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Jochen, Petr, Ste, Tadas, & Sharon FAMOUS SKIERS.

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1 Jochen, Petr, Ste, Tadas, & Sharon FAMOUS SKIERS

2 January 6, 1986 FramverranFramverran, Mosvik,NorwayMosvikNorway MR. PETTER NORTHUG

3 Medal record[hide] Men's cross country skiing Competitor for Norway Olympic Games Gold2010 Vancouver50 km classical Gold2010 VancouverTeam sprint Silver2010 Vancouver4×10 km relay Bronze2010 VancouverIndividual sprint World Championships Gold2007 Sapporo4×10 km Gold2009 Liberec15 km + 15 km skiathlon Gold2009 Liberec50 km Gold2009 Liberec4×10 km Gold2011 Oslo15 km + 15 km skiathlon Gold2011 Oslo50 km Gold2011 Oslo4×10 km Gold2013 Val di Fiemme15 km freestyle Gold2013 Val di Fiemme4×10 km Gold2015 FalunIndividual sprint Gold2015 Falun50 km classical Gold2015 FalunTeam sprint Gold2015 Falun4×10 km Silver2011 OsloIndividual sprint Silver2011 OsloTeam sprint Silver2013 Val di FiemmeIndividual sprint

4 MR. PETTER NORTHUG – SPONSORS COOP- stay with him as long as he stays national AKER- bank SWIX Findus Red Bull AUDI-

5 AUDI- dropped because of card accident 1.65% Blood Alcohol 50days in Jail Lost license for 5years

6 IMAGE Coast and sprint last 200m “If I’m unbeatable I must have a bad day when someone is able to beat me.” Barneskirenn -child ski race, says it to make fun of his 2 nd place opponents

7 MS. MARIT BJØRGEN March 21, 1980 Tronhiem

8 Gold2011 OsloIndividual sprint Gold2011 Oslo7.5 km + 7.5 km double pursuit Gold2011 Oslo10 km classical Gold2011 Oslo4 × 5 km Gold2013 Val di FiemmeIndividual sprint Gold2013 Val di Fiemme7.5 km + 7.5 km double pursuit Gold2013 Val di Fiemme4 × 5 km Gold2013 Val di Fiemme30 km classical Gold2015 FalunIndividual sprint Gold2015 Falun4 × 5 km Silver2003 Val di Fiemme4 × 5 km Silver2005 Oberstdorf7.5 km + 7.5 km double pursuit Silver2011 Oslo30 km freestyle Silver2013 Val di Fiemme10 km freestyle Silver2015 Falun30 km classical Bronze2005 Oberstdorf10 km freestyle Bronze2007 SapporoTeam sprint Bronze2007 Sapporo4 × 5 km Olympic Games Gold2010 VancouverIndividual sprint Gold2010 VancouverIndividual pursuit Gold2010 Vancouver4 × 5 km relay Gold2014 Sochi15 km skiathlon Gold2014 Sochi30 km freestyle Gold2014 SochiTeam sprint Silver2002 Salt Lake City4 × 5 km Silver2006 Turin10 km classical Silver2010 Vancouver30 km classical Bronze2010 Vancouver10 km freestyle World Championships Gold2003 Val di FiemmeIndividual sprint Gold2005 OberstdorfTeam sprint Gold2005 Oberstdorf30 km classical Gold2005 Oberstdorf4 × 5 km

9 MS. MARIT BJØRGEN-SPONCER Intersport Craft SKCO Tronder

10 She communicates with body building and cooking shows Is it possible for one women to win everything? “If you have form and good skis and a bit of luck I believe its possible.” “ I would like to start the sprint championship with gold.” Other skiers are better then her but she knows she still has a lot to work for this race.

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