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3 2012 EXTENSION SUPPORT INDICATORS SUPPORT ACTIVITES TARGETACHIEVEMENTREMARKS MTRMS124 Low achievement was due to inadequate funding. FNTS2621 OFARS87 No of Farm Families415,030250,078 No of MTPs44- No MTP was carried out because of non-release of NATSP fund No of field Days2815 Field days were co-funded by OYSADEP and farmers No of Agric Shows-3 World Food Day, Exhibition in collaboration with Ministry of cooperatives and Women Affairs No of group formed98 No of training per year Extension Publication Produced No Extension publication was produced

4 2012 EXTENSION SUPPORT INDICATORS CONTD Zonal steering committee Meeting 33April, July and November Zonal Technical Committee Meeting Zonal REFILS workshop11 No of Extension workers (VEAs) 264 EA 83 YES O Agric Cadets – 163 Total 246 The State Government employed Youth with First degrees and Higher National Diplomas in various fields in Agriculture.163No out of these were trained in Extension methodology in for two weeks in July, They have since been posted to the field ass Extension Agents. No of Extension workers (BEAs) EA| Farmer ratio in the state 1:1,0001: 1,416The YES O Cadets have brought the EA| Farmer ratio down

5 B. DETAILS OF EXTENSION PUBLICATIONS PRODUCED TitleTargetAchievement Collaborator s No Extension publications was produced Constraints : Non-release of National Agricultural Technology Support (NATSP) fund Lack of vehicles at the Headquarter and Zonal levels to monitor Extension activities

6 RADIO PROGRAMMES PRODUCED AND AIRED Programme Title/ TopicsFrequency Broadcasting station Duration Constraints: Non-release of National Agricultural Technology Support (NATSP) fund

7 TELEVISION PROGRAMMES PRODUCED AND AIRED Programme Title/ TopicsFrequencyBroadcasting stationDuration Constraints: Non-release of National Agricultural Technology Support (NATSP) fund

8 TRAINING PROGRAMMES S/ N TitleOrganizers Categories of Trainees Date No. of Trainees Collaborato rs 1 National Council on Agriculture FMA&RD Abuja PM&CE, DTS and DPME th mar Dried Cassava chips for animal feeds RTEP Abuja DPME 28 th mar Meeting on Grading Ginning and loan from bank of industry to NACOTAN South west zone OYSADEP Abeokuta DHRID 7 th mar Implementation of Growth Enhancement Support (GES) Programme for Southern State of Nigeria FMA& RD Benin city PM&CE 2 nd april Stakeholders Workshop for 2012 state level cotton Transformation value chain activities implementation FMA&RD Kastina PM&CE18-19 th Aprill

9 TRAINING PROGRAMMES CONTD 6 Sensitization workshop on the viability of mini sugar plants and gross Economic potentials in sugar product and the marketing in Nigeria National sugar Devt council Abuja SMS Crop th may Workshop on Mornitoring,Evaluation and Reporting for Oyo State Public Service Oyo State Transformatio n Think Tank DDPME 18 th -19 th may, Induction\Orientation Training for YES-O-Cadets as Extension Agents MANR&RD Iseyin YES-O Extension Agents 21 st may 1 st june Training Presentation methods and Evaluation Skills ARMTI IlorinDDHR&RD 11 th -15 th june Workshop on the Significance of English Language in the management of Government Business for Admin. Officers on Gl in the Oyo State Public Service. Simeon Adebo Staff Devt Centre Ibadan. Admin Officer 18 th -19 th june

10 TRAINING PROGRAMME CONTD 11 Performance Improvement Workshop for Registry Identical Officers on GL in the Oyo State Civil Service Simeon Adebo Staff Devt Centre,Ibadan Admin Staff 20 th -21th june Ammotrac Crop Specific Training Programme on Cassava Mechanization FMA&RD Akure Admin Staff 24 th -29 th june Training of Supplementary YES- O-Cadets as Agricultural Extension Agents MANR&RD Ibadan YES-O- CADETS 3 rd -4 th july th South West Zonal Steering Committee meeting on REFILS NFRA LagosDTS&DAES 25 th 26 th july Invitation to Value Chain Design Workshop JDPC AbujaSMS-Crop& SMS –Crop 23 rd -27 th july

11 TRAINING PROGRAMME CONTD 16 Improving Root and Tuber Crops Productivity NPC Umodikwe SMS-Crop 11 th -12 th aug Stagnation Breaking Course Ministry of Est.& Training Ibadan. Admin Officer 23 rd of aug Training Workshop on Geographic Positioning System (GPS) FMA&RD Abuja DDTS 20 th sep Trainee Skill Upgrading Federal Ministry of Labour Ibadan 24 th -23 rd nov Capasity Building Initiative for Effective Storage & preservation of Agric Produce and Products for Agric Officers in Oyo State. Office of Head of Service Ibadan 2 nd -3 rd oct

12 TRAINING PROGRAMME CONTD 21 Invitation to Participate in a one day Stakeholders meeting on Proper Handling of Non-Oil Exports from Nigeria to the International market to Avoid Rejection. NAFDAC Lagos DDME 9 th oct Workshop for Information Officers Oyo State Governme nt Oyo CO 19 th - 20thoct Induction Training on ministry &Evaluation Frame Work for Public Officers in Oyo State. Ministry of Economic Planning & Budget Ibadan DPME 30 th -2 nd nov National Seminar on Agric Value Chain FMA&RD Abuja PM&CE5 th -6 th nov

13 TECHNOLOGIES BEING PROMOTED TitleYearSource Level of adoption Comments Newly released Cassava varieties 2011/20 12 IITAHigh Cuttings not readily available Seed yam productionIAR&TCost of production Newly Developed Cassava products 2000IITA, FDAHigh Some women in the rural areas are already generating income from cassava chinchin and srips High Quality Protein Maize IAR&TAverage White colour of maize is a challenge

14 GENERAL: BRIEF REPORT ON ComponentsReports FADAMA III component IV ICT clinic was established with: 5 computers, one (1) laptop, 1 projector and screen, UPS, printer, generator and 5 modems for internet connectivity. NPFS N89.5 million is with farmers at the 9 sites. This is being revolved among them as revolving loan. CBARDPNA Commercial AgricNA Fertilizer Voucher System About 15,000 farmers have benefitted Input situationOYSAISU FertilizerOYSAISU Agro chemicalOYSAISU MTRM Situation Report 4 Pre – MTRM Field trips and MTRM Proper were conducted to Oorelope, Akinyele, Atiba and Oriire Local Governments.



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