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State-Wide Property Search Working Prototype Demonstration.

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1 State-Wide Property Search Working Prototype Demonstration

2 The Big Picture Towns and Vendor Back-office Systems

3 Standard Front End Web System Benefits: Recession Reality for Shared Services Across Municipalities Shared Access Strengthens Town Clerk Functions Across the State New State-wide Service Means New Revenue In Form of Subscriptions Web Interface Standards Protects Investment in Back Office Systems Public 24x7 Access For the Town Clerks “Publics” (Atty’s, Title Searchers…) Selling An Interface Service Not Selling “Data”

4 The Prototype Web Front End »Demonstration Subscription User ID and Password Any of 169 Towns Selectable The Search Itself Of A Town’s Property Records

5 Subscription Log in

6 Click on Drop Down

7 Select the Desired Town


9 Enter a grantor or grantee - two presentation examples

10 Scroll down to Item of Interest

11 References to Manchester’s Documents

12 Images of the two documents

13 How Does This Prototype Get To Be a Real Product/Service? Private Sector Approach: –Go to Bid for Re-developer Who will Own and Sell Product Back to the Town Clerks Association, COG, or State. –Sustainability: Subscription Revenue Goes to Towns to Pay for “Product” License and Web Operation. Public Sector Approach: –Completion of Development using State or Association Funding –Sustainability: Subscription Revenue Goes to Towns and Town Clerks Association to Pay for Software Application Maintenance and Operations. Revenue Beyond Sustainability Costs Remain With Towns.

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