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The State of the State Oral Health Plan Minnesota Oral Health Plan Report of the Workgroup Chairs.

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1 The State of the State Oral Health Plan Minnesota Oral Health Plan Report of the Workgroup Chairs

2 Why have a plan? A state plan gives Minnesota the ability to:  Provide a blueprint for action  Maximize resources and recognize opportunities as they arise  Increase collaboration, information sharing, and partnerships

3 Planning Process Oral Health Summit 2009 Workgroup sign-up Three Oral Health Plan Topic groups formed Oral Health vision themes developed


5 Summit 2009 Workgroup Chairs The Plan Future Where do we go from here? How do we use the plan?

6 Workgroups Ninety individuals volunteered as workgroup members Volunteer workgroup members represented the diversity found in many Minnesota communities, health care systems, education at all levels, the public, providers, and government Workgroups and workgroup chairs developed the goals, objectives, and strategies with help from the Oral Health Staff

7 Workgroup Chairs Three Workgroups:  Prevention, Public Education, and Awareness Amos Deinard Sharon Oswald  Access to Care Rebecca Fahning Daniel Rose  Workforce Development David Gesko David Born

8 Prevention and Education Workgroup Strengthening prevention measures, mitigating existing oral disease, and establishing optimal oral health for all Minnesotans Educate the public and medical and dental professionals about oral health as an essential component of optimal general health

9 Access to Care Workgroup Create a coordinated strategy to link people to needed oral health services Assure availability and acceptability of services by enhancing system capacity Encourage efficient evidence-based utilization of resources by reducing barriers Identify existing programs that are successful

10 Workforce Workgroup Assure an adequate, equitably distributed, and competent oral health workforce that can appropriately adapt to and meet the oral health needs of all

11 Workgroup Chairs Role Communicate with work group members and other stakeholders  Provide feedback on drafts of plan Conduct meetings of each work group Based on input from Summit and Workgroup meetings:  Draft goals  Confirm goals  Draft objectives  Review and revise draft strategies Present the Oral Health Plan at 2011 Summit

12 The Plan Has the capacity to adapt to the ever-changing environment for health in Minnesota Timeline and process for periodic review, course correction and evaluation A public affirmation and statement of specific objectives related to oral health promotion, disease prevention and control, and specific risk factors

13 State Oral Health Plan Goals The Plan contains seven goals, which are written as outcome statements The Goals are statements of the desired future state that we will achieve through implementation of the objectives and strategies

14 State Oral Health Plan Objectives The objectives are specific to the goal The objectives are measurable The objectives are achievable The objectives are feasible with appropriate resources Each objective is actionable within the time frame of the Plan

15 How will the plan be updated? Time line will follow Healthy People 2020 2011 2013 2015 2018 2020 Interim report Mid-course review Interim report Periodic review, course correction and evaluation

16 Future Use the plan to  Develop action plans  Identify resources lead organizations individuals will serve to provide guidance for the next steps.

17 Framework for action Goal: ObjectiveAction PlanProducts/ Data/Evaluation TimeframeResources needed and Members Responsible Outcome Measures of Success: Evaluation:

18 Transition to Minnesota Oral Health Coalition  Combine ideas, experience, and expertise  Implement the objectives of the Plan.  Create partnerships with stakeholders

19 Summit Work groups Steering committee Oral health plan Planning phase Work Group chairs Oral Health Plan development Coalition 1.Access to care 2.Prevention, education and awareness 3.Workforce development Transition from developing to implementing MN Oral Health Plan Optimal Oral Health for All Minnesotans Committee Implementation phase Think tank / steering committee Implementation Committee

20 Access to the plan View and download the Plan from the Oral Health Unit website an.html

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