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State Employees Federated Appeal New York City

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1 State Employees Federated Appeal New York City
Campaign Orientation Session 2014 Campaign Giving is Golden

2 Welcome and Introductions SEFA Charity Speaker
Agenda Welcome and Introductions SEFA Charity Speaker 2014 Campaign – 50 years of giving Role of the Campaign Manager Steps for Success Campaign Calendar SEFANYC website How to Pledge Online Submitting paper forms Participation Incentive Program Question and Answer 2013 State Employees Federated Appeal State Employees are the Heart of New York

3 Role of the Campaign Manager
Educate & Motivate Educate – Educate your unit coordinators and your employees about the program using the campaign materials. Awareness by your employees on the needs in the community and the services that are provided is very important. Motivate – Make sure that your team has fun with the campaign and understand that no gift is too small to make an impact. There are two reasons that people give: 1) they are asked 2) they have a personal connection to the cause Make sure that each and every employee is personally asked to make a contribution! 2013 State Employees Federated Appeal State Employees are the Heart of New York

4 Steps for Success Secure Support from your Senior Management
Build a Team Set a Timeline Promote and Educate Communicate and Follow up Incorporate Fun Say “Thank You”

5 Get Management Support
Support from both senior management and your bargaining unit is critical to the success of your agency’s SEFA Campaign. Their leadership sets an example for other contributors and will emphasize the importance of the campaign. Ways to get your management involved: Ask your facility director or senior manager to send an to every employee announcing the campaign and asking for their support. Obtain permission to conduct group meetings or rallies. Ask senior management to be part of the program. This can be a separate event or part of a regular meeting. Ask your labor representative to send an endorsement to all members

6 Build a Team Don’t try to do it alone. Recruit a team – whether you are in a small agency or large, it is easier and more fun when you involve more people Plan an event that will help promote SEFA Conduct training for your captains or fund raisers, invite me to attend Schedule dates to report back results

7 Set a Timeline and Goals
Plan for a “campaign window” Establish a “clear” Kick-off and closing date Set a goal for total dollars and participation Schedule meetings to collect contributions and to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working Track results

8 Promote and Educate Individuals that get to hear and learn about charities and programs are more likely to get involved and participate. Ways to promote and educate: Publicize your campaign dates and events well in advance through your intranet, bulletin boards and . Schedule a kickoff event. Use this as an opportunity to bring community awareness to your co-workers and educate them on the value of SEFA. Invite charity speakers. Ensure that posters/flyers are distributed and displayed. Have your facility director send a general endorsement message to all employees. Organize charity fairs for employees to learn more about services provided Include SEFA on the agenda of a staff meetings. Plan a fund raiser like a bake sale or a holiday event BE Enthusiastic!

9 Communicate and Follow up
Be Sincere! Make your donation first, then talk about how easy it was Discuss reasons for giving Encourage payroll deduction Remain available as a resource Ask givers to get their friends to give Ways to Maintain Momentum: Communicate with your co-workers weekly to provide an update and encourage them to participate Follow-up with your captains Remember to say “Thank You.” Post thank you messages BOLDLY in visible areas. Suggestions are bulletin boards, break rooms, or s. A simple “thank you” at your staff meeting is a great way to start.

10 Incorporate Fun Food, food, food Bake sale International food festival
Chili cook off Holiday themed events Trivia contests Other ideas

11 Say Thank You Last steps to perform before the campaign ends:
Make a final request via for employees to visit the online pledge site and make a contribution Report results to employees Say a final “Thank You” to employees and Captains. These simple words not only show appreciation, but can also set a positive tone for next year’s campaign.

12 Campaign Calendar The pledge site is now open - employees can make a pledge Week of September 22nd – materials will begin shipping to your agency Set your campaign kickoff date and request a charitable speaker October 9, 2014– Charitable Champion Kickoff and Awards Ceremony November 28, Participation Incentive Program Deadline - Submit all paper forms to SEFA December 12, 2014 – Submit all paper payroll forms to your payroll office December 19, 2014 – Pledge site closes December 31, 2014 – Campaign ends, submit any additional paper forms to SEFA

13 SEFANYC Website -

14 How to Pledge Online State employees will be able to complete the pledge process through an online system System is secure, simple and paperless Coordinators will be able to track pledging in real time Pledge information will be submitted to the Office of the State Comptroller at the close of the campaign for upload into the payroll system. Online pledges do not need to be sent to payroll or the SEFA office The system eliminates the need to follow up with donors about pledges with invalid code numbers, incorrect calculations or missing information

15 Getting Started

16 Signing Up Use the keyword search to find your state agency and select “show” to view your location

17 Signing Up Select your location from the list.

18 Complete the registration. . .
Complete the registration by completing all fields. You must enter your first and last name as they appear on your paystub Enter your preferred (it can be office or personal, your choice) Create a username that you will remember and a secure password Once you click complete you will receive an confirmation

19 Welcome . . . . Logging In Enter username Enter password
Note that if you forget your password you can reset it by selecting “recover my password

20 Successful Login

21 Begin the Pledge Process
Enter your NYS EMPLID as is appears on your paystub Select the pledge type (payroll, credit/debit card or e-check)

22 Payroll Deduction. . . . Select Payroll Contribution
Select the Payroll Period Enter Amount Per Pay Period to be deducted Note the Total Annual Gift amount (automatically calculated) Click the Payroll Deduction Authorization button

23 EMPLID As It Appears On The Paystub
The NYS EMPLID is required for all paper and electronic pledge forms. SS# or last four will no longer be accepted.

24 EMPLID As It Appears On The Paystub
Enter the NYS EMP ID as it appears on your paystub. The number begins with an “N” and is followed by eight numerical digits. The only letter is the first one.

25 Request An Acknowledgement

26 Credit Card or e-check Contribution

27 Search Charities/Designations
Donors may click on the Search Mode button to search charities by name or key words OR Donors may browse through charities by clicking on the green symbol before each group of charities or federations to expand each federation’s membership Donors may also choose to give to the Campaign Undesignated which is dispersed by the campaign to all charities in the campaign.

28 Key Word Search

29 Select Charities Click the plus sign to view the description
Click add to pledge once a selection is made

30 Enter Designations Designations
after chosen charity(ies) are listed in the allocation area, the amount to be designated to each charity should be entered in the currency field OR click on the green button which will divide all or remainder of funds among all chosen charity(ies)

31 Completing Pledge/Donation
Using your mouse sign your name in the box.

32 Success!

33 Confirmation Donors will automatically receive an message after completing the pledge

34 Pledge Summary Donors may return to the site and click on the gray pledge box to print or themselves a copy of the pledge.

35 Coordinator Access New Coordinators Register on the site
Let me know that you have registered on the site and want coordinator access, include your agency name and location in the The next time you log in (allow 48 hours) you will see a new tab at the top indicating “coordinator” Select “view donor data” from the drop down menu All paper pledges will be entered into this site within 10 days of receipt

36 Campaign Status Donors can log in at any time to or print a copy of the pledge detail

37 Campaign Materials and Support
SEFA Website – You will find Link to the pledge site Charity search tool Stories and photos from charities To Download Poster Brochure Pledge form Report form Supply order form Image from the poster 2013 State Employees Federated Appeal State Employees are the Heart of New York

38 Newly Designed Paper Form
SEFA has returned to the 3-part carbonless form The new form includes instructions for entering NYS EMPLID, Department ID and FCC code

39 2013 SEFA Pledge Form

40 Submitting Paper Forms
Make sure all pledge forms have been completed properly. The NYS EMPLID replaces SSN Be sure your state agency payroll ID is entered – communicate the code to employees so they know it Be sure the FCC code is entered (851) Send all part 1 sections to your agency payroll office by December 12th Complete the coordinator report form and or fax to me Print the form and mail it with part 2 to SEFA in the envelope provided with your materials Be sure to attach checks to the pledge form with a paper clip

41 Participation Incentive Program
We’re giving away mugs, bags, backpacks and other surprise gifts. Drawings will be held October 31, November 15th and November 30th. There are two ways to enter. Goto and click “pledge online”. Follow the instructions to register and make your pledge by December 12th. Submit a paper pledge by November 28th. Grand Prize We’ll be giving away an Amazon Kindle WiFi

42 Thank You Sheila O’Connor sheila@sefanyc
Thank You Sheila O’Connor Fran Greene

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