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Northwest Missouri State University Health Risk Assessment April 2008 RESULTS.

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1 Northwest Missouri State University Health Risk Assessment April 2008 RESULTS

2 Participation & Demographics Health Screening –414 Employees –58% Health Risk Appraisal –371 Employees –52% Male Participants –HRA42% –Screening41% Female Participants –HRA58% –Screening59% Average Age –HRA44.9 –Screening47

3 HRA Measured Health Risks Body Weight –(BMI ≥ 27.5) Physical Activity –(< 1 x week) Stress Cholesterol (> 239) Blood Pressure –(> 139 or >89) Smoking Alcohol –(> 14 drinks / week) Safety Belt Use –(< 100 percent) Perceived Health –(Fair or Poor) Life Satisfaction –(Partly or not satisfied) Existing Medical Conditions Job Satisfaction –(Disagree or Strongly Disagree) Illness Days –(More than 5 in past year) Medication for Relaxation –(Almost everyday or sometimes) Health Age Index

4 Risk Prevalence

5 Health Risk Profile: Stratification Average Employee Risk = 2.6 Average Wellness Score = 83.5

6 Health Risks by Prevalence –Body Weight, 47.7% –Safety Belt Use, 34.5% –Blood Pressure, 34.0% –Physical Activity, 24.8% –Stress, 22.6% Health Risks Prioritized for an Individual –Body Weight, 25.9% –Physical Activity, 19.1% –Zero Risk Management, 10.0% –Smoking, 8.1% Health Enhancement Changes Planned during the next 6 months –Increase Physical Activity, 85.7% –Lose Weight, 72.8% –Reduce Fat/Cholesterol Intake, 61.7% Health Risks Identified

7 Self-Reported Health Problems Health Problem Currently or In Past NWMSUBCBSKC Prevalence National Prevalence Allergies30.2%32.3%10% (allergic rhinitis) High Cholesterol25.6%24.7%37% High Blood Pressure19.7%17.7%18% Back Pain15.4%17.7%149M workdays lost annually Heartburn/Acid Reflux14.6% 7 – 10% Depression8.4%9.4%Antidepressant drug class ranks in top 5 for all BCBSKC pop. Diabetes4.9%4.3%9.6% (≥20years) Asthma3.2%6.1%6.4%

8 Recommendations 1.Offer programs to address the top 4 key lifestyle risks; focus on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, on managing stress and blood pressure, and on smoking cessation. 2.Consider enhancements to incentives for participation in screening / health appraisal and for participation in improvement programs. 3.The benefits of a corporate health/wellness initiative take time and persistence to reach effectiveness and success. Efforts must be continued over time, reinforcing risk-reduction behaviors.

9 Planned Activities Onsite Classes –Nutri-wise / Sept-Nov 2008 (23 participants) –Nutri-wise II: High Gear / Nov 2008 (17 participants) –Nutri-wise / Spring 2009 (24 participants) –Physical Activity / Will be offered Spring 2009 –Stress Reduction / Will be offered Spring 2009 –Smoking Cessation / Will be offered Spring 2009 –“Take the Stairs” Campaign / Signs around campus at all elevators NEW Seatbelt signage at all campus exits “Buckle Up Bearcats” Health Risk Assessment / February 11-12, 2009

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