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Public Service Commission Developmental state conference Presentation from Former Directors General.

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1 Public Service Commission Developmental state conference Presentation from Former Directors General

2 The context for the developmental state Constitutional democracy - values of human dignity, equality, advancement of human rights and freedoms Supremacy of the constitution and the rule of law The Bill of rights is a cornerstone of democracy Constitutionally enshrined second generation rights Developmental state by the entire state including the legislature and judiciary

3 The state The Executive The Developmental State The Legislature The Judiciary

4 The role of the Executive Cabinet and the Political Leadership The Public Service and Administrative leadership The Public Entities, State Owned Enteprises

5 The transformation project Apartheid Fragmentation bantustans, tricameral and provincial administration 9 Provincial Governments in Unitary state, expanded mandate of service delivery to all. Segregated and balkanised Service delivery with full services for 3million of the population Advancement of equality and human dignity through service delivery for all 53 million

6 Development of institutional architecture From 1998 the Birth of coordination mechanism FOSAD - Mandela Administration Establishment of Cluster System and institutional architecture Role definition : advisory role, administrative processing, shadow cabinet, coordination mechanism and information sharing Capacity of the State Project organisation redesign to meet the constitutional mandates through service delivery. Largely cadres guided by revolutionary values and principles of selflessness and sacrifice finalising the NDR project albeit on a different terrain Existence of the Department of State Expenditure parallel to National Treasury and a Centralised Tender Board, Transformation of financial accountability framework, devolution and birth of PFMA

7 Where are we today ? Establishment of constitutional democracy principles Transformational Constitutionalism ? Constitutional development with constant testing of appropriate interpretation through the judiciary Constitutionalism to the extent where the Constitutional Court could take decisions to review legislation The Contestation of the ideological principles Does this undermine the state’s ability to be truly developmental ? Focused with clear objectives, uncontested values and principles Completion of the Transformation project

8 Constitutional challenges Section 26 of the constitution - right to access to adequate housing, progressive realisation, economic constraints Section 200 of the constitution - the primary objective of the defence force is to defend and protect the Republic, its territorial integrity and its people How do we define territorial integrity ? External or Internal Single Police Service and Single Public Service The leadership of the public service to respond to these challenges and close the gaps in the constitutional framework Comprehensive transformation of policy framework and institutional architecture of SOEs

9 To a brighter future Meritocracy through PSC preselection process and skills retention Mandatory Public Service skills development plan and education for a capable developmental state. Example : Municipal Demarcation Board, Capacity Assessment of Municipalities, show academic qualification are not a problem but reorientation and education of officials on the constitutional democracy, values, ethos, common vision, NDP and service delivery imperatives Value system entrenchment - You build a house to restore human dignity, not to spend your budget.

10 To a brighter future Reinforce ethos of Meritocracy Mandatory education for all public servants Service Excellence Campaign, Batho Pele campaign type approach, Public Service Leadership role in society Context of the NDR, can the public service be defined as a motive force? Interface with other sectors including Monopoly Capital in implementing the NDP A caring government that put its people first, Comprehensive public consultation and participation framework

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