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Bachelor of Science in Nursing workshop

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1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing workshop

2 Bachelor of SCIENCE IN Nursing workshop
Admission Requirements Pre-Requisites Additional Requirements to Nursing Major 4. Admission Deadlines 5. Frequently Asked Questions RN to BSN Program Updates

3 Nursing ADMISSIONS 8 Pre-Requisites
Students are ranked by GPA solely and admitted as space allows (over 3.2) and NO LOTTERY OR WAITING LIST TEAS Test is required 75% Passing May take test 3 times Currently, we admit 55 students each semester (Fall & Spring) Nursing Program is 3 years **Veterans Preference in 8 pre-requisites (DD214 in last 4 years)

We DO calculate grades in these courses for Nursing Admissions: 1. Chemistry 2. Anatomy 3. Physiology 4. Microbiology 5. English 6. Speech 7. Critical Thinking (Soc 1B will meet CT and Additional Requirement Sociology) 8. Statistics (Statistics is a firm pre-requisite. No other G.E. Math will satisfy). **No on-line science courses accepted (West Hills, etc.) **We do not accept Science courses from National or University of Phoenix, Yes for San Joaquin Valley College

5 Nursing additional requirements
(We do NOT calculate these grades for admission, but are required to graduate) Nutrition (G.E. Area E) Psychology (G.E. Area E) Sociology or Cultural Anthropology (G.E. Area D) Philosophy of Ethics (G.E. Area C2) (can be taken at Fresno State in Upper Division G.E. Area IC – Phil 120) Lifespan Development (G.E. Area E)

6 Nursing application deadlines
FALL Entry – March 1-30 (Pre-requisites are required to be completed the previous Fall) SPRING Entry – August 1-31 (Pre-requisites are required to be completed the summer prior) Apply to Nursing online only: Apply to Fresno State online only:

7 New nursing policy changes
EFFECTIVE FALL 2014 Students are not allowed to apply with courses in progress TEAS test must be completed the last day of each admission cycle Students can repeat only 1 pre-requisite for a grade substitution Combined semester course of Anatomy/Physiology will NO LONGER count for Anatomy only (FCC/Reedley students can take Bio21a & Bio21b to satisfy Anatomy & Physiology Students are no longer allowed to repeat a course to improve their GPA if they received a "C" or better Students will be allowed to take the TEAS beyond the 3 attempts, only after 5 years have passed from their first attempt

8 frequently asked questions
How many nursing applications do you get each semester ? Approximately 150 Applications Admission GPA Last Semester? 3.5 What if I have International Transcripts? All pre-requisites must be completed in the United States. Students must apply to the university for International transcripts to get officially evaluated. What can I do if I cannot make the grades for admissions? Apply at the community colleges for Associate Degree in Nursing Choose another major at Fresno State while waiting to enter into a community college nursing program (i.e. Health Science, Community Health option)

9 RN TO BSN PROGRAM IMPACTED BEGINNING FALL 2015-16 All applicants must:
Have a current, valid, and clear RN license Be a graduate of a CA BRN-approved regionally accredited AND program Live within the Fresno State service area Have completed all pre-requisite courses with minimum 3.0 GPA Have a cumulative 3.0 GPA Majority of courses available on-line or web-based 41 Total Nursing Units 9 UDGE 70 Transfer Units =120 Units

10 RN TO BSN PROGRAM Required Prerequisite Courses Prerequisites Fresno State Courses (partial listing) Units English Composition* English 5B or 10 3 Oral Communication* Communication 3 or 7 or 8 3 Critical Thinking* Philosophy 25 or 45 3 Statistics* Math 11 or PH 92 3 Anatomy with Lab Biology 64 3 Physiology with Lab Biology 65 5 Chemistry with Lab** Chemistry 3A 4 Microbiology with Lab Biology 20 4 *These four courses meet CSU GE Foundation requirements **May substitute online chemistry without lab, if Chemistry was not part of your ADN program curriculum Requirements for RN-BSN: Required Co-requisite Courses Corequisites Fresno State Courses (partial listing) Units Ethics PHIL 20, 120 3 Social Sciences SOC 1, 2, or ANTHRO 2 3 Psychology PSYCH 10 3 ..

11 RN TO BSN PROGRAM 41 Total Nursing Units 9 UDGE 70 Transfer Units
Required Nursing Courses RN-BSN Courses Units NURS 138 Bridge to Professional Concepts & Issues 5 NURS 145 Nursing Theories & Research 3 NURS 141 Concepts of Community Health Nursing 3 NURS 141L Practicum: Concepts of CHN (2 units) 2 NURS 152 Advanced Leadership, Management, & Healthcare Systems 3 NURS 154 Applying Professional Nursing Principles 5 Per Executive Order 1084, 20 units of credit toward the BSN will be applied toward the RN-BSN degree after successful completion of NURS 138. Total Units in the Major = 41 (21 units coursework, 20 units credit) Total Units Required for Graduation = 120 41 Total Nursing Units 9 UDGE 70 Transfer Units =120 Units ..

12 RN TO BSN PROGRAM Upper Division G.E. Integration (I-B, I-C, I-D---9 units total) *Upper Division Multicultural/International (3 units) *This requirement is met by taking NURS141 FRESNO STATE RN-BSN PROGRAM PLAN Fall Admission Fall One NURS138 Bridge to Professional (5)* NURS145 Theories/Research (3) Upper Division GE (3) ____________ 11 Spring ONE NURS141 CH Lecture (3) NURS141L CH Clinical (2) Fall Two NURS152 Leadership (3) NURS154 Applying Professional (5)

13 RN TO BSN PROGRAM Applicants will be ranked by points for community college partner, Pre-requisite GPA, cumulative GPA, completion of lower division coursework, no repeat coursework, employment/new graduate status, score on writing assessment and Veterans status (spouse of Veteran) Additional Points will be calculated for: Graduate of FCC, COS, or West Hills College ADN program Completion of all lower division coursework (e.g., A-e, co-requisites) No repeats in Pre-requisite coursework No repeats in Nursing coursework Be currently employed as RN or have graduated from an ADN program within the past 12 months Veteran or spouse of veteran Passing score on writing assessment

14 Nursing updates New Name: SCHOOL OF NURSING effective immediately GPA Fall 2014: 3.0 GPA SPRING 15: 3.5 (Tentative) OPEN for Spring 2015 Undergraduate – NOT Open for RN to BSN Impaction for Both Undergraduate and RN to BSN

15 CONTACT INFORMATION Frank Castro Interim Nursing Admissions Coordinator Outreach Counselor – College of Health and Human Services Louise Pacheco WEBSITES NURSING FAQ RN TO BSN GPA CALCULATOR

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