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Welcome to Seek Perfection, Capture Excellence Parent Involvement  Parent Involvement Policy  School Home Compact.

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2 Welcome to Seek Perfection, Capture Excellence

3 Parent Involvement  Parent Involvement Policy  School Home Compact

4 Physical Exams (Frenship ISD Student Handbook, p. 38)  All students participating in athletics and discipline school will be required to have a current physical.  Physicals are required before your student will be allowed to begin the program.

5 Physical Restraint ( Student Code of Conduct, p. 12) In the event of an unusual circumstances, it may be necessary for a district employee to use force, but, not deadly force to physically restrain a student in order to protect the student or any other person from physical injury, to obtain possession of a weapon or other dangerous object, to protect property from serious damage, to remove a student who is refusing to comply with a legitimate directive from a school employee from a specific location in order to restore order or to impose disciplinary measures, or to restrain an irrational student.

6 DAEP Point System for Release  Reese Education Center and Frenship ISD believes that the best academic experience for your student will occur on the home campus. In order for students to complete their placement they will be required to complete an assigned number of days or points, whichever occurs first. Students my reduce the number of days by accumulating the required points for program completion. Students will earn points daily by prompt and regular attendance, perfect attendance, course progress maintenance, social skills activities, organization and appropriate behavior. Failure to meet the minimum expectations each day will result in a lack of points for a timely dismissal.

7  Points will be awarded based on:  On time arrival (before 8:00am)  On time departures (remains in class through 3:00pm and departs campus before 3:15pm)  Daily attendance  Current daily academic progress in all courses  Daily Social Skills activities  Completes Physical Requirements DAEP Point System for Release

8 DAEP Point System for Release: Bonus points Attend special functions Participate with parents in pre approved parenting/family course Maintain averages above 80 Maintain a high level of attendance

9 Attendance Expectations (p. 12 FISD Student Handbook, p. 6 Student Code of Conduct)  Attend school each and every day  Maintain a 95% attendance rate  Attend makeup sessions regardless of attendance rate  Provide written documentation within 3 days of an absence including, but not limited to, a note from the doctor, dentist/orthodontics, court papers, etc…  Two laws….

10 Attendance Expectations (p. 12 FISD Student Handbook, p. 6 Student Code of Conduct)  Failure to attend the DAEP is a violation of compulsory attendance laws, and students and parents may be prosecuted for failure to attend while assigned. Student Code of Conduct, p. 14  Understand that school begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm  Understand that arrival after 8:00am will result in a possible extension of the program.  Frequency, behavior, progress, and attendance rate will be considered in making determinations for additional consequences

11 Transportation Student Code of Conduct, p. 14 Students placed in DAEP forfeit the right to transportation via Durham Transportation.  Parents are expected to arrange for student transportation each day of the student DAEP placement.  Loitering with other students is not allowable and students must remain in the designated areas assigned by the Behavior Coach.  Students are required to depart from the campus no later than 3:15pm  Failure to provide transportation by 3:15 will result in point not being awarded extending the placement time to acquire the minimum points and possible CPS report.

12 Trespassing Student Code of Conduct, p. 14  Students placed in DAEP will not be allowed on other campuses or allowed to enter any other campus building for any reason without the expressed written consent from the Reese Education Center administration. Failure to comply will result in a citation and an extension of the DAEP placement.  State law prohibits a student placed in DAEP for reasons specified in state law from attending or participating in school-sponsored or school-related extracurricular activities. Therefore I understand that by being placed in DAEP I forfeit the rights to attend any and all extracurricular activities (sporting events, choir event, band events, etc…) on Frenship ISD properties, as well as events including participants, teams, clubs and groups from Frenship ISD.

13 Student Code of Conduct Expectations  Student placement

14 Student Code of Conduct Expectations  Model good citizenship

15 Expectations for Student Behavior  Courtesy and respect  Behave responsibly  Attend class  Be prepared for class  Dress appropriately  Obey rules  Respect others  Respect property  Cooperate with others  Honor the Student Code of Conduct

16 Schedule  Student will be scheduled in:  English Language Arts  Math  Science  Social Studies  PE/Health  Social Skill  High School Only  Comparable elective  Foreign Language

17 Course Expectations  Schedule  Course work daily expectation  Maintain academic progress  Social Skills multi-media presentation  Computer based instruction  Assignments  Assessments  Performance requirements  No additional aides

18 Student Code of Conduct  The DAEP Expectations Contract document does not replace nor provide the detail of the Student Code of Conduct and the Frenship ISD Student Handbook. It is in addition to each of these documents  Understand that the FISD Student Code of Conduct and FISD Student Handbook are the governing documents and that all rules and regulations stated within each document apply to all students, at all campuses, and all events.  The student will be expected to model good citizenship and contribute to the positive school learning environment as outlined in the FISD Student Code of Conduct and the FISD Student Handbook

19 Appropriate Technology Use  School technology is for academic use only  Violations will result in changes in program applications and the possible loss of technology privileges

20 Technology  School technology is for academic purposes only

21 Dress Students are expected to dress in: Black or grey Wind pants Reese issued Polo Shirt It is the responsibility of the student to return the issued shirt at the conclusion of the DAEP placement in like or similar condition as issued. Excessive wear and tear replacement cost is $20.00 Undershirt are allowable in black or white only Athletic shoes with white or black shoe laces only White crew socks only During inclement weather students may elect to wear an appropriate jacket/pullover/hoodie. The hood may not be worn inside

22 Grooming Students’ hair shall be clean and well-groomed. All hair colors shall be considered natural hair colors. Females with long hair must keep hair pulled back and placed in a pony tail. No hair accessories permitted. No braided hair will be permitted. Male student hair not extend below the collar of a shirt, below the bottom of the ear lobe and must be kept above the eye brows. Male students may not wear a ponytail. Male students must be clean shaven at all times. No artificial nail or nail coloring. No earrings will be permitted on any students. Deodorants for hygiene purposes only. No perfumes or colognes.

23 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior Address all adults and students respectfully responding with “yes or no Sir or Ma’am”

24 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior No social communication without direction from Behavior Coach

25 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior When spoken to(conversation and salutation): Make eye contact Listen without interruption Speak clearly with appropriate respect.

26 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior When addressed by an adult (correction being given): Stand up Look them in the eye Stand in a natural stance with hands relaxed to the side Under no circumstance raise your hands during this type of conversation. This is considered a safety violation in this type of program and students will be restrained!

27 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior Proper way to get attention: If a question arises turn the “I need assistance” sign over and wait on assistance While waiting work on the daily media journal

28 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior Restroom Breaks There are 3 scheduled restroom breaks during the day. One AM, one during lunch, and one PM Emergent breaks will be granted on an as needed basis as determined by the situation

29 Etiquette Expectations for Behavior Student posture While sitting students should face forward with feet flat on the ground in front of them, shoulders pulled back, chest out and back straight While standing students should stand with feet shoulder width apart, shoulders pulled back, chest out and back straight While walking students should take natural steps, allow arms to naturally swing, maintain a steady head, maintain shoulders parallel to the ground

30 Campus Student Code of Conduct Expectations Student Code of Conduct, pp. 36-37. Understand that a student may be expelled for engaging in documented serious misbehavior that violates the district’s Code, despite documented behavioral interventions while placed in a DAEP. For definitions of such behaviors refer to the Student Code of Conduct, pp. 36-37.

31 Searches of Property  In the interest of promoting student safety and attempting to ensure that schools are safe and drug free, district officials may from time to time conduct searches. Searches may be conducted without a warrant and as permitted by law.  Each day your student will be asked to empty the contents of their pockets.  Hand held metal detectors will be utilized during the check in process

32 Cell Phones  DAEP students are not permitted to have cell phones  Media and technology devices are not allowed at any time  Devices found will be confiscated and held until the parent retrieves the device from the Behavior Coach  All technology violations will result in a $15 fine and the device will be confiscated

33 Fees and Fines  A program fee of $2.50 will be assessed for each 15 days of placement.  A fine of $15.00 will be assessed for devices, such as cell phones, confiscated while in the DAEP program.  A fine of $20.00 will be assessed for excessive wear and tear or loss of issued uniform equipment.

34 Enrollment packet  You have now completed the automated INTAKE. You will now complete the enrollment packet. Click the appropriate link below and follow the directions. Once finished notify the secretary to complete this process. You will then meet with the behavior coach and review any questions you may have. You may now double click on the button below. My child is continuing a placement from 2013-14 or beginning a placement from 2013-14 school year. 2013-14 My child is enrolling as a result of a placement from another school district. result My child is being placed in DAEP as a result of a violation this school year.DAEP

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