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Health and Wellness Activities in State Association Meetings Linda Stone, CRNA, MSN AANA Peer Assistance Advisor AANA Health & Wellness Committee.

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1 Health and Wellness Activities in State Association Meetings Linda Stone, CRNA, MSN AANA Peer Assistance Advisor AANA Health & Wellness Committee

2 AANA Health & Wellness

3 Two AANA Committees: 1.Health & Wellness  Formerly known as Wellness Committee  Five CRNA members and a SRNA representative 2.Peer Assistance Advisors  Five CRNA members  Subcommittee of H&W AANA Health & Wellness

4 AANA Wellness Committee

5 AANA Health & Wellness Committee, FY2012 Sara Harmon Mental Well- Bei ng Patrick Harrell Student Wellness Nelson Aquino Workplace Wellness Linda Stone CD PAAC Rep Patti Bright Physical Well- Being, Social Respon- sibility Janet Dewan Committee Chair Education and Programs Linda serveson both committees AANA Board of Directors

6 AANA Peer Assistance Advisors Committee, FY2012 Laura Ardizzone Education Laura Wright Research Anita Bertrand Region 5: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY Region 7: AL, FL, LA, MS, TX Linda Stone Region 1: CT, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PR, RI, VT Region 2: GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV Art Zwerling, Chair Region 3: IL, IN, MI, WI Region 4: AR, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD Region 6: DE, DC, MD, OH, PA Regional Plan Future plan – 7 regional SPA groups New members assume roles for education and research

7 AANA Peer Assistance Advisors Art Zwerling, CRNA, DNP, DAAPM Chair Group leader regions 3, 4, & 6 Linda Stone, CRNA, MSN PAAC Rep on H&W, Group leader regions1 & 2 l Anita Bertrand, CRNA, MS Group leader regions 5 & 7 anita.bertrand@ Laura Ardizzone, CRNA, DNP, DCC Education Representative Laura Wright, CRNA, MNA, PhDc Research Representative

8 AANA Resources  AANA Committees  Health & Wellness  PAAC  AANA Website  AANA Activities  Resources for state health & wellness exhibits  Examples of activities for use at state meetings

9 Ideas and resources online at, under State Health and Wellness  Create a Health & Wellness exhibit  Include health, wellness, and chemical dependency educational topics in the agenda  Offer a wellness activity, informal or classes  Involve AANA and state leadership  Blend fundraising opportunities with wellness display Join the Health & Wellness Movement

10 AANA Regions

11  The Regional Peer Assistance Advisors coordinate the network of SPAs  Train new SPAs and follow up with existing SPAs  Respond to state specific calls and coordinate with SPAs who help with state specific knowledge and referrals  Assist to provide educational sessions at state meetings;  Encourage and provide resources for items for the state newsletter and website Regional Groups

12  Peer Assistance Advisors (the committee)  National assistance  Helpline 800-654-5167, 24/7  State Peer Advisors (SPAs) Both groups work together to provide referrals and information for assistance, intervention, treatment recommendations, support Peer Support Network Elements

13 State Peer Advisors  Each state has or should have 1 or more State Peer Advisors who are recommended by the president of each state nurse anesthesia association.  AANA PAAC reviews applications and recommendations for SPAs  AANA Peer Assistance Advisors may serve as an interim state peer advisor until one is appointed.

14  SPAs -Regular communication with state peer assistance programs, the BON peer assistance programs, and professional alternative discipline programs.  Monitor state legislative and regulatory activities regarding chemical dependency in nursing and other health professional groups.  Ensure that state listing in the AANA online peer assistance resource directory is up to date State Peer Advisors State Specific Knowledge

15 Roles  Primary role for AANA PAAC and SPAs is responding to CD helpline calls.  AANA PAAC helps ensure that each SPA is supported with the necessary skills and tools in place.

16 The SPA role should include building awareness within the state association of the peer support available and assisting with health and wellness education within the state The AANA PAAC works with the SPAs or the state associations to build wellness advocacy within the states by being a resource for presentations and wellness activities. Roles

17 Health & Wellness Participants

18 Create your own customized exhibit – Information online at And follow link to State Health & Wellness Resources State Travel Exhibit

19  AANA canned lectures  Resources for lecturers  Should include topics for both chemical dependency and health and wellness Presentations

20  “Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.” Wellness

21  Wellness is also an active process of becoming aware of and making choices that will move us toward a more successful existence. Wellness

22 Stress

23  Zumba and informal walk/runs at Assembly of School Faculty 2012, San Diego, Calif.  Yoga, Strength Training, and informal walk/runs at Mid Year Assembly 2012, Washington, D.C.  7th Annual Wake-Up for Wellness Fun 5K Walk/Run at Annual Meeting 2012, San Francisco, Calif. Wellness Activities at AANA Meetings

24 Examples of Wellness Activities at State Meetings VANA

25  CRNA Run  RISK Project- CD/ Wellness Curriculum  Student involvement PANA

26  Presentations on Health and Chemical Dependency issues  Booth with healthy snacks and handouts  College Bowl questions on Wellness  Zumba  Run/Walk  Stretch breaks NCANA

27  Wellness presentations  AIR meeting- open  Wellness booth CANA

28  Health and Wellness Presentations  Activities- Yoga, Salsa dancing, Meditation WANA

29  Does your state have an active wellness or well being committee which addresses wellness and health? ( other than chemical dependency) 10-Yes 18-No 10- Other Survey Results

30  If your state has an active wellness or well being committee, are you as a SPA part of this committee?  10- Yes  12- No  9- Other Survey Results

31  Please describe any health or wellness activities that are currently performed in your state.  10-Yes  18-No  10- Other Survey Results

32  Do you participate in any other SPA activities (state meetings, speaking engagements, outreach to educational programs, workshops)?  28- Yes  10- No Survey Results

33  What can the national peer assistance committee do, if anything, to help you be a more effective SPA in your state? Survey Results

34 Questions

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