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FLIGHT TIME TABLE. DayF1. NOETDETAAircraft To Manado 1346 257 To Medan 1234567 123456 1234567 1346 257 12134567 SG 12 SG 211 SG504 SG622 SG813 SG506 06.15.

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2 DayF1. NOETDETAAircraft To Manado To Medan SG 12 SG 211 SG504 SG622 SG813 SG F-100 B-737 A-300 A-737 F-100 B-737 JADWAL PENERBANGAN FLIGHT TIME TABLE Reading

3 : Monday Tuesday – Sunday aircfaft F1.No : Flight Number ETD : Estimated time of departure ETA : Estimated time of arrival F-100 : Fokker 100 B-737 : Boeing 737 A-300 : Airbus 300 Notes

4 1.What kind of text is it? a. Advertisement b. Leaflet c. Schedule of cruising d. Schedule of flight

5 2. What is the earliest flight to Medan on Tuesday? a. SG 211 b. SG 506 c. SG 622 d. SG 504

6 3.How long does it take if we want to fly to Manado with the flight no. SG 12? a. 3 hours 15 minutes b. 4 hours 15 minutes c. 5 hours 15 minutes d. 6 hours 15 minutes

7 4. What time will we depart if we want to go to Medan on Sunday with F100? a b c d

8 Name of train DestinationArrivalDepartureFare Argo Bromo Argo Lawu Surabaya Solo Bandung am am am 7.00 am 7.30 am 8.30 am Rp Rp Rp

9 1.What is the suitable title for the text above? a.Flight schedule b.Train time table c.Cruising time table d.Bus schedule

10 2.How long do the trains stay in the station before they leave to their destination? hour b.two hours c.three hours d.four hours

11 3.How much do you spend if you want to go to Solo by train with your sister? a. Rp b. Rp c. Rp d. Rp

12 4. The word “destination” means … to go b.things to buy to stay to do

13  Untuk membandingkan jumlah Unsur Bahasa Perbandingan Jumlah

14 Sedikit Positive Comparative Superlative Few fewer fewest Little less least Banyak Positive Comparative Superlative Much more most Many more most Pola

15 1. I have Rp You have Rp It means : I have less money than you. You have more money than me. Contoh Kalimat

16 Lisa eats three apples. Rina eats three apples. Yuli eats five apples. Rano eats two apples.

17 It means : Lisa eats as many apples as Rina. Yuli eats more apples than Lisa and Rina. Rano eats the fewest apples from the three of them.

18 Contoh soal 1. Hani : Where will we watch the film in Planet Hollywood or in Senayan? Nia : We only have ten minutes. Senayan is nearer so it needs …time to get there on time. a. More b. Most c. Fewer d. Less

19 2.Jay : Mr. Anwar has bought a new car. Ria : No wonder. He works harder than the others so he can earns … money. a. more b. most c. less d. fewer

20 No.RunnersDistanceTime Sarengat Supriyanto Mardi Lestari 200 m 3 minutes 2.5 minutes 2 minutes

21 3.Dini : All the runners were good. Dilla : That’s true, but Mardi Lestari is …of all. a. as good as b. better than c. the best d. the least

22 On Lebaran day or on holiday, the train station is (4) …usual. A lot of people go to other places. The train can carry (5)…passengers than the other land transportations. There are three kinds of classes in the train, executive, business and economic. If you go by economic class, of course you spend (6) … money than the others two because the service of this class is (7) …

23 4. a. crowded b. as crowded as c. more crowded than d. the most crowded

24 5.a. many b. more c. fewer d. less

25 6. a. more b. less c. fewer d. least

26 7. a. bad b. as bad as c. worse than d. the worst

27 Language Function  Ungkapan senang (like)  Tidak senang (dislike)

28 Ungkapan kesenangan I like / love it very much I am very keen on it I enjoy … I am really fond of …

29 Ungkapan ketidaksenangan I am not really keen on it I can’t stand … I especially dislike I don’t like it

30 Contoh soal : 1.Girl 1 : Look at the ice cream counter over there. Let’s buy some. You like it, don’t you? Girl 2 : Sorry … You can buy for yourself. I will accompany you.

31 a. I am not really keen on it b. I am absolutely crazy about it c. That’s a good idea d. I think it is nice

32 2. Girl 1 : Do you like to watch “Harry Potter film”? Girl 2 : … I watch it three times. a. I am crazy about it b. Not really c. I can’t stand it d. It’s really boring

33 3. Mother : Look at this new dress ! This is for you. Do you like it? Daughter : Wonderful …Thanks Mom! a. I am really sorry b. I can’t stand of it c. Go ahead d. I really like it

34 4. Rista : Do you like rock music? Evin : … It is too loud. I can’t enjoy it. I prefer pop. a. I am really keen on it b. I believe it c. I can’t stand of it d. That’s what in my mind

35 5. Didi : Hey. There is a new movie at the theatre. Rini : What kind of film is it? Didi : It’s a horror film. Rini : Sorry, … I like comedy better than horror

36 a. I dislike it b. I am crazy about it c. That’s good idea d. Do you think so

37 6. Chita : Hey, I am hungry. What about eating “soto” at the food court? Reni : … that’s favorite food. a. Are you kidding b. I am really keen on it c. that’s terrible d. What a shamed

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