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State Level sub-cluster update 1 December 19 th, 2014 -Juba.

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1 State Level sub-cluster update 1 December 19 th, 2014 -Juba

2 State Level sub-cluster update  The satellite structure of the NNC linked with the sub-clusters.  The Role of the sub-clusters.  Activities carried out from September to date.  Future projections for 2015

3 National Nutrition cluster : Brief introduction  The South Sudan National Nutrition Cluster ( NNC) was activated in Sept. 2010  The NCC Lead agency: UNICEF; Co-lead ( ACF) and Co-Chair : MoH.  The current NCT staffs: Cluster Coordinator ; Co-coordinator ( ACF) ; Deputy coordinator ( WFP); Roving Coordinator ; IMO and M&R  Partners : 46 ( INGOs ; NNGOs; WFP, WHO, UNICEF, Donors agencies). 3

4 Nutrition Cluster Coordination: Thematic Working Group  SAG : Active. Actively involves in SRP & CHF2015 Process  CMAM Working Group: Active: Since Sept: 4 meetings - TOR in progress  IYCF Working Group: Re-activated- TOR in progress  NI Working Group: Active –TOR ok. 4

5 The satellite structure of the NNC linked with the sub- clusters 5  The NNC supports INGO and NNGO that deliver nutrition services in SCs and OTPs.  NGOs use both Government PHC facilities (at the state level) and/or establish centers in POCs/camps and in host communities  The NNC recognizes the need to have strong coordination at the state level and is working on this through NGO that work closely with MoH to support coordination in most states  State clusters coordination mechanism is also supported by the MoH nutrition staff

6 State level Sub-cluster: The Triangular cluster mgt approach 6 LocationFunctionalityStaffing Upper Nile ( Malakal)Active SMOH (-) ; NGO FP (-), UNICEF FP (+) Unity ( Bentiu)Active SMOH (+) ; NGO FP (-), UNICEF FP (+) Jonglei ( Bor)Active SMOH (-) ; NGO FP (+), UNICEF FP (+) NBG ( Aweil)Active SMOH (+) ; NGO FP (-), UNICEF FP (+) LakesActive SMOH (+) ; NGO FP (+), UNICEF FP (+) Warrap ( Wau)Inactive SMOH (-) ; NGO FP (+), UNICEF FP (+) WBG ( Wau)Inactive SMOH (-) ; NGO FP (+), UNICEF FP (+) EES ( Torit)Active SMOH (-) ; NGO FP (+), UNICEF FP (+) CES ( Juba)Inactive? SMOH (-) ; NGO FP (+), UNICEF FP (+)

7 State level sub-cluster responsibilities Managing coordination on the state- level Facilitating needs assessments Facilitation of development / implementation of Cluster Strategic Response Plan Identification and addressing gaps and duplications Ensuring information flow Supporting application of standards Advocacy Mobilization of resources (incl. funds) Ensures monitoring SSC performance 7 In collaboration with the Roving Nutrition cluster coordinator with the support of the NNC

8 Field mission support of sub- cluster: MAIN FINDINGS /CHALLENGES  State Level sub-cluster does not operate on the cluster approach.  No established and relevant coordination mechanism including State system, State PF and co-lead FP.  Participation Nutrition IP in cluster activities is low.  Little or no support from the state.  Little support from the NNC  spite of State level sub-cluster set goals to work, there are no TOR or no action plan based on cluster approach and objectives.  State Level sub-cluster led by UNICEF which has taken the lead (Double hatting).  State level sub-cluster main activity is to organize weekly meetings. The agenda of these meetings is essentially to review each partner’s activities.  Lack of the good flow of information which creates big gaps in between partners who don’t know each other and cause a conflict of interest; leaving many areas un attended and others over flooded with partners

9 PROPOSED SOLUTIONS Identify and prepare FP for the role (cluster orientation) Draft state level sub-cluster action plan for 2015 ‘challenge-oriented’ Organize extra ordinary sub-cluster State monthly meetings in Juba to be attended by field representatives of each organization based in Juba. 4Ws, Cluster partners contact list, Cluster meetings reports; Cluster response matrix capacity mapping updated recently and shared with UNICEF FP to be analyzed and discussed during Nutrition sub-cluster meeting’s Needs, gaps and duplication of services and coverage identified by the Cluster Coordination team shall be communicated to partners (the 2015 partners’ coverage). 9

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