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WAAE Professional Development Conference 2013. Keith Gundlach and Glenda Crook.

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1 WAAE Professional Development Conference 2013

2 Keith Gundlach and Glenda Crook

3  Asset- something of value  Current Asset- something of value kept less than a year  Non-current Asset- something of value kept longer than one year.  Liability- something money is owed on  Current liability- money paid within a year  Non-current liability – money owed beyond the current year.  Non-depreciable- assets that are not losing value  Depreciable – assets that are losing value over time.

4  Categorize the list of inventory as assets, liabilities, current, non-current, depreciable or non-depreciable

5  Enter the inventory items on to pages 5,6 and 7 of the State/American Degree Application.  Check for accuracy  Add sections A, B, C, and D = total current inventory  Add sections E,F, G, H, and I = total non-current inventory

6  Pages 8a, 8b or 6a,6b (proficiency app.)  Lines 1f and 1g have to be offset/equal lines 2c and 2e. Page 7 of proficiency Columns A and C are for the SAE program Columns B and D are total for all SAE programs. Columns B and D have to be equal to or greater than columns A and C respectively.

7  Page 2 classify hours/inventory to a specific proficiency area.  Page 2 hours for placement must match on pages 3 and 4.  Page 2 inventory for entrepreneur is total for the whole year, the rest of the application is the end of the year inventory – therefore they will not match. Records end on Dec. 31.

8  Current and non-current- on page 9 of the State/American degree must show entries here.  Everyone spends money on current and non- current items not related to their SAE program.  Page 11 personal expenses are for things not listed on page 9.  Everyone spends money on things not related to their SAE!

9  State/American Degree page 11 line 22e this is for all years of records not just the last year.  Every student has expenses do not leave this blank!  If student earned $600 they pay 7.65% as an employee in taxes and employer matches that.  If entrepreneur has a profit they have to pay all 15.3% taxes. This is FICA plus Medicare.

10  State/American Degree page 3 and 4 expenses listed here should be for boots, gloves, safety goggles/glasses, hairnets, etc.  This is not where students record taxes. This is not an expense.

11 2015

12  1. How you got started in the SAE program  2. How your roles and responsibilities related to this SAE have changed.  3. Briefly explain the greatest challenge you faced and how you overcame it.  4. Progress – 3 greatest accomplishments or findings.  5. 3 ways your SAE will impact your future.

13  Drop downs are located on the application for the placement hours.  Students will have to match their work and skills to career cluster performance indicators.

14  Just like pages 5,6 and 7 of the State/American Degree application  Page 8a, 8b will be the same except at the top there is room for a brief description.  Ag Performance indicators are listed in the application

15  Listed in the application  10 skills match to performance indicators  Entrepreneurs will record hours worked in their program with the career cluster drop down.

16  Both placement and entrepreneur are on the same application in combined proficiency areas.  Essay questions are the same for both the placement and entrepreneur applications.

17  Degrees  Proficiencies  Record books  Resources available

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