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2 Worksheet 1 The EU: Introduction and mobility

3 Poland I think it’s good for my country to be in the EU:  We can travel to other European countries without a passport.  We get subsidies to invest and start projects.  We can work in other countries.  EU gives money to our business if necessary.  Our students have more facilities to study abroad.

4 France Joining the EU is important because:  We can travel all around the EU without a passport. There’s a single currency in the EU, except for the UK.  There is Erasmus at university and many other programmes if you want to study abroad.  There are more than French companies working in the EU.

5 Turkey I think it's good for my country to be part of the EU:  It helps to develop my country's economy  They will have respect at the political area.  We have to travel to European countries with passport because my country isn’t part of the EU.  When my country will be in the EU we will be able to go to these countries without passport.  My country isn’t part of the EU yet.

6 Romania It’s better to be part of the EU:  We can participate in this Comenius and also foreign companies can take their businesses to our country.  We can travel to any country in the EU with only our ID.  A Romanian student can study at European universities.  There are many Romanian companies that are working in the EU.

7 Bulgaria Being part of the European Union is good:  European countries have economic development.  A lot of Bulgarian people live abroad, most of them in European countries like Germany.  Many Bulgarian companies are working in the EU.

8 Spain There are both advantages and disadvantages of being part of EU: Advantages.  Free mobility between the different countries  Common currency in almost all the EU.  The only thing you have to bring is your identification card.  We have some programmes to study abroad like Erasmus  There are some companies from Spain that are working in the EU. Disadvantages.  Some things are unfair for the Spanish citizens.  Since the moment of the money change, the prices have increased.

9 COMPARISON AdvantagesDisadvantages France Travel all around EU without passport. An only currency in EU, except UK. There aren’t disadvantages. Poland Travel to other countries without passport. Get subsidy of investment and project. Work in other European countries. There aren’t disadvantages. Romania Participate at projects like this Comenius. Big business associations can take their businesses to our country. There aren’t disadvantages. Bulgaria Every European country have an economic development. There aren’t disadvantages. Turkey EU helps to develop my country's economy. Respect at the political area. There aren’t disadvantages, but our country isn’t a European country yet. Spain The free mobility between the different countries. Have a common currency in almost all the EU, the euro. The prices have increased since we have euro. Some decisions are unfair with Spanish citizen.

10 Worksheet 2 The euro, the only currency

11 Has the euro been implemented as the common currency in your country? YESNO Bulgaria Romania Turkey Spain France Poland

12 Yes, we have the euro but our previous currency was… France -> French franc 1€ = 6,56 FRF

13 Spain -> Pesetas 1€ = 166 PTS

14 No, the euro is not implemented in our country. Our currency is… Bulgaria -> Leva 1€ = 1,96 BGN

15 Romania -> Lei 1€ = 4,29 RON

16 Turkey -> Turkish Lira 1€ = 2,02 TRY

17 Poland -> Zloty 1€ = 3,99 PNL

18 Worksheet 3 Migration movement

19 - Departures

20 - Arrivals

21 Bulgaria:  France, Spain  Turkey Poland:  Finland, Island, Ireland, England, Germany France:  England, Germany, Croatia, Spain  Germany, Czech Republic

22 Turkey:  Germany Romania:  Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Greece  Russia Spain:  Poland, Romania, North Africa  England, Germany, Italy, France

23 Activities

24 Where do these notes come from?

25 True or false? -Polish people tend to emigrate to the south. -The common currency in Romania is the euro. -The previous currency before the euro in Spain was the peseta. -In France there is Erasmus in universities.



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