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1 STATE SolidLiquidGasField Property 1 STATE 1. 2 Mosquito beater. Battery-operated necklace transmits a sonic repelling frequency. Liquid snow chain.

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1 1 STATE SolidLiquidGasField Property 1 STATE 1

2 2 Mosquito beater. Battery-operated necklace transmits a sonic repelling frequency. Liquid snow chain It hardens upon contact with water, and provides additional traction in icy and snowy conditions. Upon hitting dry asphalt again, it will simply erode away. It’s allegedly completely biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment. _info.php?products_id=43 Inhaled insulin Contains a blister pack of insulin in the form of dry powder. To release the powder, the user presses a button and inhales the powder. No ink pen The solid metal 'nib' consists of a metal alloy, that leaves a mark on most types of paper. Solid LiquidGasField

3 3 STATE - Sterilization Filter sterilizationPlasma Sterilization Chemical Sterilization Steam Sterilization Hot air Sterilization Ultra High Pressure Gas Sterilization Microwave Sterilization Flash Sterilization Radiation Property 1 STATE Solid LiquidGasField

4 Property 1 State 4 Infrared thermometer to measure UV toothbrush sanitizer to clean Magnetic induction to charge Ultrasound repellant to disperse Laser to cut Water powered calculator to operate Ultrasound toothbrush to clean Liquid capsules to absorb

5 Property 1 State 5 Infrared BBQ to cook Air powered car to operate No ink pen to operate Liquid snow chain to grip Magnetic laundry balls to clean Invisible lasers to charge Magnetic tape to hold

6 Property 1 State 6 Negative pressure pump to heal Magnets to correct sunken chest Electrical charge pain pen to heal Ultrasound surgery to grip Gas chomotographer to detect skin cancer Laser dentist drill to operate

7 7 increase system compactness increase user convenience reduce number of systems improve maintainability change texture or how it feels have a broader operating range improve structural strength help to achieve effective use of resources reduce production cost achieve opposite functions simultaneously improve transportability make it easier to mix with other substances make it easily dissolvable increase system flexibility increase reactivity change electrical characteristics change optical characteristics maintain temperature add ability to change colour automatically make it easy to apply make environmentally friendly make it difficult to replicate or copy reduce time wastage increase user convenience improve system safety improve user safety reduce human drudgery increase accuracy reduce cost Benefits of STATE CHANGE Solid Liquid Gas Field

8 Product ‘Yoghurt on a stick’ - frozen snack food/ Frozen yoghurt- healthy alternative to ice cream. Jello/ Jello containing alcohol. Kellogg’s Cereal and Milk bars- utilize dried milk Double cream/whipping cream Coffee concentrate (instead of instant powder) - probably better for tea! Sauce concentrates that change flavour depending on what is added e.g. Unox Townsend and Eine Sauce- which incorporates a concentrated sauce paste (parameter changes) to make one liter of brown, white or tomato sauce (increase dynamism). Crystal farms ‘Cheese in an aerosol’. Process Pump odour of freshly baked bread around a supermarket Irradiation Ohmic heating Intelligent microwaves Heat a substance containing ferromagnetic material by using varying magnetic field. When the temperature exceeds the Curie point, the material becomes paramagnetic, and no longer absorbs heat (not sure if this has any food application - yet) ‘Fresh-baked biscuit’ scent spray Frozen foods - easy to transport/store Dehydration to inhibit microbial growth. Ice filtering in brewing-e.g. bud ice, fosters ice. 8 Property 1: STATE

9 Product Fluid clock Inflatable furniture/mattress/etc Gel filled shoe insole adapts to user Hovercraft, Gas bearings Process Transition from mechanical to hydraulic or pneumatic systemsReplace a physical fence to confine a dog or cat with an acoustic "fence" (signal audible to the animal) Use a bad smelling compound in natural gas to alert users to leakage, instead of a mechanical or electrical sensor Finger-print/retina/etc scan instead of a key To mix 2 powders, electro statically charge one positive and the other negative Magnetic bearings Field activated switches Early communications used omnidirectional broadcasting. We now use antennas with very detailed structure of the pattern of radiation MRI scanners Magneto-optic stress sensors Heat a substance containing ferromagnetic material by using varying magnetic field. When the temperature exceeds the Curie point, the material becomes paramagnetic, and no longer absorbs heat. Ferro-magnetic catalysts Ferro-fluids Electro-rheological fluids Photochromic glass 9 Property 1: STATE

10 10 PULSATION Property 2 PULSATION 10 Continuous actionPulsating actionResonance mode

11 Property 2 Pulsation 11 Vibrating paintbrush to apply Pulsating toothbrush to clean Pulsating light therapy to operate Pulsating razor to cut Vibrating mascara to apply Vibrating sieve to filter Bone conduction hearing aid to disperse Vibrating hair brush to break

12 Property 2 Pulsation 12 Pulsating headphones to indulge Vibrating wood welding to join Pulsed water cooling to cool Vibrating mouse to relax Vibrating GPS rings to guide Pulsating ionic hair dryer to dry Soundbug surface speaker to disperse Pulsating sinus irrigation system to clean

13 Benefits of Property 2 Pulsation increase system efficiency reduce user effort reduce cost increase adjustability or adaptability increase magnitude of useful effect decrease user involvement reduce materials used add a new function or integrate another function improve user safety increase efficiency of useful effect introduce time measurement capability add new function by using available resources increase user feedback add sensatory information to repel or attract add ability to change colour automatically add sound reflection copy form of other objects increase use of colour reduce energy cost make the ideal "no" 13 Pulsated action

14 Property 2 Pulsation Product Musical instrument Dog-whistle (transmit sound outside human range) Tuning fork, Increase action of a catalyst by vibrating it at it’s resonant frequency Washing machine/dish-washer water injection operates uses different cycles for different load types Clean barrier filters by back-flowing them when not in use Hitting something repeatedly with a hammer Process Pulsed water jet cutting Mixing alloys in an induction furnace Electric carving knife with vibrating blades Shake/stir paint to mix before applying Electric vibrators improve fluid atomisation from a spray nozzle Hammer drill, Vibration exciter removes voids from poured concrete Vibrate during sieving operations to improve throughput Ease bottle cleaning by pulsing washing action at resonant frequency of bottles Ultrasonic cleaning, Non-destructive crack detection using ultrasound Pulsed bicycle lights make cyclist more noticeable to drivers Pulsed vacuum cleaner suction improves collection performance Destroy gall stones or kidney stones using ultrasonic resonance Quartz crystal oscillations drive high accuracy clocks Sono-chemistry Combined ultrasonic and heating in drying operations Replace a continuous siren with a pulsed sound Replace a pulsed siren with sound that changes amplitude and frequency Brush between suction pulses in vacuum cleaner 14 Pulsated action

15 SolidSegmented solidSolid powder 15 FRAGMENTATION Property 3 FRAGMENTATION 15

16 16 Property 3 Fragmentation Pots that can cook different dishes at the same time By cooking more than one food in the same water you will not only save time, but energy, too. Brabantia Twin Bin – 2 areas for waste seperation Winggrid

17 17 Property 3 Fragmentation Segmented wheel to grip Segmented Mirra chair to recycle Segmented sofa to assemble 5 separate knives to protect Powdered pancake mix to mix Calorie packs to measure Segmented crutches to dispose

18 18 Property 3 Fragmentation Segmentation in customer paying scheme Offer different customers different paying schemes Segmentation in packaging Offer different customers different possibilities according to bulk packaging and delivery Hospital containers, UN containers Segmentation in customer approach Different approach according to customer Greetinq: Dedicated voicemail to different callers Pay as you drive New insurance business models dependent on kilometers Pay as you use teachers/trainers time

19 19 Solid Segmented solid Solid powder BENEFITS of Fragmentation change object shape make simple measurements improve aesthetic appearance reduce size of a system reduce production time achieve opposite functions simultaneously make it easier to mix with other substances seperate different functions improve integrity of joint reduce energy usage have more compact folding increase system flexibility create the ability for more customization reduce assembly time/cost increase use of colour create a more modular or stackable component assembly divide it into small portions make it easily dissolvable seperate different functions reduce waste of materials

20 Product Have a range of different focal length lenses for a camera Gator-grip socket spanner Multi-pin connectors Bubble-wrap Multiple pistons in an internal combustion engine Multi-engined aircraft Loose-leaf paper in a ring-binder Pocket-spring mattress Process Multi-blade cartridge razors Multi-zone combustion systems Stratification of different constituents inside a chemical process vessel Rapid-release bicycle saddle/wheel/etc fasteners Quick disconnect joints in plumbing and hydraulic systems Single fastener V-band clamps on flange joints Use of multiple control surfaces on aerodynamic structures 16 and 24 valve versus 8 valve internal combustion engines Build up a component from layers (e.g. stereo-lithography, welds, etc) 20 Fragmented Property 3 Fragmentation

21 Product Separate ‘fruit’ and ‘yoghurt’ portions in a yoghurt container TV Dinners ‘Salt’n’Shake’ potato chips contain separate sachet of flavouring Cheese slices Striped (tooth)paste container Individual cup coffee sachets Segmented Garlic Bread/ French Baguettes DairyLea Lunchables Silver-foil milk bottle tops Microwave dinners where no removal of packaging or film piercing is needed?? Turn two pot yoghurts into three-pot yoghurts ‘One-cup’ tea-bags Multiple small doors on frozen-food cabinets Variety-pack cereals Crushed ice ‘Sandwich pickles’ - pickles chopped to sizes consistent with expected height of a sandwich Process Ice cubes ‘Just add hot water’ snack pots Tear-strip/weak-point/etc openings 21 Property 3 Fragmentation Fragmented

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