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1 Wichita State in Brief. 2 WSU is in a period of renewal and growth See the new Strategic Plan handout The “Bardo Five” 1.Overall quality 2.Increasing.

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1 1 Wichita State in Brief

2 2 WSU is in a period of renewal and growth See the new Strategic Plan handout The “Bardo Five” 1.Overall quality 2.Increasing enrollment 3.Quality of student life 4.Enhancing basic research 5.Technology transfer

3 3 Parking shuttles depart Hughes Metropolitan Complex (29th Street and Oliver) at roughly 10-minute intervals starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. The last shuttle will arrive back at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex at 10:30 p.m.

4 4 Organizational StructureAcademic Colleges Who are our Students? Degree Requirements 4

5 5 5 Organizational Structure

6 6 Kansas Board of Regents System University of Kansas Kansas State University Wichita State University Fort Hays State University Pittsburg State University Emporia State University Washburn University 25 community and technical colleges

7 7 President’s Direct Reports Vice presidents Executive Director of Government Relations and Board of Trustees (Andy Schlapp) Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (Eric Sexton) Internal Audit (Chris Cavanaugh) EEO (search in progress) [WSU Foundation (Elizabeth King) ]

8 8 Vice Presidents Academic Affairs (Tony Vizzini) Research and Technology Transfer (John Tomblin) Campus Life and University Relations (Wade Robinson) Administration and Finance (Mary Herrin) General Counsel (Ted Ayres) Information Technologies [ reorganization in progress ]

9 9 9 Academic Colleges

10 10 The Graduate School Abu Masud, Interim Dean About 3,000 current students 12 Doctoral programs, 40 Master’s degrees, and more Jardine Hall, built 1930

11 11 College of Fine Arts Rodney Miller, Dean 20 programs in the Schools of: – Art and Design – Music – Performing Arts Duerkson Fine Arts Center, built 1956

12 12 College of Education Shirley Lefever-Davis, Interim Dean 4 departments, 21 Bachelor’s, 13 Master’s, 2 Ed.D. programs Corbin Education Center, built 1963

13 13 W. Frank Barton School of Business Cindy Claycomb, Interim Dean 5 academic departments, several centers Clinton Hall, built 1970

14 14 Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ron Matson, Interim Dean 17 academic departments Largest college Lindquist Hall, built 1976

15 15 College of Engineering Vish Prasad, Interim Dean 4 departments (9 undergraduate and 7 graduate degree programs) Wallace Hall, built 1977

16 16 College of Health Professions Keith Pickus, Interim Dean 8 departments (23 programs) Ahlberg Hall, built 1980

17 17 University Libraries Don Gilstrap, Dean Ablah Library, built 1962 with additions in 1988 and 1999

18 18 Coming Soon: The Honors College Kimberly Engber, Director New Residence Hall, opens 2014

19 19 Our Students

20 20 The WSU Student Body 14,893 students in fall 2012

21 21 Undergraduate Demographics

22 22 The Incoming Class This year Convocation will be 11am -1pm on Tuesday, August 27, in Koch Arena. About 1,100 new freshmen each fall About 900 new transfer students each fall

23 23 Other Student Characteristics 44% of Freshmen are the first in their families to attend college 4.9% non-residents; 8.9% are international Of domestic undergrads (about 86% of student body) : – 71.3% are from Sedgwick County – 89% are from the Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area – 97% are from Kansas (!)

24 24 Other Student Characteristics, cont. Only 1,000 students live on campus. Our students have a WIDE range of talents, interests, motivations, backgrounds, support systems, mentors, role models, life experiences, life circumstances, etc.

25 25 Student Success Statistics 70.8% of full-time freshmen return for a second year – Coincidence? About 30% of freshmen earn a first-semester GPA of < 2.0 19.6% graduate from WSU within four years 42.1% graduate from WSU within six years

26 26 KBOR’s “Foresight 2020” Increase freshman retention from 70% to 80% by 2020 Increase six-year graduation from 40% to 50% by 2020

27 27 Retention Matters State scrutiny HLC Reaccreditation The benefits to individuals and families Societal flourishing Our moral duty to students

28 28 Retention Matters State scrutiny HLC Reaccreditation The benefits to individuals and families Societal flourishing Our moral duty to students The university’s bottom line: – Each 1% increase in retention generates $415,000 in gross revenue—more than $4 million over ten years.

29 29 Higher Learning Commission Reaccreditation “Quality Initiative” 1.Improve freshman orientation program, include faculty participation. 2.Initiate measures to identify academically at-risk students with proactive advising. 3.Deploy the GradesFirst academic early alert system. 4.Deploy a revised student success course (WSU 101). 5.Increase Supplemental Instruction offerings.

30 30 The Faculty Role in Retention and Student Success See the handout, “12 Reasons Students Drop Out”

31 31 Academic Policies

32 32 Degree Requirements What our students go through, or How to be a good advisor

33 33 Advising “Mixed Model” – In most colleges, professional advisers (yes, that’s how we spell it...) take care of students through their sophomore year or until they declare a major. – Faculty advisers take care of their majors. – BUT there are plenty of exceptions to this basic pattern: Your chair will tell you your role in the advising process in your department. INFORMAL advising is a key part of your role.

34 34 Info you need Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs going back to 1995 are available on the Registrar’s website.Registrar’s website The Schedule of Courses is available several months before each semester begins (mid-November, mid- March). See also: Academic Affairs Calendar (handout)

35 35 Admission Requirements For Kansas residents attending accredited high schools: – Min ACT of 21; or – Rank in top 1/3 rd of graduating class; or – Complete the “precollege curriculum” with at least a 2.0 GPA For transfer students: – > 23 transfer hours: Min. 2.0 college GPA – < 24 transfer hours: Min. 2.0 college GPA, and meet one of the freshman qualified admissions requirements. NB, some colleges/majors have higher standards. NB, beginning fall 2015, these standards will be changing.

36 36 Tuition and Fees $187.40/cr hr + $42.35/cr hr + $17 per semester For a 15-hour course load: $2,811 + $652.25 = $3,463.25 (Plus any course/lab/department fees, plus books, etc.)

37 37 Class standing Freshmen: < 30 credit hours earned; Sophomores: 30 to 59 cr hr; Juniors: 60 to 89 cr hr; Seniors: > 89 credit hours An undergrad is FULL TIME if enrolled in 12 or more credit hours in fall or spring semesters 9 cr = FT for grad students 6 cr = FT in summer

38 38 Degree Requirements Components of the degree – General Education (incl. “48 hour rule” for Foundation courses) – College Requirements – Major Courses and Requirements – Electives Minimum for a Bachelor’s degree: 120 credit hours. (Currently some Fine Arts degrees require 150 cr hr!)

39 39 Submitting Grades myWSU (not Blackboard) Final grades due four days after end of Finals (this fall, Dec. 17) – 5 th week: email request for early alert feedback in GradesFirst – Mid-term grades encouraged NB: Whenever you submit a final grade of “F” you MUST give the student’s “Last Date of Attendance”—This is a federal Financial Aid requirement.

40 40 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid GPA “Pace” (% of attempted courses passed) Max. credits – NB there is no grace period: Students who drop below the standards are ineligible to receive financial aid. (There is an appeal process to be reinstated.) – Last year >1,300 students were suspended from Fin Aid for SAP violations

41 41 Probation, Dismissal, Exceptions Whenever CUM GPA < 2.0, student is placed on probation. Students on probation who do not earn the minimum GPA in the next semester are dismissed from WSU. Dismissed students may appeal to Exceptions Committee for re-admission (to another college).

42 42 Introducing a New Course Get the forms on the VPAA site.VPAA site Your chair/department should be part of the discussion from the beginning. Must get department, college and university level approvals. Note the special requirements for General Education courses.

43 43 FERPA Basics See handout: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

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