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Pille Soome Department of Children and Families

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1 Pille Soome Department of Children and Families
Developing a concept for integrated services to improve children's mental health Pille Soome Department of Children and Families

2 Background: No child mental health concept, strategy or other regulation in Estonia; The prevalence of mental health problems among young people is increasing; Health, social and educational systems are fragmented and with low service integration; Insufficient national coordination and disperssed responsibility.

3 Objectives of project:
Develop a concept paper to build up a system of early detection and intervention to support children`s mental health; Improve evidence based interventions and provide trainigs for specialists to gain better results in early detection; Secure regional coverage and cooperation with integrated health, educational and social care services to reduce mental health problems;

4 Project activities (2014) Mapping the current situation:
Resources (specialists, services, financial resources) Shortcomings and main challenges Development needs (legal restrictions, services) Comparative analysis of children menthal health strategies with other countries

5 The current situation Information, who needs help, is not available
Legal restrictions are unclear Databases are fragmented Awareness in society is low Quality of services is not ensured Mental health specialists are overloaded Competencies are not sufficent The guidelines are missing or incomplete The availability of services are not equal Services are not integrated and don´t base on the childrens needs Project based services are not sustainable The majority of services are not located in municipality level.

6 Project activities (2014) Developing assessment tools
In cooperation with: Tallinn University – field of social work Tartu University – psychology Tartu Health care College – nurses and midwives Overview of instruments used by primary level specialists; Raport of valid and evidenced- based assessment tools and selection of tools

7 The First Selections: Developmental needs Parenting capacity
Family and environmental factors IDI – infant develpoment Inventory PSI-4 – parenting Stress Index PFS – family empowerment scale ASQ – Ages and Stages PCQ – parent Concerns Questionnare FFSS – family functioning style scale CSHQ – Childrens Sleep Habits questionnare ECBI – Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory FES – family empowerment scale CRS- R – Conners Rating Scales - revised PSOC – parenting sense of competence scale FAD – family assessment Device PSC - Pediatric Symptom Checklist KIDSCREEN - 52 SES – Self esteem Scale ChEAT Eating Attitudes Test DUDIT – Drug use Disorders identification test PAQ – physical activities questionnare

8 2015 plans Analysis of different possible children menthal health strategies (March) Analysis of specialists competencies and additional training needs Final concept (August) Lobby and communication to rise the awareness the society and specific interest groups

9 Thank you!

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