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Washington State History Timeline By: John Smith Student.

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1 Washington State History Timeline By: John Smith Student

2 Before 1600 100 million years ago- Most of Washington lies under the Pacific Ocean. 50 million years ago- A second micro continent collides with North America, creating western Washington and the Cascade Range. 15 million years ago- Vast amounts of lava flow form the Columbia Plateau. Two million years ago- Ice age glaciers spread over most of Washington. 30,000-12,000 years ago- Humans arrive in North America via the land bridge connecting Alaska and Siberia. (also possibly boats from Asia) 1579- Sir Francis Drake explores the west coast.

3 1600-1700 1625- Explorer named Juan De Fuca discovers the Western Passage. 1700- First written event in the pacific northwest, a tsunami recorded by Japanese scribes.

4 1700-1775 1741- Danish navigator Vitus Bering explores and claims Alaska for Russia. 1774- Juan Perez sails north from San Blas, Mexico, claiming all of the Pacific coast south of Russia. First European record of Washington Coast. 1775- First map of Washington coast is made. July 12, 1775- Crewman of Bruno Heceta land on what is now Grenville Bay, Washington, to claim the Pacific Northwest for spain. Later that day 7 of Heceta’s men become the first Europeans to die in Washington, killed by Quinault warriors.

5 1776-1790 1778- James Cook names Cape Flattery. His reports prompt the arrival of European fur trappers and traders by sea and land. During 1770’s- Smallpox and other European diseases are introduced to Native Americans, ravaging their population. 1790- Spanish explorer Manuel Quimper explores the Strait of Juan de Fuca as far east as the San Juan Islands in 1790 and lands at Neah Bay to secure Spanish claims to the Olympic Peninsula region. 1790- Pacific Northwest is opened to European countries other than the spanish.

6 1791-1800 1792- British Royal Navy Capt. George Vancouver names Point Grenville 1792-Captain Robert Gray enters Grays Harbor. 1792- Captain Robert Gray becomes the first non-Indian navigator to enter the Columbia River, which he later names. 1792- George Vancouver, Peter Puget and Joseph Whidbey begin charting the Puget Sound. 1792- Dionisio Alcala Galiano and Cayetano Valdez lead Spain’s final expedition into Pacific Northwest waters, when they meet British explorer George Vancouver.

7 1801-1850 1805- Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific coast. 1809- Fur trader David Thompson explores Pend Oreille River. 1810- The North West Company establishes the Spokane House. 1811- John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Co. establishes Fort Okanogan. (And later establishes Fort Spokane in 1812) 1819- Spain cedes its original Pacific Northwest claims to the United States in the Transcontinental Treaty. 1825- Hudson’s Bay Company establishes Fort Vancouver on March. 1827- Hudson’s Bay Company establishes the first sawmill in future Washington near Vancouver.

8 1851-1900 1852- Washington’s first newspaper, the Columbian, begins publication at Olympia on September 11 1855- Treaty of Neah Bay signed 1860- Population of Washington Territory is 11,594 1867- Road is completed over Snoqualmie Pass 1869- Seattle is incorporated into the Washington Territory 1870- Population of Washington Territory is 23,955 1880- Population of Washington Territory is 75,116 1883- Northern Pacific Railroad’s mainline between Washington and Minnesota is completed at Gold Creek, Montana 1889- Washington becomes a state 1890- Population of Washington state is 357,232 1896- Japanese steamer Miiki Maru arrives in Seattle to establish regular trade 1900- Population of Washington state is 518,103

9 1901-1950 1909- Harbor Island, at the time the world's largest artificial island, is completed 1910- Washington women win right to vote 1910- Population of Washington state is 1,141,990 1916- Prohibition of alcohol takes effect in Washington 1917- Boeing Airplane Co., formerly Pacific Aero-Products, is incorporated 1918- World War I ends 1918- Influenza Pandemic 1920- Population of Washington state is 1,356,621 1924- Indian Citizenship Act makes all Native Americans U.S. citizens 1930- Population of Washington state is 1,563,396 1933- Boeing 247 takes flight from Boeing Field, opening new vistas in commercial air travel 1933- Prohibition ends 1938- Bonneville Dam is completed 1940- Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses 1940- Population of Washington state is 1,736,191 1941- United States declares war on Japan 1950- Population of Washington state is 2,378,963

10 1951-Present 1960- Population of Washington state is 2,853,214 1969- Boeing-built Saturn booster launches Apollo 11 towards humanity’s first moon landing 1970- Washington voters legalize abortion 1970- Population of Washington state is 3,413,300 1974- World’s Fair in Spokane 1979- Hood Canal Floating Bridge sinks during storm, reopening in 1982. 1980- Mount St. Helens erupts 1980- Population of Washington state is 4,132,400 1983- First Costco warehouse opens in Seattle 1990- Population of Washington state is 4,866,700 2000- Population of Washington state is 5,894,121


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