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1122 Program for State & Local Users

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1 1122 Program for State & Local Users
Tricia Reed, GSA State and Local Program Analyst Carla J. Wilson, 1122 State Point of Contact State of Nevada – Dept. of Public Safety

2 GSA State and local program comparison
Schedules Programs 1122 Cooperative Purchasing Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program Non-Schedules Programs Wildfire Programs Computers for Learning Personal Property

3 What is the 1122 Program? The National Defense Authorization Act (Section 1122), of FY 1994, authorizes State and local governments to purchase law enforcement equipment suitable for counter-drug activities through Federal Government procurement channels to include the General Services Administration (GSA). Using the GSA approved Schedules and Special Identification Numbers (SIN’s) State and local governmental agencies “may purchase law enforcement equipment suitable for counter-drug activities.”

4 Authority for state and local government access to 1122 CounterDrug Program
Section 1122 of the Fiscal Year 1994 National Defense Authorization Act provides limited purchasing authority to state and local law enforcement to purchase from approved vendors off of specific MAS contracts that offer law enforcement equipment provided that the equipment is used in the performance of counterdrug activities.

5 Future Program Expansion
Revised Program Scope: Authorized under the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act, effective , the language of Title 10, Section 381, of the United States Code (USC) was amended to allow: "...States and units of local government to purchase equipment suitable for counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities through the Department of Defense." This expansion has not been implemented by the Army, the Executive Agent of the Program, yet.

6 1122 CounterDrug Program: Current Authority Program Guidelines

7 What is the “Definition” of “Counter-Drug”?
INTERDICTION – To destroy or interrupt; Halt the enemy’s advance; A prohibition by court order. ERADICATION – To pull or tear up by or as if by the roots; To get rid of completely. PREVENTION – To keep someone from doing something; To anticipate or counter in advance. EDUCATION – To provide with training or knowledge; To stimulate or develop the mental or moral growth of.

8 Example Savings: Nevada’s 1122 Program Statistics for Last 6 Years
Retail Cost 1122 Cost Savings Percentage of Savings FY 2002 12 LEA’s 410,131.96 244,164.85 165,967.11 40.47% FY 2003 10 LEA’s 753,210.69 586,398.15 166,812.54 22.15% FY 2004 21 LEA’s 453,472.30 327,358.30 126,114.00 27.81% FY 2005 27 LEA’s 5,720,540.71 4,969,740.56 750,800.15 13.12% FY 2006 32 LEA’s 5,366,635.78 3,475,240.92 1,891,394.86 35.24% FY 2007 8 LEA’s 1,591,376.68 1,271,049.29 294,422.11 18.50%

9 GSAAdvantage! ®

10 What is the responsibility of the State Point of Contact’s Office?
To ensure the purchasing agency is a State or local governmental agency who is eligible to participate in the 1122 Program. To ensure the products/services being purchased are “suitable for use in counter-drug activities. To ensure the products/services being purchased are from the approved list of GSA Schedules/SIN’s available through the 1122 Program for State and local governmental agencies. To act as a liaison between GSA Vendors and the State and local governmental agencies in the facilitation of purchases.

11 Example of LEA Letter Requesting Certification of Participation in Program

12 Example of 1122 Participation Data Sheet

13 GSA Order Certification Statement
All orders being placed through the 1122 Program are to include the statement; “This order is placed pursuant to the State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program (“1122 Program”) in support of counter-drug activities, under the authority of the State Point of Contact (SPOC) for the State of _______________.”

14 What is the Vendor’s Responsibility When Selling Products to 1122 Program Participants at GSA Pricing? That the product is on one of the Schedules/SIN’s approved by GSA for the 1122 Program. Verify if the state in which the purchasing agency is located has an appointed State Point of Contact (SPOC) and identify them. Refer purchasing agency to their SPOC for facilitation of the purchase in accordance with the program procedures for their state.

15 Agency Authorized 1122 Signature & Title Information
“SHIP TO” Information LEA & 1122 SPOC Contact Information “BILL TO” Information Vendor Quote & Contact Information Vendor Information Product Information Pricing Detail Agency Authorized 1122 Signature & Title Information Counter Drug Qualification Statement Statement of Savings

16 “REMIT TO” Information
Corresponding Order Information LEA Billing Information Purchased Product Information Detailed Costs of Purchase DPS/OCJA Payment Terms Statement This section is for DPS/OCJA use only.

17 GSA Auto Choice Sedans Station Wagons Light Trucks (2x4 & 4x4)
Cab and Chassis (2x4 & 4x4) Sport Utility Vehicles (Small, Medium, Large – 2x4 & 4x4) Passenger & Cargo Vans Mobile Command Centers

18 GSA Auto Choice Savings on vehicles range from 24% to 46% depending on the type of vehicle ordered. Vehicles are drop shipped off a transport truck at the location you specify. The vehicles will arrive dirty from being transported. If you have your own fleet service they will need to check the vehicle for damage within 30 minutes of it’s arrival or the responsibility for the repairs will be yours. The fleet service will also need to complete the Pre-Delivery Inspection or contract with a dealer to do it. Estimated time of delivery after the vehicle is ordered depends on the manufacturer. It is safe to estimate you will not see the vehicle until about 3-4 months. Vehicles have standard warranty. Local dealers must do warranty repairs on the vehicles.

19 By helping the State and local governmental agencies stretch their tight state and grant budget dollars you enable them to purchase equipment they need to protect our country and the communities our families live in.

20 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act
In order to accept orders under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) of 2009, from Federal, state or local ordering activities via the GSA Schedule contract, contractors MUST ACCEPT the terms and conditions of the mass modification (FX75) and adhere to the REQUIRED changes. Contractors may only accept Recovery Act orders from state and local government entities, if they have accepted the mass modification AND the order falls under one of the currently approved GSA programs (Cooperative Purchasing, Disaster Recovery Purchasing or 1122 CounterDrug Program). The mass modification is scheduled to be issued June 16, 2009 Contractors that have accepted the mass modification will be denoted with an ARRA icon:

21 The GSA eTools Interactive Training Lab Please visit Room 205
Lab Schedule The GSA eTools Interactive Training Lab Please visit Room 205 Tuesday June 9th: 9-11:45am and 1-4pm Wednesday June 10th: 1-4pm Thursday June 11th: 8-9:15am and 1-4pm This is not a presentation but a hands-on training opportunity for customers and vendors of GSA Advantage!®. We will be discussing vendor applications in the eLab i.e. eBuy, eLibrary, eOffer/eMod, and the Schedule Input Program (SIP) that will be led by eTools instructors and subject matter experts.  Computers will be available to walk-through examples on how to use the various systems. Space is Limited, make your reservations today!

22 Contacts Tricia Reed GSA State and Local Program Analyst 571-259-9921
Carla J. Wilson Nevada 1122 Program State Coordinator Office of Criminal Justice Assistance Phone: (77) Fax: (775)

23 Questions????

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