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Becoming A State Chapter of FVC Michele Pfannenstiel DVM and Jason Foscolo JD

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1 Becoming A State Chapter of FVC Michele Pfannenstiel DVM and Jason Foscolo JD

2 Market Research Has Told Us that Farmer Veterans Want Land Equipment A community

3 Experience Has Told Us They Need Hands on experience in the agriculture they want to do Internships Jobs Contacts in the business world of the agriculture they want to do Entrepreneurship education

4 The State Chapters Need to Use Local Innovation to Bridge That Gulf Internships that take family obligations and needs into account Transportation Explaining the culture of agriculture in the locality Market research Local Expertise Veterans Farmer Veterans feeding their families and their communities

5 Building a Coalition to Drive Forward the Mission to Mobilize Vets to Feed America NGO State and Federal Veteran Programs Individual Vets/Business State Chapter FVC National Support, Networking and Programs

6 Build a Strong Coalition to: Bring veterans into FVC We’ll supply the compliant database Grow HBH As it grows, market opportunities for the veterans grow Create an auditable mentorship program Advocate for members Recorded in database Create local opportunity for FF, FEED and technical assistance activities as dictated by the vets in your state

7 The Reason State Chapters Exist Member equals a veteran of any era who has voluntarily signed up with us and has a record in our database. To increase membership, participation, and support of farmer veteran programs through the assistance of the Farmer Veteran Coalition. To provide a means for local farmer veterans, members, and friends to contribute to the growth of the farmer veteran mission in their own region in conjunction with the Farmer Veteran Coalition. To encourage local and regional events and programs that can be more successfully run by those closest to them, for which the Farmer Veteran Coalition can provide facilitation, resources, and partnerships.

8 What National Programs Are There? Fellowship Fund Identify capital equipment needs of members Identify partners to magnify effect Identify ability of veteran to deploy funds successfully Tell the story well Homegrown By Heroes Identify existing VOB who could benefit Advertise and recruit Help with application Tell the story well Career Coaching Identify veterans who need/want jobs in agriculture Match with local resources Mentor those with individual career plans Tell the story well Conferences Help get veterans there Contribute to meaningful discussions and dialog Help national put good regional conferences on Tell the story well

9 Advocate on behalf of members Provide Technical Assistance Provide Transition Assistance out of the service Create a Mentorship network Collate Employment resources and opportunities States Must Demonstrate a Strong Coalition to

10 Getting to a State Chapter Set of individuals in a state working with a regional coordinator Submit CV for each proposed director 2 year development plan with veteran outreach plan List of veteran oriented programs the chapter will initiate Org chart Business plan Review by Chapter Accession Committee for Mission Alignment Organizational Capacity Local Working Group Incorporate as a nonprofit in state

11 Chapter Accession Committee Subcommittee of National Board of Directors to consider: Leadership alignment of the potential state chapter Leadership representative of a spectrum of ag philosophies, agencies, academic disciplines, and businesses Participation of other national partners of the national effort (Farm Bureau, Farm Credit, Farmers Union, Agrability) The capacity of the potential state chapter to deliver services to veterans Compelling services needed by state or regional farmer veterans Experience delivering nonprofit or business services A significant leadership component comprised of military veterans

12 Grant of Charter FVC will execute a comprehensive agreement with the incorporators of the state chapter that will govern the relationship between the chapter and the National Office. The agreement will include the following terms and conditions: A license to use the trademarks and goodwill of the Farmer Veteran Coalition. Requirements necessary to maintain the chapter’s inclusion on the National Organization’s group exemption letter. Agreement on the types and sources of donations that the chapter may solicit. National office oversight of chapter finances in order to comply with group exemption under the nonprofit 501(c) (3) status. Requirements to share information on membership, those veterans assisted, funds disbursed during the course of the chapter’s nonprofit activities.

13 Grant of Charter continued Financial arrangements to equitably allocate donations between the chapter and the National Office. Membership reciprocity. Adoption of a common communications and social media policy. Ratification of the Model Chapter Bylaws by the initial directors. Restrictions that safeguard the exclusivity of core programs of the National Office, such as the Homegrown by Heroes Program and the Fellowship Fund.

14 Group Exemption All chapter agreements are contingent on group exemption IRS recognizes a group of organizations as tax-exempt if they are affiliated with a central organization. Avoids the need for each of the organizations to apply for exemption individually. National Office has already succeeded in obtaining a challenging 501(c)(3) exemption Avoid multiplying effort and expense.

15 State Chapter and Franchise Law This type of organization will trigger franchise law considerations in the states, therefore the chaptering agreement needs to include the following A list of the 23 standard Federal Trade Commission franchise disclosure documents. A list of disclosures required by the state’s laws in which the chapter is being created. A comprehensive list of reasons for which the national office may rescind the charter for cause.

16 FVC Nation will… Ensure that chapter agreements are properly signed and executed. Ensure that chapters are serving the mission to farmer veterans and maintaining their contractual obligations to the National Office. Act as the point of contact for communications between the support staff located in the National Office and the chapters. Manage the information that may be necessary to maintain each chapter on the group exemption letter.

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