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Increasing Interaction between State Chapters and State Survey Agencies.

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1 Increasing Interaction between State Chapters and State Survey Agencies

2 AMDA Survey 2006 – 3 state chapters responded Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota 2007 – AMDA’s Survey of State Chapter Relationships with State Survey Agencies. 17 state chapters responded 2008 – 3 state chapter responded Florida, Pennsylvania, California – 1 state survey agency

3 AHFSA Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies AMDA presence at the Annual Meetings – Offering medical director perspectives on the new guidance for surveyors – Hearing surveyor concerns regarding quality of care and lack of physicians in rural areas medications

4 AMDA State Chapters Long Term Care Advisory Boards – No formal physician advisory boards – MO and CO have similar experiences with representatives from facilities, administrators, ombudsmen, local surveyors State chapter meetings (annual) – Invite state surveyor leadership to address

5 AMDA State Chapters Surveyor training – Surveyors interested in hearing the clinical implications of the new guidance to surveyors in the various F Tags – Offering to speak during training sessions Colorado has a formal relationship AMDA CPG – Fluids and hydration, diabetes, pressure ulcers Other topics

6 AMDA State Chapters Attendance at monthly meetings – Colorado joint monthly meeting Topics of interest to various members – Hospice – Advanced directives – Clinical case presentations – Rural facility challenges – AMDA Public Policy updates

7 AMDA State Chapters AHFSA leadership encourages AMDA Chapters to make contact with the state survey agency – Regional leaders named on AHFSA website

8 AMDA State Chapters Potential starts – Review of public health policies regarding infection control i.e., MRSA, TB, influenza – Advance directives CPR – Offer to address surveyors on clinical topics such as diabetes, pressure ulcers

9 AMDA State Chapters Barriers – Time – Conflict of interests – Individual agendas

10 AMDA State Chapters How to contact me: Karyn Leible, RN, BSN, MD, CMD

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