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Investing in Kano State By Malam Ibrahim Shekarau Governor, Kano State, Nigeria.

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1 Investing in Kano State By Malam Ibrahim Shekarau Governor, Kano State, Nigeria

2 Facts About Kano State The most populous State in Nigeria with a population of 9,401,288, according to the official census figures of 2006 Contributes 20% of the non-oil export revenue Has the largest number of dams for irrigation in Nigeria. Has the largest commodity market in West Africa sub-region - the Dawanau Grains Market Has the largest concentration of tanneries in Nigeria

3 Facts about Kano State Kano City, the capital of Kano State is a megacity It is the center of commerce of the Savannah region of West Africa Kano’s influence is not only demographic, but also economic. This is because “it represents an area of dominant influence over markets in adjacent areas”. Kano State since 2003 is one of the best managed states in Nigeria, working with all the development partners According DFID World Bank 2008-sponsored report, Kano is one of the best four investment destinations in Nigeria

4 Kano State Economic Development Roadmap Inaugurated in 2007 with five core areas: optimizing internally generated revenue to finance development investing in quality education promoting integrated agriculture providing an enabling environment for manufacturing, commerce and ICT creating jobs for women and youth

5 Kano State Economic Development Roadmap This was the Economic Development Agenda drafted with the consent of people through their representatives with the involvement of the broad spectrum of the society Incorporated in the State’s Appropriation Law of 2008 and 2009 as enacted by State House of Assembly The Government has invested in the renewal of the Central Business District of the State Capital in the years 2008 and 2009

6 Providing the Enabling Environment for Business and Investments Peaceful coexistence and inclusive politics has resulted in success stories, and the following are some of the opportunities that investors could explore in Kano Real Estate in the Central Business District ICT Park Irrigation and Agro-processing

7 ICT Park One of the few states in Nigeria that has ICT Policy The Park has been designated in the Center of the City at Gidan Ado Bayero. It is the only ICT Park of its kind in Northern Nigeria It shall host the only Soft Ware Testing Laboratory of the Microsoft Corporation in Nigeria

8 Central Business District The State Government is ready facilitate investment in the Central Business District. It is investing 16% of its Budgeted Funds in 2009 in renewing infrastructure of the district. The Government is willing to provide space for the following in the CBD: ◦5 Star Hotel ◦Office Blocks ◦Housing ◦Amusement Park

9 Public/Private Sector Partnership Kano State has one of the success stories of PPP in Nigeria. Presently the following PPP initiatives are in progress: Kanawa Market which is expected to be the largest market in Northern Nigeria is under construction, with private investment of over N15 billion Mass Housing Scheme of 20000 Houses. Already the state government is constructing road networks and other infrastructures at one of the sites Independent Power Project is in progress with the Korean Firm of POSCO. It is planned that 450 MW power station will be constructed

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