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Assessing and Monitoring Student Success

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1 Assessing and Monitoring Student Success
Collaborative Planning Model Kathy: Introductions and purpose of sessions: to share our collaborative planning model Assessing and Monitoring Student Success Hart Elementary Lovejoy ISD: Julie McClurg, Tara Webb, Lisa Williams and Kathy Foster

2 HES Kathy: Overview of Model, cyclical and ongoing

3 HES Kathy Purpose and Collaborative belief: Set up for the Extended Planning Day

4 HES Tara; getting ready for Extended Planning

5 HES Kathy: Looking at Data from the past (year and nine-weeks)

6 Analyzing Previous Data for Strengths
HES Tara: 3rd Example of strengths from previous tear

7 Analyzing Previous Data for Target Areas
HES Tara: 3rd Example for previous areas that were a struggle

8 Third Grade Curriculum Map
HES Tara: 3rd Grade TEKS on Curriculum Map (2 slides)

9 Third Grade Curriculum Map
HES Tara: 3rd Curriculum Map additional components that take place during Extended Planning

10 Fourth Grade Science Curriculum Map
HES Lisa: 4th Grade Example for Departmentalized Settings

11 Planning for Targeted TEKS
HES Kathy: Working through this process: reflect that it takes time (3-4 years)

12 Planning for Targeted TEKS
HES Kathy: continue from last slide: Naming assumptions

13 Thomas Guskey on Assessment
HES Jules will add video of Guskey from YouTube 

14 HES Formative Assessment
Lisa: Examples of Formative Assessment (2 slides)

15 Formative Assessment HES Lisa: More Formative Assessment Tools

16 HES Student Monitoring
Tara: Examples of Formative Checks along the way (Knowing what you are looking for ahead of time and recoding notes, looking for patterns)

17 Individual Student Monitoring
HES Tara: Individual Monitoring Example from working in small groups or one on one with a student

18 HES Student Monitoring
Tara: Assessment Monitoring tool, can identify patterns and compare data with team.

19 HES Teachers Collaborating on the “How” Component of Instruction
Kathy: Conversation about the How: Shared understanding of Standards (TEKS), Collaboration, Deep Implementation (pockets of excellence), Builds Capacity Campus and District, and Differentiation

20 Interactive Whiteboard Activities
Julies on technology integration: not separate

21 Staff Data Meetings HES Kathy: Data meetings at the

22 Analyzing Current Data for Strengths
HES Kathy example: celebrate strengths! 

23 Analyzing Current Data for Target Areas
HES Kathy another example

24 Reporting on and Planning for Re-Assessment
HES Kathy, review of re-assessments

25 HES Kathy: the cycle keeps going

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