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Bentley SUPERLOAD Oversize/Overweight Permitting and Routing.

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1 Bentley SUPERLOAD Oversize/Overweight Permitting and Routing

2 Bentley: A Strong Global Company Long history and established track record One of the largest firms dedicated to the transportation industry 24-year history of revenue growth and profitability Revenue of more than $400M in 2007 2,600+ employees, 80+ offices, 40+ countries

3 Bentley’s OS/OW Experience 19 System Installations Alabama DOT Arkansas DOT Connecticut DOT Colorado DOT Georgia DOT Iowa DOT Kentucky TC Manitoba TGS Maryland SHA Michigan DOT Minnesota DOT Missouri DOT Issuing Permits Since 1990 Nebraska DOR North Carolina DOT Ohio DOT South Carolina DOT South Dakota DOT West Virginia DOT Wisconsin DOT

4 End-to-End Permitting Functionality The integration of specialized, OS/OW functionality includes: Routing Bridge Analysis Restriction Management Restriction Management Bridge Analysis Routing Administration Permit

5 Streamlined Permit Administration Application entry Completeness and Compliance Checking (Motor Carrier Rules and Statutes) Integration with route, bridge, and restrictions Payment processing Permit issuance Reporting Accounting / finance Administration Permit

6 Intelligent Routing Route selection Continuity checking Validation Clearance checking Integration with live-load bridge and restrictions analysis Routing Administration Permit

7 State-of-the-Art Bridge Analysis Bridge Analysis Routing Administration Permit Live-load analysis Analysis of the specific vehicle for each specific bridge on the route LARS is the cornerstone of Bentley SUPERLOAD live-load bridge analysis

8 Analysis and management of all temporary route restrictions (closure, attribute, and informational) Restriction Management Bridge Analysis Routing Administration Permit Real-Time Restriction Management

9 Multistate Permits Made Easy

10 What is One-stop shop for OS/OW permits Permitting from multiple states Permits are not constrained by  multi-state permit agreement  envelope vehicle  envelope route limitations Automates/coordinates the issuance of multiple, individual state permits on any route and to any dimension allowed by the states SUPERLOAD works with for easy routing and permitting on the Internet

11 Why is Different? Uses a unique, advanced dynamic permit application form Requests only the specific information needed from each state Multi-state routing helps eliminate cross-border routing issues Ensures conformance with the states’ routing data and processes

12 State Permit Office Benefits Receive better, more consistent permit application data Be part of advanced multi-state permitting without the compromises of a multi-state permitting group agreement 100% assurance that all requests are processed uniformly and securely  All permit data is available in real-time for reporting and enforcement Eliminate fee collection for other states and/or retrieving revenue from other states

13 State Permit Office Benefits Work better with applicants – carriers and permit services Meet industry demand for easier ways to obtain single-trip permits from multiple states Integrated application processes translate to greater compliance and increased revenue!

14 Carrier & Permit Service Benefits Submit permit applications to multiple states from a single application form View dynamic on-line route maps Perform route evaluation and generation for your permit vehicle, taking into consideration current construction constraints

15 Carrier & Permit Service Benefits Perform route “what-if” analyses without submitting the application to determine trial routes for bidding purposes Store routes for later use Eliminate cross-border routing issues and communication issues between multiple states

16 Carrier & Permit Service Benefits Create a database of frequently permitted vehicles to help streamline the application completion process Pay for your permits by credit card or escrow account Receive system-issued permits 24 hours a day (as available by state) Generate your own custom reports

17 Just Pick the States

18 Complete the Single Application

19 Choose Your Own Route

20 Get Your Permits

21 Manage Your Requests, Permits, Vehicles, and Reports

22 Simplifying the OS/OW permitting process for States, Carriers and Permit Services

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