) Equinix (Alexandria) Global Switch (Ultimo) Macquarie Telecom (Sydney) Melbourne EDC (Mitcham)

12 Migration Services  Panellist Requirements Definition Procurement
Design Data centre project management and logistic planning Installation and logistics Commissioning data centre ICT infrastructure Decomissioning vacated data centre Data centre metrics & capacity management APC Colliers International Dell Australia Dimension Data Fujitsu Australia Hewlett Packard The Frame Group IBM

13 Data Centre Optimisation Targets
PUE Applies Target Weighted individual agency average 1.9 Individual agency data centre 1.7 – 2.2 PUE targets to be achieved by July 2015, current baseline estimated to be > 2.5 If an agency doesn’t report, they will have a default PUE of 3 Server utilisation targets to be achieved by July 2014 Utilisation Item Applies Wintel 30% monthly average UNIX Mainframe 75% of monthly average Hypervisor 70% of monthly peak

14 Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS)
50 smallest IT expenditure agencies; Leverage data centre optimisation practices & opportunities.

15 Cloud “Cloud computing is an ICT sourcing and delivery model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. Networks, servers, storage applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or services provider interaction.” National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

16 Policies

17 Open Source Software OSS policy released in January 2011.
Agencies must consider all types of solutions including OSS. Suppliers need to outline their consideration and/or exclusion of open source software. Agencies are to participate in OSS communities where appropriate. Provides sample clauses to be written into RFT and evaluation documents. Revised Guide to use of OSS in Government released in June 2011.

18 Internet Gateways (
Consolidate 124 gateways to 8 (May 2010). Provides improved security, reliability and operational efficiency. Applies to Australian-based FMA Act agency gateways. Eight lead agencies offer consolidated gateway services. Agencies to transition progressively by end 2014. Eighteen agencies transitioned to their lead agency.

19 Common Operating Environment Policy
“A set of standards and principles based on open standards, where practical” Optimise the number of desktop SOEs across government Improve Agency ability to share services and applications Support the government’s e-Security policy SIGB endorsed 21 Dec 10 Reviewed annually: be revised from October, updates released Dec 2011

20 Benchmarking Whole-of-government ICT benchmarking since 2007-08
measure progress in improving efficiency and effectiveness of ICT inform other whole-of-government ICT policy initiatives Release of benchmarking data planned before 31 Oct subject to protecting agencies’ commercial interests Australian governments collaborating on cross-jurisdictional benchmarking

21 Opt-Out Policy ( - PDF)
Valid reasons to opt out are: The policy cannot be implemented legally; The policy has a measurable adverse impact on identified Government policies; The application of the policy would create a tangible threat to national security; The ability to respond to external ICT related issues and trends is improved; The ability to manage and leverage the Government’s information assets, having due regard to privacy concerns where appropriate, is enhanced; Compliance costs and regulatory burden on citizens and business is reduced.

22 New stuff

23 Multi-Use List Consolidation
& IT Services Panel update One comprehensive list Reduced administrative & legal costs Standardised, templated procurement forms & processes Responsive & flexible procurement tool Increased opportunity for engagement between Industry and Government Panel Optimisation portfolio based approach Government decision due end of September 2011 Reduced costs to Government & Industry ICT Management Consultants Multi Use List (AGIMO) ICT Multi-Use List (FMG)

24 Social Media Australia -
USA – BetterBuy -

25 Questions

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