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“Making movies is incredibly tedious…incredibly, mind- numbingly slow.” — Famous actor (image too expensive) Yet, few people think film acting is boring.

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1 “Making movies is incredibly tedious…incredibly, mind- numbingly slow.” — Famous actor (image too expensive) Yet, few people think film acting is boring. Not because it isn’t, but because it’s never portrayed that way. Computer Science has the opposite problem.

2 FACTS: The typical starting salary for a graduate with a BS in computing is over $60K. There are more jobs in computing than there are students graduating with computing degrees—even in this economy! QUESTION: Why aren’t more students choosing to go into careers in computing?

3 Degree Production vs. Job Openings EngineeringPhysical SciencesBiological SciencesComputer Science Ph.D. Master’s Bachelor’s Projected job openings Adapted from a presentation by John Sargent, Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Commerce, at the CRA Computing Research Summit, February 23, 2004. Original sources listed as NSF/SRS; degree data from Ed/NCES: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Completions Survey; and NSF/SRS; Survey of Earned Doctorates; and Projected Annual Average Job Openings derived from Department of Commerce (Office of Technology Policy) analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics 2002- 2012 projections. See:

4 What do college-bound teens think about computing? What are they looking for in a career? What are educators, counselors, and CS professionals telling teens about computing? Research ACM, NCWIT, and WGBH asked the questions:

5 Market research Nationwide survey 12/08 1400 college-bound teens ages 13-17 Represent college freshman nationally: –geographically –ethnically –socio-economically

6 Computing as a career Boys (74%) think computing is a very good or good choice Only 32% of girls ranked it as a very good or good choice, with no significant difference in ethnicity

7 Gender disparity Boys of all ethnicities have a largely equally good image of computing; girls do not Significant gender disparity in the field - fewer than 30% of computing graduates nationally are women

8 Why diversity is essential Equality of access, as ethical principle. Greater diversity among creators means greater relevance to and usability by wider range of people. Shortage of software developers means we can’t afford to ignore women Computing requires a combination of skills, creativity, and temperament—makes it critical to look for talent in as wide a population as possible.

9 Words girls associate with CS

10 What teens want from a career Doing work that you find interesting Being passionate about your job Being able to spend time with your family Having the power to do good and doing work that makes a difference Having job security Having the power to make things happen Earning a high salary Working in a field with lots of job opportunities Having an opportunity to express yourself creatively 80% 77% 64% 78% 54% 53% 47% 56% 47% 48% 46% 44% 50% 39% 38% 35% 39% Girls Boys

11 Being passionate about their job Doing interesting work Making a difference Key career attributes for girls

12 Not a field that is helping humanity Not creative Not collaborative Boring! Current image of computing

13 They get the messages we send What Girls Hear What CS Folk Say Coding Algorithms Robots Software Programming So what?

14 We have identified the is us

15 Typical images Computer Science Medicine ? Which do think a young woman would rather do? Why?

16 Women in computing... Have the power and the passion to make a difference. Believe in the potential of computing to build a better world.

17 Messages that resonate Creativity –Music apps –Movie animation –Fashion design software Connecting People –Media that bring people together Changing the World –Saving lives –Protecting the environment

18 Changing the message The research offers information, strategies, and tools to help each of us change the way we talk about the field and the image we’re sharing about computing. As we distinguish our particular interests, programs, and areas of research, the New Image for Computing approach provides a framework for doing so in ways that will attract the diverse audiences we’re trying to reach.

19 How and why Don’t... Focus on how a student gets into computing; how they actually create a program; or how someone in computing does his/her particular job. Instead... Focus on why a student should consider computing; why people create programs; and why someone in computing cares about his/her work. Some examples follow

20 Describing a job in computing 1.I develop algorithms to simulate the excitation on electrode arrays using a microcontroller for a cochlear implant. 2.I develop software for a cochlear implant that helps people who are deaf to hear. Which is likely to interest more kids?

21 Promoting a computing course 1.The C++ curriculum consists of a sequence of lessons covering topics such as variables, input, output, IF-else and Boolean logic...constructors and destructors, and graphics. As a culminating activity, students select among a list of advanced projects such as Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Connect Four, or Tron. 2.C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. (Its name reflects the fact that it evolved from an earlier C language.) It’s used in a variety of ways, including entertainment software such as video games. In this course you’ll gain valuable skills that can lay the groundwork for a creative and lucrative career.

22 Advertising a robotics club –motivation to learn how to make robots do interesting things. –some programming experience, especially in C. Sound interesting? For more details, come to Rm 177 on Tuesdays at 3:30. Can a robot really do that? What’s your passion? A robot that cleans your room Virtual nurse ‘bots to help patients Robots that sweep for mines in war zones A robotic music accompanist Join us and see what you can create! Fun with Robots Fun with Robots is intended to introduce robotics. To do well in Fun with Robots, you should have: Rm 177 on Tuesdays at 3:30.

23 Advertising other kinds of activities

24 Image matters Try Rather than Computing involves more than just computers. Feature people just slightly older than the target audience (people they can relate to) Diversity Collaboration Creativity Relevance

25 What about computational thinking? Once you shared why you are passionate about computing and what life is like as a computer scientist, then you can fill them in about the requirements. But remember to put it in to context. “ I love the fact that I can use basic math and geometry to build something that directly helps people. -Claudia Gold, building houses for the homeless using algorithms

26 Resources that can help Database of free images of real young women in computing that can be used to create posters, brochures, flyers, etc. Can be used for: – After-school programs – Recruiting for classes – Summer camps




30 More resources Webinars Brochures Posters Facebook Community

31 Results we can use Market-tested messages National outreach and multimedia resources Far-reaching and diverse coalition of partners Tested and appealing image of computing

32 Align your own outreach & diversity efforts with the messages that appeal to girls Inform others (use & customize this PPT; use student PPT for girls) Host a table at conferences, college fairs, and open houses to share information about your programs Link to Distribute free brochures & posters from Dot Diva Questions? Email Get involved

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