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State of the State Library 2015 Linda Thibodeau Alaska State Librarian.

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1 State of the State Library 2015 Linda Thibodeau Alaska State Librarian

2 Great News: Let’s celebrate the Craig Public Library

3 What does the State Library do? All kinds of things! We work for…. Libraries Library patrons Researchers People without libraries State government

4 Grants For Libraries Public Library Assistance (PLA) SOA funded $6500 per year per location Local match Other requirements to be a public library Interlibrary Cooperation Competitive Special and group projects SOA and federal funding SchoolBAG grants for school broadband $5 million in FY 15 Brings schools up to 10 mbps And more….

5 Education for Librarians to better serve patrons Webinars, seminars, workshops, conference presentations, online resources, handbooks, library science materials Site visits, direct consultation, phone help E-rate application assistance Basic, advanced and continuing education grants, scholarships Summer Reading Program Internet Circle of Safety

6 Early Literacy for Preschoolers Materials for library literacy centers – books, furniture, manipulatives Ready to Read Resource Center loans materials to child care centers and individuals statewide Part time early literacy specialist is planned Program ideas and assistance

7 For Library Patrons

8 More for Patrons Alaska newspapers on microfilm, 1866 – Talking Books for the blind and physically handicapped Special collections Online exhibits Student resources

9 For State Government Reference services, research and circulating collection for state government and public State depository program for publications Collects and preserves Alaskana: books, state documents, journals, business records, photographs, maps And more….

10 OWL for All Alaskans 67 public libraries with broadband support 100 libraries in videoconferencing network All SOA funded now

11 And then there is SLAM fully funded (thanks, 2014 legislature) on schedule and on budget opens spring 2016 And...proposed new name for SLAM

12 Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff State Library, Archives and Museums Building First Librarian and Curator, 1919—1940 Opened the organization’s first museum and library Traveled Alaska, added hundreds of documents and thousands of objects to collections Exemplifies LAM’s integration, outreach, service and educational focus Russian Orthodox priest Serious research approach to history and ethnology Descendent of Alutiiq people and Russian explorers Married a Kiks.adi Tlingit woman from Sitka, has living descendants A passionate and energetic force for his church, and the library and museum



15 No OWL for Alaskans $761,000 is recommended to $0 67 public libraries without broadband support no videoconferencing Vulnerable Alaskans

16 No Live Homework Help $132,800 recommended to $0

17 Other Recommended Cuts to Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums Cut all OWL funding: $761,800 – rationale: this is not part of the mission of EED and is a local responsibility Cut all Live Homework Help funding: $138,200 – rationale: no quantifiable effect for the program Cut all SchoolBAG funding: $5 million – rationale: districts have only had this for a year and haven’t gotten used to it; local responsibility Reduce Archives component by 15% undesignated general fund (UGF) plus 2.5% personnel funds for a total of $191,000 Reduce Museums component by 15% UGF plus 2.5% personnel funds for a total of $286,700 Reduce Libraries component by 2.5% personnel for $77,100 Total recommended cuts: $6,554,900 from original LAM total budget for FY 16 of 13,734,200. 47.7% recommended reduction

18 The budget process is not over yet… Act Now! If your library patrons benefit from the work of the State Library, Archives, Museums….. Tell lawmakers what you think Write a letter or email: Send a Public Opinion Message (POM) at Call in from your LIO and testify at a budget hearing:

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