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Annual State of the Catholic School Report Tuesday, January 6, 2015 1.

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1 Annual State of the Catholic School Report Tuesday, January 6, 2015 1

2 Annual State of the Catholic School Report Rev. Jeffrey V. Romans, Pastor Rev. Roberto D. McCarthy, Parochial Vicar Mrs. Margaret Whalen, Principal Mrs. Judith Rowinski, Asst. Principal Mr. Eric Bauer, School Board Chair 2

3 Mission Statement Where We Attend To The Spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of our students Based upon the gospel message of Jesus to “love one another as I have loved you” With the goal of empowering each of us to serve the parish and community and make a positive difference in the lives of others. 3

4 Hallmarks Family Oriented School Experienced and stable faculty Partnership with parents Updated / online text books and materials Active and supportive H.S.A. Experienced School Board Three-year strategic plan Co-curricular activities including sports, chorus, drama, violin, piano, FMI/CMI band, Student Council, NJHS, Math Counts Club, Garden Club and Homework Club. 4

5 Hallmarks (cont.) Professional faculty learning communities - weekly Before/after school academic enrichment - Chess Club, Technology Club, and Lego Club Safety Drills: Lockdown, weather and fire Special Events: Fall Festival, Celebration of Catholic Schools month, Concerts, Halloween Party, Christmas and Easter Celebrations, Flag Day, middle school socials, monthly grade led meditations, Play Day and the Cheshire Memorial Day Parade with float, band, marching students. Technology – Computer cart, iPADS, smart boards, primary computer lab 5

6 Legacy of Catholic Education at St. Bridget Catholic School 1963 – Opened as a junior high staffed by Sisters of Charity 1985 – Closed due to lack of enrollment 1994 – Re-opened as only parochial school in Cheshire with Pre-K, K & 1 st 1997 – All 10 classrooms are full 1998 – 12 classroom wing added 2002 – 1 st graduation class 2005 – Library and office upgrades 2008 – Gym, parish center, music and art rooms added and field upgraded 2014– Continues to flourish as a Pre-K thru 8 school accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges 6

7 Cities / Towns 2014- 2015 2013- 2014 2012- 2013 2011- 2012 2010- 2011 2009- 2010 Cheshire, 06410197252265257259232 Beacon Falls, 06403111111 Bethany, 0652420 -- - 1 Bristol, 06010252553 Cromwell, 0641600 -333 East Haven, 06473114332 East Hampton, 0642400 -- 11 Haddam 0643801 ---- Hamden, 0651416 13121113 Meriden, 06451322822202314 Middlebury, 06762411222 Middlefield, 0645500 -- 11 Middletown, 0645730111 - Naugatuck, 06770141211523 New Haven, 0651600 -- - - North Haven, 06473301411 Oxford, 0647800 -- - 2 Prospect, 06712212624 2731 Southington, 06489283538464448 Thomaston, 0678720 - - -- Wallingford, 064924035 37 32 Waterbury, 067051488886 Weston, 0688300 -- - - Wolcott, 06716324689 Woodbridge, 0652520 -- 11 Total385423430434438406 DEMOGRAPHICS 7

8 Enrollment History 8 YearEnrollment (# of Students) 03-04421 04-05400 05-06395 06-07389 07-08391 08-09386 09-10408 10-11441 11-12436 12-13430 13-14423 14-15385

9 Initiatives to Increase Enrollment Active recruitment plan & rolling enrollment plan Community and Parish outreach through events and ads Advertising / Promotion / Public Relations-Weekly goal Weekly open door school tours Parent Ambassador Program Enhanced Facebook page & website updated weekly Visiting local organizations such as daycares & libraries, outreach to CCD parents iPAD program for all Middle School students and throughout the school Solicit new grant ideas Encouraging the benefits of word of mouth advertising 9

10 Initiatives to Increase Enrollment Special Events: Annual Open House Grandparents / Special Guest Day 20 Year Anniversary Celebration Alumni Reunion Alumni Newsletter Active Pre-K and Kindergarten transition to primary grade curriculum program for parents Middle School presentation for current and prospective 5 th grade parents detailing curriculum Mrs. Judith Rowinski Annual Student Scholarship 10

11 Curriculum Objectives To graduate students who are: -Productive, moral citizens -Critical thinkers with emphasis on: Recognition and appreciation of God being the creator of everything good in the universe Problem solving applications to everyday life Logical and abstract thinking 11

12 Curriculum – Pre-K Full and Half day classes Religion Integrated throughout the curriculum Kindergarten Readiness - Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science Weekly Enrichment Spanish, Library, Physical Education, Music, Art and Computer Lab 12

13 Pre – K (continued) 3 and 4 Religion: children brought to church to show them the altar and Tabernacle, weekly Mass,Stations of the Cross, Tabernacle; Gospel Weeklies; celebrating the liturgical season Math: making patterns with concrete materials; sorting by color; basic addition and subtraction sentences Language Arts: letter of the week; sight words, name writing, books created and colored by students. Social Studies: family tree, community helpers, special holiday celebration Multicultural music and dancing; Spanish Science: experiments, investigations, making predictions, graphing Physical Education: Coordination, respect of personal space, following directions, cooperation. 13

14 Curriculum - Kindergarten Full Day Classes Religion Integrated throughout the day, weekly Mass Language Arts Phonics, reading, writing and speaking, grammar, penmanship Math Basic math computation, math concepts Science / Social Studies Hands-on lessons with real world applications 14

15 Curriculum - Kindergarten Religion God gives us many gifts ◦Light, water, land, animals God is our creator ◦God made all people ◦God helps us to discover We learn about God with our families and friends ◦Jesus shows us God’s love ◦Jesus’ life and teachings Jesus wants us to share God’s love Liturgical seasons Saints 15

16 Curriculum - Kindergarten Language Arts Whole group and small group instruction Use of various assessments to guide instruction 2-3 new sight words every other week Short vowel words Words with blends Rhyming words syllables Identify nouns, verbs, and adjectives Write sentences and questions Author and illustrator Characters, setting, plot, and main idea of a story Differentiate between reality and fantasy 16

17 Curriculum - Kindergarten Math Whole group and small group instruction Use of manipulatives Recognize and write numbers to 30 in order Count to 100 Add and subtract to 20 Identify greater than, less than, and equal to Money Time to hour and half hour Fractions Measurement Graphs Plane and solid figures Patterns Sort by different attributes 17

18 Curriculum - Kindergarten Science Social Studies Weather and Seasons Plant parts, needs, and life cycle Animal characteristics, habitats, and life cycle States of matter Natural resources Sun and shadows Moon and stars Senses Movement and force Magnets Sink and float Past and present Maps and globes Transportation Rules and responsibilities Wants and needs Goods and services Caring for the environment Symbols of the U.S. Holidays Important historical figures 18

19 Curriculum - Kindergarten Technology Integrated across all curriculum areas SMART board iPads used for small group activities Computer lab utilized 2-3 times per week Use Kidspiration for various activities as well as other software programs. Phonics program – Read, Write, & Type Websites: 19

20 Kindergarten Math: sorting, patterns, addition and subtraction, time to hour and ½ hour; introduction to money, measurement, graphing Science: weather, clouds, sun and shadows, night and day, life cycles, animal characteristics, sink and float, magnets, seasons Social Studies: maps and globes, why rules are important, community helpers, needs and wants, goods and services, holidays, symbols of the U.S., how people around the world are the same and different 20

21 Curriculum – Primary Grades 1-3 21 st Century learning is incorporated throughout the curriculum, building a sense of community and Catholic identity. Religion Taught daily and integrated throughout all areas of curriculum; sacramental preparation (grade 3); Participation in the Living Rosary; Gospel Weeklies, weekly mass; prayer meditations, Child Lures Program, family life Student Ministry activities Language Arts Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Oral Language, Handwriting, Grammar, Listening Skills, Smartboard, iPAD, computer lab integration Small group instruction – differentiated activities Book Reports with Oral Presentations Writing across the curriculum Research projects 21

22 Curriculum-Primary Grades 1-3 (cont’d) Math Hands-on use of manipulatives Critical thinking Real world application of skills-through games, iPADS and Smartboard lessons Fact fluency skill building Differentiated instruction Whole group, small group and partner instruction Social Studies Geography-Maps and continents World cultures : Family report, & Christmas around the world Government and Community-Study of Cheshire 22

23 Curriculum – Primary Grades (cont.) Science Hands-on skills development Problem solving and the use of the scientific method Life, earth and physical science/Science Fair boards Weekly Enrichment Spanish, Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education Technology integrated across all curriculum areas via Smartboards, iPADS,Webquests Use of computer lab-word processing, keyboard, math & Language Arts activities Field Trips To enhance our curriculum such as: Visiting community sites, Literature-based performances, Science Museum & Art Museum 23

24 Intermediate Grades 4-5 Overview of methods used in all subject areas: Technology infused Differentiation at all levels 21 st Century fluencies: creativity, problem solving, perseverance, critical thinking, collaboration, and global citizenship Cooperative Learning Responsibility and Accountability Our hope is to guide the students to be self-directed, life-long learners who can work both independently and cooperatively and for them to grow into spiritual, intelligent, compassionate and productive members of society. 24

25 Curriculum – Grades 4-5 Religion 10 Commandments 7 Sacraments Liturgical Year Parts of the Mass Beatitudes Works of Mercy Family Life Child Lures Program Service Projects 25

26 Curriculum – Grades 4-5 Language Arts - Reading of fiction/non-fiction material books, articles, magazines, poetry, etc. - Writing for different purposes and lengths paragraphs, letters, essays, poetry, journal entries, etc. - Grammar, Mechanics and Spelling – integrated into curriculum - Oral and Communication Skills presentations, both live and video - Responses to Literature Literature Book Clubs, Book Reports, Projects, Response Journals 26

27 Curriculum – Grades 4-5 (cont.) Math Basic operations and skills Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of money, whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, and percents Algebra/Computation and Measurement Equations, Measurement of time, volume, mass, distance, Geometry Data Statistics and Graphing Writing and Technology integrated throughout Use of Smartboard, iPADs and Laptops Thinking Process: concrete to abstract, accessing deeper analysis of topic 27

28 Curriculum – Grades 4-5 (cont.) Science Life, physical and earth science 1 Lab report/marking period Using interactive software – SMART, Apps, websites to enhance 5 th grade renewable energy research boards Science Fair boards – display of concrete science experiments 28

29 Curriculum – Grades 4-5 (cont.) Social Studies Study of the United States -US Regions, State of CT -People, Geography, Famous Landmarks, Resources and Products, History, Culture, Growth, Impact of Technology, Government, Qualities of Citizens - Online research projects, essays, biographies, presentations, etc. 29

30 Curriculum – Middle School 6-8: Emphasis on high school preparation Religion Old Testament, symbols, rituals, and Sacraments, morality, church history and becoming witnesses to our faith Language Arts Variety of genre, short stories, novels Grammar instruction including composition, parts of speech, research papers, SAT prompts, document based question Spanish Language Emphasis is on distinguishing and producing the sound patterns of Spanish. Students learn to make the correct correspondence between the written and the spoken word. Concentration is on vocabulary, grammar, expression of ideas, pronunciation and listening skills. Culture is learned through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Cultural traditions are compared and contrasted among numerous Spanish-speaking countries, as well as to our own culture. 30

31 Curriculum – Middle School (Cont.) Geography Students in grades 7 and 8 gain an understanding of the world around us. Current environmental issues are discussed. Different types of governments and cultures are studied. Catholic Social Teachings are integrated throughout the curriculum. Students participate in the National Geographic Society Bee. A Geography Fair highlights landmarks and locations around the world. Science Life, Physical, and Earth Science Use of science lab with inquiry based weekly lab activities Annual science fair (school-wide) 31

32 Curriculum – Middle School (Cont.) Math Grade 6: differentiation – (2 groups for 2 nd ½ of year) Grade 7: Algebra Readiness/Pre-Algebra Grade 8: Pre-Algebra/Algebra Some students placed into Geometry or Honors Geometry MathCounts competitive club meets weekly Math peer tutoring 3x a week Varied set of math web tools (i.e., Social Studies / History Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome American History from colonial period to the present time 32

33 Technology Technology is integrated across all grade levels to: Design and develop lessons and activities in a variety of instructional settings for all students Optimize learning Differentiate instruction Create multi-media presentations Professional Development: Current research on new technologies in order to plan learning environments and experiences Gather curriculum specific information Integrate technology into the curriculum/subject Use portal to communicate to community 33

34 34

35 35

36 Student Ministry All based on the Catholic Social teaching and bringing dignity and justice for all life that God has created. We follow in the words of Jesus “Love one another as I have loved you.” Our prayers go with every project and we are God’s hands on this earth. “We are called” Cheshire Food Pantry: “Stuff-a-bus”, Easter bags, Mitten Tree “Cure” Support – Cheshire Relay for Life, Cheshire Lights of Hope Military Groups – Vet toiletries, card making, candy collection, Memorial Day Parade, Flag Day Services Infant Support – Carolyn’s Place/Waterbury, Birthright rose sale Parish Service – Shoppers Delite, Lenten suppers Hospital – chorus to Midstate Medical Safety/Health – Primary grades Fire Truck/Dental visits 36

37 St. Bridget Parish - 2014 Marriages - 9 Baptisms - 60 Funerals – 60 Annual Weekly Collection: $12,121.20 Cathedraticum to the Archdiocese: $755.48 37

38 Financials Average K – 8 Tuition last five years K-8 cost per student based on Budget & Financial Report -10-11 $3,722 based on 401 students -11-12 $3,846 based on 398 students -12-13 $3,905 based on 389 students -13-14 Cost: $5,176 Income: $4,021 based on 370students -14-15 Budgeted Cost: 5,870 Income: $4,235 based on 328 students 38

39 Financials 2014-2015 Archdiocese of Hartford Support Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Grants $15,000 CSSP – Catholic School Support $10,000 HOPES - $1,000 Archbishop’s Breakfast $6,500 39

40 Financials 40 Parish Subsidy – Past Five Years YearSubsidy ($)Bingo ($) 10-1107,500 11-1207,000 12-13016,000 13-14013,122 14-15 Budget$40,000$12,500

41 Financial Overview School Income 2014-2015 Budget 41

42 Financial Overview School Expenses 2014-2015 Budget 42

43 Financial Programs to Maintain Stability Rigorous Budget Development & Tracking Monthly Cash Flow Analysis Annual reconciliation of 3 Year Strategic Plan with Financial Outlook New Development Initiatives 43

44 Completed Initiatives Emergency Alert System 100 iPADS- 1:1 computing with each middle school student having an iPad to use 55 iPADS on carts 30 laptops Fencing around blacktop and field New lighting in parking lot Window blinds in all classrooms Playscape Wireless technology throughout building 44

45 Planned Near Term Capital Initiatives Further upgrades to school wide security system Expand intercom system to music and art rooms and parish center Additional security camera 45

46 Strategic Plan Strong partnership with parish community Continued strong Catholic Identity Increased outreach Increased co-curricular activities Expand e-book learning Increase mobile device learning Increase professional development Increase endowment for scholarships Investigate need for special education teacher and part time resource teacher (part time) Pave the parking lots Electric screen for gym Sound system for gym 46

47 St. Bridget School Fostering Academic Excellence, Community Awareness and Spiritual Growth 47

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