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Indiana State Nurses Association Blayne Miley, JD –Director of Policy & Advocacy Indiana.

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1 Indiana State Nurses Association Blayne Miley, JD –Director of Policy & Advocacy Indiana State Nurses Association

2 Indiana General Assembly Session 1,237 Bills Introduced Session Deadlines – This week: Committee Reports – Feb. 26 th : Initial Chamber Passage – Apr. 15 th : Second Chamber Passage – Apr. 29 th : Adjournment


4 How to Reach Legislators Phone Twitter Facebook They Want to Hear From You!

5 ISNA’s Role Inform –ISNAbler: currently updating on 80 bills every week Advocate –What do Indiana’s Nurses think about _____ ? –Political Action Committee Amplify –Public Policy Platform –Grassroots Advocacy Network –Help You Contact Your Legislators

6 Caregiver Mandates Caregivers mandates Amended to be less prescriptive: – Offer opportunity to appoint caregiver – Request consent to release patient info to caregiver – Attempt to notify of discharge if patient can’t – Attempt to provide home care plan May include live demonstration of aftercare – Lack of contact does not delay hospital services HB 1265 House Chamber

7 Reducing Limitations on Prescribing Allows APNs & PAs to prescribe controlled substances for weight loss Changes the limitations on physician assistant prescribing from one year and 1,800 hours of practice for all controlled substances to just one year and only for schedule II controlled substances HB 1183 Passed House Chamber

8 Opioid Prescribing Requires other healthcare profession boards to adopt rules that conform to those adopted by the Medical Licensing Board on opioid prescribing SB 534: deadline March 1, 2016 – Senate Chamber HB 1614: once adopted, no amendments without Medical Licensing Board approval – Failed at House Public Health Committee

9 Medical Malpractice Changes Allow claims involving the removal of the wrong body part or leaving an instrument inside a patient to bypass the medical review board – SB 55 – Failed before Senate Chamber Increase damages caps from $1.25 million/$250,000 (total/individual portion) to $1.65 million/$300,000 – HB 1043 – House Chamber

10 Skilled Nursing Home Moratorium Imposes a 3 year ban on new comprehensive care facilities – Does not include assisted living or projects already under development – Driven by levels of occupancy and state funding SB 460 Passed Senate Chamber

11 Cultural Competency Training for Health Profession Licensees Requires an individual seeking licensure in a health care profession to complete cultural competency training. – Applies to new licenses issued after June 30, 2015 – Bill specifies topics, not duration of training SB 47 Did not pass Senate Pensions and Labor Committee

12 Student Loan Repayment Assistance for Nurses, Teachers, and Social Workers Establishes a $2,500 annual grant for those employed in the qualifying professions for up to 5 years from starting to make student loan repayments. – Would be administered by Commission on Higher Education HB 1114 Did not pass House Ways and Means Committee

13 Advanced Policy Legislative Conference Mar. 5th Presentations –State Legislator Q&A –RN Workforce Data Report –FSSA on Medicaid and HIP –Future Nurse Policy Goals Downtown Indianapolis Register at

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