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In Search of a State IT Audit Paradigm SAI Poland 北京 April 2010.

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1 In Search of a State IT Audit Paradigm SAI Poland 北京 April 2010

2 2 Scope of Presentation IT Audit by SAI – state IT audit Performance measurement Is the State a big company? Frameworks and good practices NIK’s approach

3 3 Risks Common: –auxilliary functions –management elements Specific –real world activities

4 4 The State scale, society, security audit types IT problems: –20% technical –80% organizational

5 5 i2010 i2010 benchmarking framework ICT Sector (9), Broadband and Connectivity (13), ICT usage by Households and Individuals (33), ICT usage by Enterprises (12) e-Public Services (3) –availability/interactivity of 20 basic services –% of individual users –% of enterprise users

6 6 KPI Library professionals that successfully want to implement Performance Management Government – 40 –central – 3 Per capita public green space Per capita daily domestic waste generation Per capita daily water consumption IT (488) – majority under industrial frameworks

7 7 CobiT Control Objectives for Information and related Technology Tailored to the assurance needs BSC based business processes IT goals IT processes measured by –performance indicators –outcome measures Metrics oriented ‘Antwerp Funneling’

8 8 Problems Business goals for public administration How to funnel really critical processes? Ex ante v. ex post? Quality of measures and risks

9 9 Val IT helps to optimise the realisation of value from IT investments value governance (6) portfolio management (6) investment management (10)

10 10 ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library IT service management measurement of all aspects –“Why are we monitoring and measuring?” –“When do we stop?” –“Is anyone using the data?” –“Every time you produce a report you should ask: Do we still need this?” 7-step measures recipe

11 11 Prince2 and MSP PRojects IN Controlled Environments Managing Successful Programmes improvement by cycle of practical implementations elaborated benefits approach in MSP

12 12 GAIT Guide to the Assessment of IT General Controls Scope based on Risk identify the key IT control objectives next steps to The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Standards other tools, such as COBIT, to identify and then assess specific ITGC key controls teams formed by IT and business experts

13 13 Maturity Models OGC’s Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) CobiT’s by-pass approach measures for benchmarking review of key project organization problems

14 14 Conclusions NIK’s approach: –start with products/services value assessment –use in depth processes analysis in case of failures found (costs, functionality) Both stages need measures/benchmarking State audit needs state measures Will IT state audit redirect from application/ security to IT projects/programmes/strategies?

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