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  .

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1   

2 GSDF MISSION When ordered by the Adjutant General, provide an organized, trained, disciplined rapid response volunteer force to assist state and local governmental agencies and civilian relief organizations, in impending or actual emergencies to assure the welfare and safety of the citizens of Georgia. Georgia State Defense Force Overview 

3 History of Georgia’s Militia Georgia's long and rich military history began in England in the early 1730s. Under the direction of London aristocrat, Sir James Edward Oglethorpe, the future colonists were trained by Sergeants of the Guard. Georgia’s militia joined with General George Washington in the battle for the nation’s independence beginning in 1778, and men of the “Georgia Battalion” aided Texas in its fight for independence from Mexico in During the Civil War, Georgia was second only to Virginia in filling volunteer regiments, who fought in both the Eastern and Western theaters.  Georgia State Defense Force Overview

4 History of Georgia’s Militia In 1898, Georgia raised 3,000 troops for the Spanish-American War. By 1903, the modern era of state militias began when they were designated as the National Guard. In 1916 Georgia’s National Guardsmen were deployed to the Mexican border under federal command, led by General John J. Pershing in a hunt for the bandit chief Pancho Villa. When the Georgia National Guard was mobilized to fight “over there” in 1917, it fell upon the Georgia State Guard to defend the home front during the Great War.  Georgia State Defense Force Overview

5 History of the Georgia State Defense Corps/Georgia State Guard in WWII 1940 – Gov E.D. Rivers requests the American legion to organize a home guard to be called the GEORGIA STATE DEFENSE CORPS. June 1940 – Executive Order for GSDC at strength of 6,000 to replace National Guard. Sept 1940 – 5955 GSDC positions filled; all National Guard federalized by Nov Dec 1941 – Gov. E. Talmadge activates GSDC’s 297 units; places GSDC under command of BG Omar Bradley, CG of Ft. Benning, Georgia – GSDC redesignated GEORGIA STATE GUARD – Georgia State Guard Act signed by Gov Ellis Arnold. Nov 1943 – GSG reorganized into 20 Brigades with a mustered strength of 11, – GSG units placed at 47 vital points, e.g., Waterworks. GSG also had a boat unit doing shore patrol as well as an Air unit. Jan 1945 – Women’s Division authorized (2 clerks per company). 21 April 1947 – GSG inactivated at authorized strength of 9,700. A total of 34,000 Georgians had served.  Georgia State Defense Force Overview

6 The Modern Georgia State Defense Force GSDF MISSION ESSENTIAL TASK LIST (METL)* 1. Support and augment Georgia National Guard forces 2. Provide professional skills to the Georgia Dept. of Defense 3. Assist Georgia Communities. METL DERIVED COMMON TASKS Disaster Reconnaissance Search and Rescue Operations Traffic/Evacuation Control Guard Family Support Area Isolation/Area Security Base and Field Medical Support Evacuee Shelter Augmentation Crowd Control/Event Security EOC/SOC Augmentation Facilities Security Special Skill Support to GADOD Other Tasks as Authorized  Georgia State Defense Force Overview

7 GEORGIA STATE DEFENSE FORCE ORGANIZATION  HQ,GSDF Regional Med Det Ready Reserve SDF Support Command 1st Brigade2nd Brigade3rd Brigade4th Brigade5th Brigade Regional Med Det Georgia State Defense Force Overview Chaplain Corps GSDF Band

8 ► PEOPLE ► MISSION READINESS ► CUSTOMERS ► RESOURCES  Georgia DOD Strategic Plan Georgia State Defense Force Overview

9 ► All volunteer, unsalaried, uniformed branch of the Georgia Department of Defense ► Basic Role – Replace Georgia National Guard if those forces are federalized ► Trained in traffic and crowd control, area isolation, site security, search and rescue, etc ► Current statewide strength ► Contingency expansion plan to 5,000 on shelf (WWII strength was 11,000) ► Unarmed until otherwise directed, equipped and trained by proper authority ► Current Role – Augment National Guard; disaster assistance ► Community support for special events  Georgia State Defense Force Overview THE GEORGIA STATE DEFENSE FORCE & HOMELAND SECURITY

10 ► Advantages: ~ Low cost, rapid response, state controlled military resource ~ Motivated, disciplined; high educational level ► Limitations: ~ Funding ~ Job protection legislation ~ Access to surplus military supplies and equipment ~ Provisions for wage loss compensation  Georgia State Defense Force Overview THE GEORGIA STATE DEFENSE FORCE & HOMELAND SECURITY

11  Georgia State Defense Force Overview KATRINA/RITA MISSIONS

12  Georgia State Defense Force Overview KATRINA/RITA MISSIONS

13 Your Questions…  

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