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eDistrict Maharashtra

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1 eDistrict Maharashtra
Directorate of Information Technology 31 Jan 2014 eDistrict State wide Roll out Presentation

2 eDistrict Project: State wide rollout highlights
State wide rollout of the eDistrict project started in year 2013 Total of 35 priority services identified and approved by HPC for state wide rollout Soft launch of the application developed by SI (MahaOnline) for delivery of services started from 27 December 2013 across all the 35 districts of the state Total of 15 services covered under the soft launch of eDistrict application Additional 19 services to be included in near future Total of more than 4200 transaction completed Govt. of Maharashtra has removed the requirement of additional affidavit for availing the eDistrict related citizen services

3 List of 15 services delivered as part of eDistrict project
Sr. Service Name 1 Income Certificate 9 Quarry License Others 2 Resident Certificate 10 Quarry Lease 3 Domicile Certificate 11 Stone Crusher Licence 4 Solvency Certificate 12 Heir ship Certificate 5 Senior Citizen Certificate 13 Genealogy (Affidavit) 6 Birth Registration Order 14 Small land holder farmer 7 Death Registration Order 15 8 Quarry License

4 Services Delivery Workflow : eDistrict application
Citizen contacts nearest CSC for the needed certificate CSC will accept complete form with attachments CSC will enter Details in the E-District Application (internet) Digitally signed Certificate goes To the same CSC Where it was submitted Concerned Official Will approve as Per rules using His Digital signature CSC will submit ‘and forward ‘the same to Concerned Official Citizen collects the Digitally signed Certificate From the CSC

5 e-District Application : Login Page

6 e-District Application : e-Form filling

7 e-District Application : Self Declaration

8 e-District Application : Form Submission

9 e-District Application : Capture of citizen photograph

10 e-District Application : Printing of receipt

11 e-District Application : Desk Officer Dashboard

12 e-District Application : Desk Officer Application validation

13 e-District Application : Approving Authority Dashboard

14 e-District Application : Approving authority - validation

15 e-District Application : Approving the application

16 e-District Application : Approving authority – Digital Sign

17 e-District Application : Digitally signed certificate

18 e-District Application : CSC Login- Application tracking

19 e-District Application : Digitally signed certificate at CSC

20 District level training – Field officials

21 Media Coverage of eDistrict project

22 Media Coverage of eDistrict project

23 Certificate issuance to Citizen

24 Citizen at CSC

25 Inauguration of CSC and eDistrict Services

26 Thank you

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