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2 CHIlDREN’S RIGHTS From The Children’s point of view


4 iCAM VIEWERS Please pass this message to at least 15 others, you can make a difference, because we are the adults of tomorrow. Make every day children’s day

5 Viewers as parents we request you to please lobby for the children,s rights in all spheres that you are active in. We accept that rights carry with them certain responsibilities from our side.

6 RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE We need: n Proper dental care n Good shelter, neat and clean homes n Protection from sexual, physical and emotional abuse, as that makes us physically and mentally ill n Protection from alcohol and drug abuse

7 n Protection from and information about HIV/AIDS n Proper and friendly health care services n Adequate health care services for the detection and treatment of mental and physical disabilities n Promotion of a healthy lifestyle to communities for prevention purposes

8 Our responsibility towards this right is: To ensure that to practice health habits that we have been taught Not expose ourselves to factors that will be detrimental to our health

9 RIGHT TO EDUCATION We say: n No corporal punishment in schools n Schools should have resources like libraries, laboratories etc., n No discrimination by colour,class or sex, culture etc., n Parents should be involved in their children’s schoolwork and activities

10 n Provide a feeding scheme to needy learners in schools n There should be scholar patrols and road safety signs in schools n We are at school to learn and not to clean classrooms n There should be no violence, favouritism and abuse from teachers in schools n Schools should protect our rights

11 OUR RESPONSILITY Take care of school property and books Abide by the school rules Respect our teachers other children and our parents Must form supporting groups, learners should be watchdogs we must open our eyes to everything that is happening around us

12 RIGHT TO FAMILY LIFE n Families should not be separated, street children to be placed in shelters if they cannot go back to their homes n Parents need to have jobs so that they can provide for their children n Children should not be burdened by too much housework such they cannot do their homework and play

13 n Good communication among families n After school care should be available for children of working parents n Families should give guidance to children on life/social skills, if they lack such skills government should assist n Destitute families should receive social relief

14 OUR RESPONSIBILITY n Not damage house property n Consult our parents before making decisions n Ensuring that our parents know our whereabouts n Respect house rules n Communicate needs to our parents

15 RIGHT TO RECREATION n All schools should have sports facilities n Residential areas should have sports facilities and playgrounds and these should be kept clean n Family recreation and toys/ home made ones are also important. n Sports trainers should be available

16 OUR RESPONSBILITY n Keep our recreational areas clean and tidy no dumping n To watch out and report people who vandalise sports and recreational sites n Take care of plants, animals, birds, buildings, water n Start enviromental/recreational clubs

17 RIGHT TO GOOD NUTRITION n Every home should have a vegetable garden n Schools should have vegetable gardens to help feed needy children n Learners should get marks for taking care of the school vegetable gardens n All meals to be nutritious and adequate

18 OUR RESPONSIBILITY n To assist parents in caring for the vegetable garden n Not to waste food n Take a lunch box to school where possible n Avoid unhealthy foods such as cakes and sweets

19 RIGHT TO SAFETY n Needy families should be provided with safe housing that will withstand all kinds of weather n Adults should not drink and drive, they must be on the look out for children n Rape and violence needs to be stopped n Poisonous things should be stored where small children cannot reach

20 OUR RESPONSIBILITIES n We should wear clothing that can alert drivers when riding bicycles n Children should not use streets as a playground n Children should insist on adult supervision n No children should play outside their house at night

21 RIGHT TO SPECIAL TREATMENT/DISABILITIES n All government services should make provision for disabled children n Disabled children should no be discriminated against n Communities should be sensitive to the needs of disabled children n Disabled children should be provided with special equipment e.g. spectacles

22 RIGHT TO CULTURE AND NATIONALITY n We need to be taught to respect other people’s culture and nationality n Know about people’s cultures religions and countries n No racial discrimination among all race groups n Racial tolerance should prevail

23 OUR RESPONSIBILITY n Be proud of who we are and take action to improve our lives, stop blaming others. n Refrain from making unpleasant racial remarks n Even if there are no laws we still have to learn to trust each other and not to fight

24 RIGHT T0 ECD PROGRAMS (Early Childhood Development) n All children should be exposed to ECD centres/preschools as this prepares them for school n ECD centres should be safe and provide good basis to children n The teachers/caregivers at ECD centres should be role models and be properly trained.

25 RIGHT TO PARTICIPATION n The should be nothing about us without us Children want to be involved in the following: n Planning for HIV/AIDS programs n Forums for drug and alcohol abuse, for rape and child abuse and environmental awareness

26 OUR RESPONSBILITY n Children participants involved in adult programs should give others feedback n Children should request participation in all programs involving them n Children should have forums about their issues and report/lobby for action from government

27 RIGHT TO JUSTICE WHEN IN CONFLICT WITH THE LAW n Children should not be placed in the same prisons as adults n Children who violated the law need to be rehabilitated not punished n Factors leading to crime such as lack of food need to addressed by government

28 n Children need to be taught about crime prevention n Children need to receive a fair trial and not to be prejudiced n Children need education in prison and to be prepared for a career or trade n Children need to be assisted to adjust to normal life after imprisonment

29 OUR RESPONSIBILITIES n Children who have committed crimes must stand for their wrongdoing n Children should report criminal behavior and not join in n Children should seek help when gangs force them to join them

30 THE RIGHT FOR PROTECTION AGAINST CHILD LABOUR n Needy children are forced to work for food, shelter, school fees etc., n Orphans need to be cared for government n Needy families should receive grants n Education should be free and compulsory

31 OUR RESPONSIBILITIES n Children should put education before work n Children who are above 15yrs should do partime jobs only during school vacation n Children should not be engaged in drug abuse because it is an expensive criminal and destructive habit

32 IN CONCLUSION Respecting and protecting children’s rights forms the basis of respecting human rights. Children’s rights are human rights


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